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  1. I'll be an advocate for the captain. I know his cost is high and while I can agree that you might not get the same useage as say a Howard for the same 12SS. In my Kaeris crew I am using purifying flame over grab and drop. With this as a base the captain has been really useful. The trigger to give burning with the push has been useful for healing key models and for alloying burning and moving enemy models out of key positions, the other use I've found is with the pyre markers pushing models into them for hazardous terrain has been useful for FFM. Another henchman I've been using a lot is cassandra. Depending on schemes cassandra has been amazing also alowing for a whole extra set of pushes.
  2. I have been using the bandersnatch with both lynch and lilith. In my lynch crew it did more work due to teddy. My crew is a more terrifying obey type crew and putting the bandersnatch in the teddy has allowed me to get work done and paralyse models late into a turn. Also I have used the bandersnatch on ffm targets and the 1 damage is from an upgrade so similar results as curses from daw. So stopping point scoring
  3. Hi there I was just looking on the results and you have Mispelt my name for the results just want to double check that it will be accredited to me. 30. David Williams should be david williamson of the faux mads
  4. I went the other way I find purifying flames suits me better. For scheme running have cassandra with practiced production and union miners with their ability to drop 2 scheme markers within 3 of it to be useful too
  5. Having recently started playing Kaeris I have been enjoying her. One of my current go to crews is Kaeris (purifying flames, seize the day) The Captain (patrons blessing) Firestarter (imbued energies) or casandra (practices production) Etrenal flame December acolyte Gunsmith Union miner Arcane effigy The captain has proven for my style of play to be really useful. Pushing my own models and as a way to give my gunsmiths fast when needed. And for ffm I have been using him to push models through pyre markers for the extra hazardous damage to get the kills plus the ram trigger for burning has been very useful. While more expensive than Angelica I find his ability to target enemies invaluabe. Multiple options for burning and the ability to use it as healing when needed.
  6. i'm David Williamson and i do want the ticket thank you
  7. no it is based on the card that is flipped. adding a suit doesn't change the suit of the card flipped it just adds it to the final suits available for the purposes of trigger
  8. ahh I didn't know he could do that.
  9. wonder how the paralyse Pandora would do vs zipp. if she can get that first hit in?
  10. I believe the NPE aspect of Hamelin isn't so much the rat engine it's the lack of being able to do anything about it. after playing as Hamelin and vs other players I am starting to think the NPE aspects are more for things you can't stop. so for Hamelin this is the fact you get to do all your activations after they have done everything so they can't stop it. Viktoria's is the same because once they start they cycle it feels like you can't do anything against it. Zipp with Francoix again is a bit of a NPE because of the companion. I think these are the things can can bring more NPE effect into the game than just the masters style. For me Hamelin isn't a NPE because after turn one the rat engine is more a side thing than the thing that means you can't react because by then if they want to use all their activations on the rat engine I'm already engaged.
  11. Sent payment for ticket
  12. for my perspective the costing of and event should be what it needs to be. if and event was £15-20 and basically had no prize support other than maybe 1-3 I can see people being upset, or at least a bit confused to the pricing, the events I've been to which 2 were yours I can see how much effort you go to for support of the event. raffles trophies and everything that goes into it. that amount of support obviously comes at a cost and from my point of view that makes the extr alittle bit of money worth it.
  13. what are you using in a blight centric list?
  14. with the amount of positioning that seems to be needed for GG17 I've started taking more and more models that can screw with this. I play NB and finding minions such as bunraku to be really good for getting models out of zones they need to be in, so masters with obey seem to be definitely looking stronger for schemes and strats. obey is great for paralysing too as @Ludvig has stated.
  15. damn even more people to lose too......