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  1. This is the server that is being used as the main communication point for the series https://discord.gg/QSApfr3ZMY
  2. Yes count this as an official ruling 😅
  3. No you can't ignore concealing as concealing deals with sight lines, not Line of Sight, an obvious example of this would be underbrush markers being ht 0, they would be pointless if you could ignore them if you were ht 1 or greater, as would alot of other markers.
  4. Round two pairings are now live in bag o tools.
  5. So the best thing you could do is join the discordant ask someone to run you through how to use vassal, knowing how to play will mean you just have to learn the controls, and as you have just over a week and a half that should be plenty for you to get the hang off things. https://discord.gg/QSApfr3ZMY
  6. So multiple masters are inherently imbalanced, all it takes is looking at how much value certain masters bring as additional hire as opposed to others, kirai, zoraida, ophelia would all make solid additional masters that don't need any keyword support whereas ulix, Leveticus, mei feng don't really bring anything to a crew without their support pieces. But this isn't the place for this conversation, so we will leave it at that.
  7. So this season it's singles but given the feedback we are looking at allowing multimaster play next season, if we did do Iron scorpius for multi master any master used would be ruled out for future rounds, but we would never enforce multimaster play.
  8. You absolutely can declare to have a henchman led crew, which is why I was careful to say Leader as opposed to master during my phrasing.
  9. Hello all! I'm pleased to announce the next event for the Malifaux World Series: New Year's retribution This event will be running January 1st--28th. Registration is open today and will be open until the December 30th. This is a 4 round, 50ss, singles event, and the iron scorpius format will be enforced if you are unsure what this means there is more detail in the player pack. Your place in this event will apply towards qualification to the World Championship invitational in the works for August 2021. I am GMT based out of the the UK , but this event is open to anyone who wants to play.
  10. Unfortunately, insignificant models are completely ignored for both strategies and schemes. Meaning they can neither score or be used to score points.
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