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Chronicles Coloring Contest

Welcome to the Wyrd Coloring Contest!

To participate in this contest, you must download the latest Wyrd Chronicles and print out the second to last page (of Taelor). Color in the piece in your preferred way (crayon, marker, oil colors, digital, etc), scan it, and upload it to this gallery. Tag the image with either adult or child, based on the age of the colorer (child is anyone 13 years of age or younger for the purposes of this contest). All entries must be submitted by the end of October.

Starting in November, we will host a community poll to determine the winner in the adult category, who will receive $50 in store credit. We will also randomly select 5 entries in the child category, and they will receive a free Wyrd coloring book in the mail (we will need the submitter to provide a mailing address).

Good luck, and enjoy!

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