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  1. Starrius

    Pledge Manager Close Date?

    I'm considering going full tyrant....
  2. Starrius

    Ramos Elite crew

    I've been running in place of johan or combat mechanic upgrade a silent one. It heals as a 0 action needing a 8 not bad and it's once a turn but it's attack being ca 6 and decent range without projectile has really helped my crew
  3. Starrius

    Alternate Crew to Kaeris

    I run 2 masters atm Kaeris and ramos and between them u feel I can do most schemes and strat pool combinations
  4. Starrius

    Henchman Hardcore

    In HH I wanted I came up with 2 crews The captain warding and patrons blessibg 3 oxfordianne mages all of their upgrades And the one I went with to the event with. Snowstorm imbibed energies December acolyte Silent ones x2
  5. I think the actual most I've ever put in the table in 1 game was 12 spiders just had a game they wouldn't die and u was summoning 3 a turn with ramos and the mech rider after turn 1 summoned a couple. Very odd but normally I get about 7-8 on the board and a swarm. I use the custom needle bases with the magnets and due I have found them a god send I have a nice little pot with 15 spiders in it and all my bases ready to go
  6. Starrius

    December Acolytes - I'm doing it wrong

    You can work around this. I've been using December acolyte with kaeris and the captain. The push from him or maybe agelica allows for some good set up. Snow storms 0 action to place a frozen heart model in base to base contact works well for this too as you can place it then charge.
  7. Starrius

    Draw engine

    But. Kaeris one of my main masters.....
  8. Starrius

    December Acolytes - I'm doing it wrong

    I use them for two effects. When with raspy I am using snowstorm and I am prone to attacking once with them and then using their once action to ignore armour and such. Snowstorm can then move up and 8 action to bring them into range for the aura. Attacking is good for discarding cards but also now with a lot of positional plays needed that pull can work wonders. I also use them with my kaeris crew, I know not very thematic but I just love them, in that crew I use other models for pushing such as angelica or the captain. To keep it alive I never go to far forward and I use purifying flame to heal or maybe a silent ones heal.
  9. Starrius

    Spring Showdown II - 7th May, Wayland Games

    Finally remembered to buy ticket!!!
  10. Starrius

    Joss or The Captain?

    I'll be an advocate for the captain. I know his cost is high and while I can agree that you might not get the same useage as say a Howard for the same 12SS. In my Kaeris crew I am using purifying flame over grab and drop. With this as a base the captain has been really useful. The trigger to give burning with the push has been useful for healing key models and for alloying burning and moving enemy models out of key positions, the other use I've found is with the pyre markers pushing models into them for hazardous terrain has been useful for FFM. Another henchman I've been using a lot is cassandra. Depending on schemes cassandra has been amazing also alowing for a whole extra set of pushes.
  11. Starrius

    Bandersnatch and Will O Wisp - Opinions?

    I have been using the bandersnatch with both lynch and lilith. In my lynch crew it did more work due to teddy. My crew is a more terrifying obey type crew and putting the bandersnatch in the teddy has allowed me to get work done and paralyse models late into a turn. Also I have used the bandersnatch on ffm targets and the 1 damage is from an upgrade so similar results as curses from daw. So stopping point scoring
  12. Hi there I was just looking on the results and you have Mispelt my name for the results just want to double check that it will be accredited to me. 30. David Williams should be david williamson of the faux mads
  13. Starrius

    M2e Kaeris

    I went the other way I find purifying flames suits me better. For scheme running have cassandra with practiced production and union miners with their ability to drop 2 scheme markers within 3 of it to be useful too
  14. Starrius

    M2e Kaeris

    Having recently started playing Kaeris I have been enjoying her. One of my current go to crews is Kaeris (purifying flames, seize the day) The Captain (patrons blessing) Firestarter (imbued energies) or casandra (practices production) Etrenal flame December acolyte Gunsmith Union miner Arcane effigy The captain has proven for my style of play to be really useful. Pushing my own models and as a way to give my gunsmiths fast when needed. And for ffm I have been using him to push models through pyre markers for the extra hazardous damage to get the kills plus the ram trigger for burning has been very useful. While more expensive than Angelica I find his ability to target enemies invaluabe. Multiple options for burning and the ability to use it as healing when needed.
  15. i'm David Williamson and i do want the ticket thank you