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Found 3 results

  1. So I was wondering if any of you have hired the Desolation Engine in a Jack Daw crew, specifically for Head Hunter and here is why I am considering it: So I would hire Rusty as my Henchman and make sure I have one abomination on the table from the start along with a hired Desolation Engine. Rusty would then turn one get a scrap marker down and hopefully by turn two get a 2nd abomination summoned. Here is why I think the combo could be good for Head Hunter. Basically when an opponent sees a Desolation Engine running with an abomination or two behind them they know they need to take out the abominations or desolation engine at range before the engine starts bashing skulls in and or drop 2 more abomination to get another engine on the table as soon as this one gets dropped. But with head hunter as soon as abominations or the engin gets taken out at range it leaves a headhunter marker which can easily be picked up then by another abomination or the engine. So it makes the opponent second guess targeting the little Desolation party happening for risk of giving me easy headhunter points. Then along with Jack Daw's push shenanigans you can also get the Desolation Engine right up into the opponents face easily enough and start smashing skulls for some more head hunter markers. Now this is just an idea I had which I will be trying out tonight, but would be keen to hear about anyone else's experience running the Desolation Engine within a Jack Daw crew. I see Jack as being able to pull the Desolation Engine out of cover which gives the Engine opportunities to charge. Either using Twist 'n Turn or Writhing Torment. Also note that this is assuming I have two Guilty as well to put Tormented on Both the Engine and Rusty.
  2. Jack Daw Question: Oldest Magic states that this models ignores and is ignored by other models and terrain during any movement or push. Would this include disengaging from an enemy model ? For instance Jack Daw is engaged with model X, Jack Daw walks away to leave engagement, model X and jack Daw ignore each other therefore no disengaging strike ?
  3. Ok guys, so heres a short story i decided to write around the mythical character Spring-heeled jack. Upon the first opening of the Breach, there was a certain gentlemen, from London of origin, who traveled to the Breach as a trader, traveling directly into Malifaux and operating trading roots and making deals with other such traders. On the closing of the Breach, something had changed in him. Perhaps the first signs of the Neverborn, or just some magical accident, he left the Breach a different man, ravaged by magic and madness, possessed by some beast within. As he had entered in a top hat and suit, on his exit they were torn and muddy. Few saw him in this state, and those he did sent officers to find him and worked out what happened, but none returned. Years later in London few people claimed they heard a menacing laugh and saw brief glimpses of a man dressed in a battered black top hat and a tattered suit leaping across rooftops with impossible agility. The people reported these sightings were found days later dead, killed by what seemed to be claws. This menace they named Spring-heeled Jack, due to his amazing ability to leap across rooftops and he was the terror of London.The biggest image they can draw of him is a tall man with a scruffy beard and and a tattered suit and top hat but no shoes. both his toenails and fingernails have grown unnaturally long and they are his primary attack method. He killed many people, he was no assassin it would seem he just killed for the fun of it. On the reopening of the Breach, Jack was drawn to Malifaux like moth to flame. He now plagues the streets of Malifaux, like he did with London, killing anyone unlucky enough to pass by his territory.
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