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  1. Bloody Yahoo...not only was it in the junk folder, it was hidden. Ty once again I'll post pics of Pandora soon
  2. You awesome chap/chapette- thank you so very, very much I trust you can link this account through my email address to get my address etc? Thanks again. Jon
  3. Hi there, Just wondering what's the timeline with me getting my freebies :) I spent £175 ($220 ish) on Mali gear at my local store. Took a piccy of my receipt and uploaded it on the 25th of September, so well within the promo time constraints. Got an onscreen thankyou, but nothing to my email. I've tried contacting Wyrd through their forms but still no reply. Just want to know that my 2 figs are on their way to meet up with the rest of the spookyt Pandora crew :) Thanks very much, Jon
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