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  1. Gremlin Crier - Rules Q

    A follow up question: if the crier has "this makes no sense" up and your opponent has its frame for murder target in the crier's aura when it is killed, I assume your opponent does not score from it? This came up in a game tonight and that was how we interpreted it on a 2:1 basis. Thoughts?

    What about a gremlin ronin... Based on the new ototo art?
  3. If you were writting te next erratta....

    What about letting bad juju be an eternal fiend in gremlins
  4. Ophelia - positive sensations

    I found using ooh and girl and the 8 inch place to be great fun. Particularly when you Do it to François, place him within 6 and companion activate him. Just think of it like a gremlin sling shot

    Or a swashbuckling bayou gremlin (think a tiny captain Morgan / black beard) for zipp
  6. If you were writting te next erratta....

    I don't feel any of our models are over powered and need toned down. In order of preference I think the following could do with a boost : Serious boost: Survivors Brewmaster Little boost: Sparks (which could even be achieved by a 1SS upgrade that increases his utility ) Bush whackers (they're just a little off the pace. +1sh or +1 damage would do it) Stuffed piglets (I think the cache back ability would be ideal) - they feel like a 2.5 stone model. There's been a lot of chat about internal balance but, in my opinion, addressing these models wound basically fix that. I'm not sure about Mah. Do her new upgrades fix her?

    I understand that alternative models are supposed to be an "alternative" to an existing model but I'd like one I can field with the original. I'd love a gremlin ronin. Failing that an alt gluttony would be of interest (it's the only released gremlin model I don't have and I don't plan on picking up the cross roads box). A female Lightning Bug would make me contemplate painting the others as a hogwarts crew. A terminator themed survivor would be nice if sparks ever gets the "he'll be back" upgrade to turn bayous into survivors (that I may have been campaigning for in other threads).
  8. Emissary - Lend me your experiences

    I use it with Zorida. The ability to paralyse the hemmed target for 1 ap and card draw shenanigans for a 0 is really useful. It can be a decent pick when quick murder is in the pool.
  9. Delude by Broken promises (for the moment)

    In the playtests I used the bokor in a couple of wong crews to decent effect. between boosting bugs and wong and generally giving a tarpit (such as we have them) Faded it tended to justify it's inclusion. Wrastlers were fun. I tried one with an iron Skeeter as a strange tag Team which was really good at punching down a flank against opponent scheme runners. Now, you could say there are better options, and be right most of the time, but I feel they are viable. I really like the criers. Being able to cancel other models counting for strats can win games. They also make a great Ffm target for the same reason (and you can think of them as a bayou gremlin with an upgrade of it helps). I really want to like big brain. He's kin so it'll be interesting to see what the final ophelia upgrade are to see if he gets better. Condition removal is handy, as is giving an enemy insignificant as it legs it towards the table edge hoping to score leave your mark but he is really fragile. So... Yeah... There's my sales pitch. I'll definitely pick up criers and take it from there when I see the upgrades etc.
  10. July 2017 Errata

    Rare 3 wouldn't solve the out activation problem. If you want stuffed pigs hired then they have to be better than they are. Not much better but a bit better. They will still appear in some lists regardless but they will see a lot less use than pre errata. They will also still appear as summoned models. I agree with the increase in cost as a short term fix. The reason I think it is only a short term fix is because of the impact it has on the pigapault. I think that can be cured by the creation of a one stone non-activating piece of ammunition/ upgrade that takes the place of stuffed pigs. It also impacts on wong list building (where I think there is still a place for them) but less so.
  11. July 2017 Errata

    In my opinion the stuffed piglets are a 2.5 stone model. They have different roles from a bayou gremlin but can't really compete with them at 3 stones. It's a shame that they will see little table time now (unless summoned) but this is for the good of the game. I only play gremlins and have only been playing competitively since may but I have used stuffed pigs and faced them in a manner which is a negative player experience. It was possible to build a list where you could pretty much guarantee going last and drop a fast, reckless, glowy burt into the middle of an enemy crew (or it's highest priority target) in turn one and, black joker aside, murder it. In the same list you could also have seven cards in hand at this point (and have stoned for two) minimising your chances of flipping said jokers. This was not good for the game. This was not fun for anyone involved. A way to fix the pigapault issue would be to have a one stone "non activating" pig rock as ammunition. In a similar vain I think the change to the wind gamin is on point. I've lost track of the times I've faced them and they've cost me points by burying rather than dying only later to push an imbued energies langsteen into my crew. There is (now was) a regular occurrence of having a raptor unbury in a corner of my deployment zone only for practiced production to drop a scheme marker from it before it would bury again and do the same in the opposite corner. My response was to keep a lightening bug back to kill it. This didn't break the game but this change makes it better. I am glad that nihilism is to be addressed in the next gg. The one thing that has caused me the most negative playing experience is facing a Hamelin crew with nix and Ashes and dust where every other model can sacrifice in a giving conditions heavy scheme pool. I've played games where my schemes are basically picked for me.
  12. Gremlin Enforcer Brawl - Who??

    I've tended to take Gracie or Burt (either with dirty cheater). It is useful to be able to go reckless or reactivate as it can do you damage which stops an opponent scoring for taking your first would. Hard to kill also deters some opponents going after you as they won't want to leave you on one wound in case someone else kills you for the points. I think Gracie generally does better but Burt will score better as you will be up against more expensive models.
  13. Lenny, Lenny, Lenny...

    I only really use him with sommer to toss bayou gremlins forward as an alternative to the pigapault. it can be tricky if quick murder is in the pool as he doesn't have much survivability. He does have a place in that list despite his cost though particularly given his other buffs.
  14. Best gremlin crew

    I'd agree with sommer
  15. Mercs in gremlins

    I think Ronin can have their place depending on schemes/strats and also board layout (when their disguised ability can be useful in blocking charge lanes to more valuable models). I try to view them as 5 stone mercs given their ability to sacrifice and return two stones (particularly when they have disguised, hard to kill and stand ground- so you will more often not get the chance to recover the stones). I found having one really helpful when I was learning Zipp as I burned through stones like nobodies' business. There are also the WP 4 models that Zorida can hire as if they are mercs. The only one I tend to take is Iggy for firey doll shenanigans.