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  2. Thunders got introduced with every master being dual faction so I could see the explorers going down the same route. It puts less pressure on a full rooster of versatile models for the faction since every master can run with another faction until they beef up the selection. I'm looking forward to seeing what their deal will be. The models they include so far are models I really like. Dapper Dandies slumming it with weird magic artefacts has potential for some fun sculpts.
  3. Thanks again, for both answers! I’ll hope to get good use out of my puking drowned with this.
  4. There was no change in the text in the copies (six or so) sold at Adepticon. As far as the rules argument over the trigger and who declares the action, the beta forum is getting locked down on Tuesday. Post in the regular rules forum and submit beta feedback.
  5. Consider it an obey, because it is the intent. Otherwise, you are just giving a free focus to the opponent. If there is an update, you'll know more on june, 28th. And if the card remain the same (some have already been printed and sold), they will probably release an errata sooner or later.
  6. Rulebook page 28 on Dropping markers: So we know that "Dropped" markers can be placed under models. Rulebook page 30 on Blasts: So we know that blast markers are "Dropped". Only further limitations to Blast markers are that first one must be in base contact with the target and subsequent blasts must be in base contact with a blast marker. There's nothing stopping you from putting that blast marker underneath a model.
  7. When writing/editing a post, there's a long line of options just above the message field. B(old), I(talics), U(nderline)... Towards the right end you see 'A'. Click on the 'A' and you can switch text colour.
  8. So I've painted some stuff; 3x Yokai (15SS), a breachling (10SS) and the first terrain piece I've painted in years (area = 21x 50mm bases = 105SS) for 130SS. I've still got a forest, building, Asami and Totem to go, so we'll see how much of that i get done before the end of the week!
  9. Can you change the colour somewhere?
  10. We disagreed on blastmarkers and riptide markers so I thought I`d take it up with the esteemed forum. ”A b is Dropped by the Active player into base contact with the target. If more than one b is Dropped (i.e., if multiple B are shown), each additional b must be Dropped into base contact with at least one other b (instead of the target).” ”Riptide:Once per Activation.When this model Drops a b marker, it may instead Drop a 50mm Hazardous (Damage 1 and Staggered) Riptide Marker (it is still treated as a b Marker for the effect). During the End Phase, remove all Riptide Markers.” I placed the first marker in base to base with the poor victim, then I wanted to drop the next one under the first target since I intended to change that one for a riptide marker and I wanted him caught in that. My friend thought you couldn’t place any blastmarker under the original target, even if you got a double blast. How would you play it?
  11. The daughter of the Guild Sergeant that was investigating the Fated has gone missing. And now he turns to them for help. If they can help him, he'll owe them a big favor. Maybe even big enough to stop investigating them. Come join us on June, Sunday 2 at 17:00 on laGuarida. As always, we'll have a few pregenerated characters for anyone that wants to join us. PM me if interested.
  12. Started putting buildings together and dry fitting going well. I'm in a toss up on some of the interior and painting. What is the general consensus...assemble and glue first then paint? Paint first? Or do sections? Start with bottom base then walls? I noticed some of the corner pieces on the solarium are the kind to pop in or jam into place, how have you guys glued these without mess or to fast of weld? On the buildings what is the glue choice consensus?
  13. *bump* Has there been any response from Wyrd on this glaring error at all? I haven't seen one, and if it goes to print it will be a bit of a waste...
  14. There is chance, that your Fated is Stitched character. Or he became, with brain surgery talent or Raise Undead. And new body or new host could use Flash Construct rules. Kinda interesting to make fated searching new limbs instead of the rotten ones
  15. 2E Guild Starter Models est. $10? 2 Exorcists $18 PISTOLEROS DE LATIGO $21 SANCTIONED SPELLCASTERS (3 PACK) $21 THE GUILD'S JUDGEMENT - LADY JUSTICE BOX SET $45 THE LATIGO POSSE - PERDITA ORTEGA BOX SET $45 THE TORCH AND THE BLADE - SONNIA CRIID BOX SET $45 THE LONE MARSHAL $35 WITCHLING HANDLERS $18 3 Malifaux Raptors $21 Malifaux Carrying Case (battlefoam) $65 1 Fate Deck from starter It's 3E BETA now, so all the new cards and everything are on their website to download. I have some of the 2E cards still but they're uselss now. $344 Retail- asking $170 shipped OBO
  16. Haven't played in forever so downsizing to mono faction (Outcast). Mostly looking for cash, but I'd be interested in "Curiosity Killed the Cat" alt Hamelin line as well. Will update with pictures and rough pricing after I've a had a full chance to double check everything and check for damage. After a few moves need to check for what is fixable and what is ruined. Just getting the list up for now to gauge interests. Prefer to get rid of things in faction lots rather than individual models. Located in Canada if you want to get an idea what shipping would be. Misc -2 Male and 2 Female sprues of the TTB Multi-part models. Mostly complete sets, if anyone wants them with a faction I'll toss them in Guild Lady Justice (Metal) Scales of Justice (Metal The Judge (Metal) 3 Death Marshals (Metal) 2 Miss Terrious (Alt Death Marshal) 3 Perdita Ortega (Metal, Alt Metal, Alt Plastic) Santiago Ortega (Metal) Santana Ortega (Alt Santiago) Papa Loco (Metal) Nino Ortega (Metal) 2 Francisco Ortega (Metal, Alt Plastic) Enslaved Nephalim (Metal) Sonnia Criid (Metal) Purifying Flame (Metal) Samael Hopkins (Metal) 3 Witchling Stalkers (Metal) 2 Witchling Handlers (1 Metal, 1 Alt Plastic) Guild Guard (Metal) 5 Guild Hounds (1 metal) Resurrectionist 6 Mindless Zombies (1 Translucent Green) 6 Rotten Belles (3 Meta) 2 Dead Doxy (Metal) Grave Spirit (Metal) 3 Punk Zombie Copy Cast Killer Madame Sybelle (1 Metal) Nicodem Vulture Mortimer Molly Squidpiddge (Metal) Rogue necromancy (Metal) Necromatic Machine (Metal) 2 Seamus (Alt Metal, Plastic) Miss Pack (Metal, Alt Nurse) Bete Noire (Translucent Red) Arcanist Kaeris (Alt Plastic) Performer (Alt Plastic Howard Langstrom (Metal) 2 Miss Step (Alt Howard) Miss Fire (Alt Willie) Neverborn Lillith Chreub 3 Terror Tots 2 Young Nephalim Mature Nephalim Zoraida Pandora (1 Translucent Green) Poltergeist (1 Translucent Green) 3 Sorrows (1 Translucent Green) Baby Kade (1 Translucent Green) Candy (1 Translucent Green) Zoraida Voodoo Doll Bad Juju 3 Silurid Teddy (Metal) 2 Miss Ery (Alt Teddy) Tuco (Metal) Iggy Kill Joy Ten Thunders 2 Misaki (1 Metal) Shang Ototo 2 Torakage 3 Oiran Jakob Lynch Hungering Darkness 2 Illuminated 3 Depleted Mr Graves Mr Tannen 2 Beckoner McCabe (Mounted and dismounted) Sidir Luna 3 Wastrels Miss Anne Thrope (Alt Wastrel) 3 Ten Thunder Brothers (Metal) Ama No Zako Gremlins Ophelia Francois Raphael Rami Pere Ravage 3 Young Lacroix Som'er Teeth Jones Lenny 4 Bayou Gremlins (1 Alt Sculpt) 2 Skeeters The Brewmaster Apprentice Wesley Fingers 3 Moon Shinobi Mah Tucket Little Lass Trixiebelle 3 Bayou Bushwhackers The Sow Gracie Wong Burt Jebsen Nightmare Whiskey Golem War Rabbit War Rooster (metal) Pigapult McTavish 3 Piglets 3 Rooster Riders Merris Lacroix 2 Slop Hauler Sammy Lacroix Old Cranky 2 Taxidermists 6 Stuffed Pigs
  17. Yesterday
  18. Absolutely true. I agree that looking at any ability in a vacuum leads you astray. I think though this discussion about Lucid Dream is interesting because it hasn't isolated that ability. In fact several other abilities, Fiendish Gamble being the most obvious, have been part of this discussion. It's interesting to hear how different folks perceive the specific ability (lucid Dream) and the combination of those abilities. You're correct that time and tournaments will tell us how weak or powerful this and other abilities and combination of abilities are in the end. We'll see! Yes. We definitely need some time to see how all of these things shape up over time. The fun thing about forums is they allow us to speculate based on the games we've played so far. It's a venue that gives us a chance to explore weaknesses and strengths of different crews. I've found Nightmare to be pretty powerful so far. The Schemes and Stones podcast rated it very low on the Neverborn power level. In six months we both may have different opinions, but I like that Schemes and Stones is telling me what their thoughts are now even though I think they may be wrong. We aren't at the point where anything in M3e is too powerful, dominating, weak, underpowered, or broken. It's likely something along the way will be. It's almost impossible to design a game that a whole pile of clever people can't find a way to exploit somewhere. So far though, it looks pretty darn good. Now, I think Lucid Dream is powerful but I certainly don't think it's broken or needs to be nerfed. Lots of things are powerful in this game and every crew needs a shtick. The fun part about the forum is figuring out what those are, how to make the most of them, and how to get around them. So I think these sorts of discussions are interesting and fun, but yes, it may all change in six months.
  19. I don't know what they are now, but the Orion have a new name too. For ten thunders they are now Qi and Gong
  20. Day worked well for this new format. Well done to Alyx and Emma and here's a link to the results https://www.dropbox.com/s/o5gqmgkkg2ljk1n/POJ Results.JPG?dl=0
  21. Nikodemus

    Big Jake

    Rulebook page 32 is worth a read. Summoning creates a brand new model. It's not part of the crew when you're nominating a model to do Claim Jump. So it can't do Claim Jump. Jake is helpful for a load of schemes, but that isn't one.
  22. DumbLuck

    Big Jake

    If Jake starts as a selected model for Claim jump and dies, when he resummons is he still able to score for claim jump? I feel no because he's a summoned model. Looking for some clarification.
  23. There are a lot of actions with a pulse that in their effect state "(friendly) models within range". There really is no reason any of those actions aren't auras if the model generating the pulse is within range of their pulse. Take Draw Essence for example. It has a range of 3. The effect of the action is models in range must pass a TN 12 Df duel or suffer 2 damage. It would be a terrible action if they had the possibility of taking 2 more damage on top of the 1 they already took just to declare it.
  24. very true, I agree but it's just hard to pin people down for the BS within a Tournament when the pressures on.
  25. Finally got a chance to admire the lovely pledges thus far. Great work, all! Here is my finished pledge: Kirai Class of 2019!! Total May SS count: ...to be calculated later And here's a bonus Bushido model I finished in anticipation of 2nd Edition:
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