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  1. Well, now where the TN of the summoning on the Rider is increased, Metal Gamins could be regain H2K .
  2. Was a close decision between Titania and the new 10T mistress. The second looks boring and the the first not as majestetic enough for the Farie Queen. Titania needs something that looks more like an ancient elvish god, arrogance of ages, the deepest hate for the human invaders and a beautiful cold face to kill and die for.
  3. A combination of Mobile Toolkit and the Effigy. Maybe something, that improves other units. Adding until the end of turn on one or more flips (attack, dmg, Df) or a +1 burning/poison to attack actions. It should have a good defense ability with a handicap, sth like "reduce any damage to 1, then the attacker may push this model up x", where x is the number of damage prevented." Also nice is "this model may not heal any Wd by itself or other models and is immune to any conditon given by other models." As subtype it should be Spirit, Construct or Living, where Spirt AND Construct could be funny. After a little brainstorming, here a suggestion: Spirit of Engineering Peon, Spirit, Construct, Totem Costs 4 Df Wp Wd Wk Cg Ht 3 6 4 4 - 1 Abilities: Insignificant Df Scatterbrained: Reduce any Damage to 1, then the attacker may push this model up to x", where x is the number of damage prevented. Unalterable: This model may not heal any Wd by itself or other models and is immune to any conditon given by other models. Attack Action: (1) Glimpsing Kiss By A Muse (MI 6/ Rst: Df/ Rg 1): Target suffers 1/1/1 damage. After succeding this model may be pushed up to the Wk printed on the Stat Card of the damaged model. Tactical Action: (1) Flash Of Genius (Ca 5/ TN: 12/ Rg 12): This action may only be taken once per activation. Place a Scrap Marker in base contact with target model. Inflaming Idea: Until the end of turn, the target adds + 1 Burning to all of its attack actions. Inspiring Dance: Until the end of turn, the target adds + 1 Poison to all of its attack actions. Physical Power: Until the end of turn, the target gets to its damage flips. Mental Power: Until the end of turn, the target gets to its attack flips.
  4. Unfortunately their most interesting model was kickstarter exclusive: Would have been a wonderful proxy for The Captain.
  5. Pretty easy: I hate Undeads and Green Slime, so two Factions are almost complete eliminated and some models in various factions also. Rest is a mixture of sculpture depending and cross using, also limited by money to buy, space to storage and time to play.^^
  6. decker, actually nothing, this tactical option is deleted from the game. Maybe Ice Gamins would be nice, cause they hurt MI attackers, but they aren`t as resilent as Metal Gamins has been before the removing of H2K. But they aren`t Foundries, so no in theme units. It`s an subjective impression, but it looks like some other faction have more powerful units on this level, and those are still untouched (e.g. compare a Rotten Belle to a Railworker). 6 month passed and my opinion wasn`t changed by anything i`ve seen or heard.
  7. 6 month and still missing H2K. I want to use them for Mei Feng as a mobile Railwalk points who stand their ground, but the poor survivablity since the errata makes them only an expensive scrap marker. PoM was never important to me, but for effective using the bubble is a pretty small one, a simple lure will finish it off, so 5" range would be more fair than the 3" now, but as said i didn`t really care about this. So give back H2K!!!!
  8. The Captain - Most veristale Henchman on this side of The Breach. Arcane Effigy - Effigies belong in every players collection, regardless of factions.`Nuff said. Performer - Also a great toolbox, not only against poison heavy crews. December Acrolyte - Especially the metal version has an awsome design, was pretty happy to get the last one in on of my stores. Gunsmith - Good bunch of abilities and actions. HM: Myranda-Skin Walker-Raptor-Combo Dishonored: Metal Gamin, cause with the downgrade they lost their primary function (movable Railwalk point for Mei Feng) to me.
  9. The Guild Sergeant gives them +1Wk if they start their activation close to him and they are nice for scheme denying. They are themed for Guardsmen crews, especially Lucius could send them arround. At least, they are cheap activations, like arcanist gamins. And they could support other units like Rifleman.
  10. You should drop one luring unit for a Guild Pathfinder. His traps combined with the remaining three luring ladies works well. Also an exchange of an Orian or Becky into a Performer is an honorable mention, especially against Rezzers or other poison heavy crews.
  11. Not only rezzers but guild, too. Sancionated Spellcaster should be hireble to him, he needs an infilration upgrade.
  12. 1. Hard to Kill back on the Metal Gamin. 2. A kind of restriction on the Mechanical Rider, that makes summoning the Metal Gamin less attractive. 3. ...
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