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  1. Looks cool, but its aesthetic is so different than the rest of my Guild models it is going to be one more reason I never make room for Basse in my budget
  2. Not useless just reasonable. Fits inline with our other models. Meanwhile other Factions will have models running the length of the board with a single low no-suited card that can one shot anything that costs equal or less than the SS it was hired for.
  3. Done by my 6 year old. We both did one but it was determined that hers was better than the one done by the colorblind dad using blunt crayons (still don't know how I ended up using the crayons), so hers would be the one that got uploaded. Thank you for doing this, giving us another option of creativity in this time of lock down was very much appreciated.
  4. Been trying out Dashel with it. Shouting Orders (card for Focus) + Queeg (Focus for Fast, 3" push) + Guild Hounds (Mv 6, 3SS significant minions) = 15" of movement (3" push and 2x 6" walk) then an interact (from Fast) Turn 1. 17" of movement if you want to hire/summon a Seargent to up the hound's Mv to 7". Means you have a two wound unsupported Hound up the board and 3 less SS for each Start Marker you want down, but for the effect of not having to focus on the strat for several turns because you have markers down Turn 1 has felt worth it... most of the time. Especially if you expect to g
  5. Yeah I was playing Dashel at the time so I had pushes from Queeg/horses/consolidate power (dispatcher/seargant) and high Mv value from horses/dogs and a Mv increase from seargant and a bit of Fast from Queeg, but the board was still a bit much without places or other terrain ignore abilties. Thanks for reminding me about Frontier, I've been ignoring them as aesthetically it is not a keyword I''m interested in, but you're right in that it might have to be the answer. I'm going to step through their cards and see what I can find as the brief glance I've given of them awhile back it does seem lik
  6. Ok Guild Community, I need a brain storm. What are our best movement options? If we're in corner deploy with a mountain of obnoxious terrain on the board, how do we get across it? Things I found so far: Leap Lady Justice Fly Trained Raptor Watcher Incorporeal Purifying Flame Other just pop up abilities Undercover Reporter I was playing Molly in a scenario like this in a recent casual tourney and she had Night Terrors flying over, Corrligans by your siding, Bone Pile popping up, Archie leaping. I just had to hoof it across and felt like I was at a disadvantage cause the terrai
  7. Probably not the answer you want to hear, but wait, be patient, and most importantly provide objective data to Wyrd of the issue. A lot of things moved at the same time between the edition switch, and a lot more people are testing them now then were when they were moving. The early release of a GG shows they are paying attention and working on it. They fixed some issues in it, I'm sure when they feel it is the right time to do an errata they will fix some more (to be clear: the time the devs think it is appropriate to release an errata is probably different than the internet hive mind, and for
  8. "Inspire the troops" as Lady J/"Scream at the troops" as Dashel. "toe-may-toe"/"toe-mah-toe"
  9. Thanks, I have a friend who should have the pdf through the pre order promotion (or something to that effect) already or soon. I'll take a peak in it to get ideas. Just glad I have a place to look.
  10. Ok so I'm a bit lazy and only found a little information on the subject so asking someone to please spell it out for me. So... there is no "official" stat line for The Dispatcher? And we don't know when we'll get it. I see people using the latest Beta stats though (3.22, with permission from opponent). And... we don't have any artwork for them either? So I can proxy something completely random now, but there is a real chance that if I did a conversion it could end up looking nothing like what others will start expecting once the release does drop? Bonus question in a derailed thought pro
  11. From the announcement email: So... probably? I didn't see a direct confirmation of doing it through the app, but it seems logical.
  12. This resonates with me. Not sure I'd say "bucketloads", but having few exceptions instead of many doesn't always make it easier to remember. I'm not sure what is better for game play/tactics and such, but after you said this I agree keeping modifiers to one "type" is a positive simplification. I hope I get into Beta to try it so I can get a feel of cost/reward to gameplay of this rules switch.
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