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  1. 10 minutes has been added to each round to allow for set up and to help some of the newer players
  2. Managed to find some in stock on at firestorm games but the offer was much appreciated
  3. If I can't source any I may take you up on that 😊
  4. Yeah I need to source rooster riders and sparks. 😅
  5. Awesome looking forward to seeing you again
  6. Hey guys, This is our next event at Wayland Games Hockley. It will be a 3 round tournament, Fixed faction 50SS. Restrictions: - No hiring out of keyword masters - No DMH - As the books will be released at this point, unreleased models will be aloud as long as you have suitable proxies. And a physical card. (Please check with me beforehand) You can either prepay on PayPal (reicevapes@gmail.com) or pay on the day Prepay by 10pm 18/10 £10 or Pay on the day £15 First 8 to pay get extra swag Registration 10.00 - 10.30 Round One 10.30 - 12.40 Strategy: Reckoning Deployment: Corner Schemes: Detonate Charges Harness the Leyline Outflank Deliver a Message Vendetta Lunch & Painting 12.40 - 13.20 Round Two 13.20 - 15.30 Strategy: Plant Explosives Deployment: Standard Schemes: Hold up Their Forces Power Ritual Assassinate Deliver a Message Claim Jump Round Three 15.40 - 17.50 Strategy: Corrupted Idols Deployment: Flank Schemes: Breakthrough Search The Ruins Dig Their Graves Take Prisoner Assassinate Prizes & Goodbyes 18.00 - 18.30 Hope you guys can make it, will be great to see you. Feel free to invite others along to the event, would be great to see some new faces Gems will be TO on the day Facebook event page https://www.facebook.com/events/370313523883592/?ti=icl Attendees 1. Marcus Rose (ringer) 2. Reice Chaudhry (paid) 3. Grant Dickenson (paid) 4. Ross Baker 5. James Culverhouse (paid) 6. James Trevallion (paid) 7. Andy Bradshaw (paid) 8. Luke Athiko (paid) 9. Connor Truby (paid) 10. Matthew Dunk (paid) 11. Soner Hasan (paid) 12. Daniel Bradley (paid) 13. Troy Ashdown (paid) 14. Jake Dollaghan (paid) 15. Stephanie Langton (paid) 16. Craig Russell 17. Andrew Humphrey (paid) 18. Harley Lazell (paid)
  7. Thank you for showing up, there will alway be prize support at any of the events ran by me and gems, and I feel at smaller more casual events its nice for everyone to leave with something, the scenery looked amazing it's just very tall 😂
  8. Excellent looking forward to seeing you there 😊
  9. Awesome be great to see you you there, no painting requirements, but there will be a prize for best painted if enough people show up.
  10. As above unfortunately unless arran has convinced any of the Darksphere lot and aj said he will come at double figures
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