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  1. Gremlin Enforcer Brawl - Who??

    I've tended to take Gracie or Burt (either with dirty cheater). It is useful to be able to go reckless or reactivate as it can do you damage which stops an opponent scoring for taking your first would. Hard to kill also deters some opponents going after you as they won't want to leave you on one wound in case someone else kills you for the points. I think Gracie generally does better but Burt will score better as you will be up against more expensive models.
  2. Lenny, Lenny, Lenny...

    I only really use him with sommer to toss bayou gremlins forward as an alternative to the pigapault. it can be tricky if quick murder is in the pool as he doesn't have much survivability. He does have a place in that list despite his cost though particularly given his other buffs.
  3. Best gremlin crew

    I'd agree with sommer
  4. Mercs in gremlins

    I think Ronin can have their place depending on schemes/strats and also board layout (when their disguised ability can be useful in blocking charge lanes to more valuable models). I try to view them as 5 stone mercs given their ability to sacrifice and return two stones (particularly when they have disguised, hard to kill and stand ground- so you will more often not get the chance to recover the stones). I found having one really helpful when I was learning Zipp as I burned through stones like nobodies' business. There are also the WP 4 models that Zorida can hire as if they are mercs. The only one I tend to take is Iggy for firey doll shenanigans.
  5. Schemes & Stones Master Spotlight Zipp

    Another way to do it is to up we go the target first and place it close to impassable scenery (eg the side of a building) then pop smoke to trap it there. If you get your positioning correct it should still only cost you two ap. I agree it is very situational but it is a handy tool. I used this tactic in my last game to trap the captain against a wall in a turn where he was fast. He wasted his ap while I had other models drop scheme markers round him to score three points for set up. I tend to use the smoke more defensively or when I can create a choke point on the battle field. Depending on the board set up you can occasionally stop the opponent's crew from interfering with at least one of your schemes for a turn.
  6. Is Brewmaster worth playing in Gremlins?

    I find brewmaster to be good fun but not hugely competitive. So, if you're playing for fun he's worth a shout but if you're playing serious games the only model who will see much of the table is fingers
  7. New Player

    I started with the kin then picked up a war pig then wong as it was what my fgs had in store. Then I purchased a whole bunch of non crew boxes online ( burt, sami, gracie, slop haulers, merris etc). Then I picked up mah and ulix. Brewie, zorida came next and then sommer and the rest of the individual models that came in crew boxes. I wouldn't recommend this approach unless you are great at analysing model strengths and synergies (I'm not). I think this approach set me back as a player. With the benefit of hindsight I feel I would have gotten more or the game by sticking with a core crew. Say the kin plus slop haulers and merris. Sommer is a good box for the likes of lenny and bayou gremlins at a reasonable cost but I'd recommend learning the core crew inside out while you learn the game before hitting a second master. What the other folk have said re cards and markers is spot on. I picked up some translucent markers of various colours that I still use.
  8. Schemes & Stones Master Spotlight Zipp

    Really interesting tactica, thanks
  9. Sell me on Sparks

    Entirely on point. An alternative would be to give Sparks an upgrade similar to Show Off that allowed friendly Gremlins in LoS to self destruct assimilate and summon a Survivor into base contact before removing. It would almost tempt me to convert a Survivor into a kneeling position inside a glowing blue sphere but I realise I am now mixing my science fiction metaphors. Also, your suggestion is what I was aiming at. It would mean both Sparks and Survivors would see a lot more play.
  10. Sell me on Sparks

    Or give him a trigger on his attack?
  11. Sell me on Sparks

    I still hope one day he will get an upgrade that allows him to make bayous into survivors #he'll be back.
  12. Hamelin

    Recently I've found myself pitted against Hamelin (facing a very strong opposing player). Helpfully the schemes pools have been condition heavy and Hamelin can obviously choose not to take conditions. To compound matters, each time I've faced him his crew has also contained Ashes and dust and nix with all the remaining models being able to sacrifice so the scheme pool has really been limited as, with his have a pile of new rats activation control, conditions just won't stick. I took eliminate the leadership last time and zipp had isolated him from his stolen but could only get him down to his hard to kill. My other beater (François) got stuck deleting Ashes and dust being swarmed by other models before being re-engaged by a reformed a+d). The other schemes I've been forced to take have been Ffm (which was sort of fine) or scheme marker placement ones where rat kings start to pose difficulties. Does anyone have any thoughts about how to deal with this type of crew? Many thanks in advance.
  13. Uses for Survivors?

    Bonus points of the upgrade/ability was called "I'll be back"
  14. Missing with Grab On

    I see your point but I have always read it as something that happens after damaging. I assume that it is expressed that way so that your activation ends after damaging regardless as to whether the target gains slow (eg if the target is immune to conditions or is already slow).
  15. What constructs do we have?

    How do Survivors fair? Do they justify the additional cost over, say a bayou gremlin?