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  1. MuMantai

    Mei Feng Buff Idea

    The Problem is buffing her without making her too good with the Thunders. Keep in mind that she has easy access to summoning there, especially constructs (Komainu), so the buying of a trigger with damage would be a lot more potent for them than it would be for us. Other than that, solid ideas
  2. MuMantai

    Who can take the most beating?

    Do the same with Carlos, and you also have self healing at the end of the turn. No HtK (but you could get that with the Automaton), but in my opinion, Carlos is at least as tanky as Joss. Also, Captain for even more Bullet Proof, and Imbued Protection gets him to Df 7. Or you could get him Warding Runes for Counterspell and other nice things from the mages.
  3. MuMantai

    Best dmg on hit in our faction

    It's +1 and , so he gets Sh 6 when shooting a target near a scheme marker.
  4. MuMantai

    Best dmg on hit in our faction

    Our highest reliable damage has to be the Ice Golem. Even on weak you are on 9 to 10 damage, that is hard to beat. And positive damage flips are not that hard to come by... Toolkit can do it, as can Colette with either Doves or Prompt for Focus. Or he can get fast from different sources. Next should be Joss with his (2), who can use the same tricks to get his damage (5/8/10) in. Rail Golem can do 8 with Locomotion on severe. Then there are quite a few models that can do 7, and even more with 6, not counting red jokers.
  5. I have found some inconsistencies regarding the acting values of some of the characters and am asking myself why that is and if there is an explanation I just haven't seen. As far as I know, the acting value always is the akill value plus the associated aspect. But for some of the characters, that doesn't add up: Aida Omari has her acting value for the Shock Baton given at +5, but her Melee skill (2) plus Grace (2) would be 4. Karl-Heinz Bennewitz Has his Collier Lightning 1902 at +5, but Long Arms (3) plus Grace (1) would also be 4. What am I missing?
  6. MuMantai

    Tournament advice

    I like to play Ironsides into Ply. I tend to activate her early, pull stuff in, Ply with her and activate Challenge. That in combination with the Steamfitter condition makes it hard for opponents to get Ply at all, while her crew can ply and wreck faces around her. Also, Hand Picked Men makes it a lot easier to remove Ply once it is applied. Had a lot of success with that. I think the third game will be the hardest for her, she is decent into headhunter, but Eliminate is risky.
  7. MuMantai

    Quick start rules

    All those things (Quick play rules, adventure, so on) are in a different forum that is only open to the registered fatemasters. Upon registration you will be cleared to see that forum, clearance is usually done once a day, so it can take a bit of time. If you wait longer than that, send a PM to @Mason. Have a fun time on our side of the breach :)
  8. MuMantai

    M2E Ramos

    A bit of clarification: I have eight single spiders and two swarms with two spider models each. I have yet to encounter a player who would give me grief for that. That is the six spiders from Ramos' box plus another box of six of them. That is plenty. As I said, six individuals and one swarm is enough for most situations, that would be Ramos' box plus a small spider box, or you work with magnets. In play, usually the better the game goes, the more spiders you need. They are the first thing you shove into your opponents face (or the second, if you play Howard), and the more of them survive, the better your board position. That means, if you have no more spiders to summon, you can usually skip that step, as it just is a "more winning" move. Swarms are a similar beast, you usually summon them in one of two situations: You either have nothing better to do with your spiders, or you desperately need a beater. Both situations are rare, which is why you seldom need a swarm and almost never need two.
  9. MuMantai

    M2E Ramos

    I have eight spiders and two swarms. I had all spiders on the table like once or twice, and have once used both swarms. In a normal game, you should be good with six spiders and one swarm, I would guess.
  10. While I agree with you there, I think even then, Nicodem is a bit stronger than Ramos. In my eyes, the problem is not Ramos being too weak (he is not), the problem is Nicodem being too strong. And I hope that gets fixed at some point in the future.
  11. MuMantai

    Freikorps Specialist and Ramos

    You could also use the Emissarys Flesh and Metal ability, if you want to stay in faction.
  12. MuMantai

    Jack Daw

    Ramos and Constructs. Under Pressure gives your contructs positive flips, which is exactly what you need to threaten Jack himself, so Ramos is a walking bubble of space Jack does not want to be near. The Brass Arachnid can also give models with a curse another activation so they can do useful things later in the turn after flipping the upgrade. Other than that, just endure. If you can kill him, great, if not, don't try. Kill the crew, as they will be the ones doing schemes and strategy most of the time. Don't try to overextend and claim your part of the board, make him come to you. If he does, you can fight him, if not, he usually already lost. I have played quite a lot against Pandora, and with her it is the same game: Ignore her, kill the crew, and you have a much easier time. Hope this helps
  13. MuMantai

    M2E Ramos

    There are more models to do the Strike marker trick with but Amina. Performers can also pull models to them, or (my personal favourite) The Captain. Works even better with Combat Mechanic, so Ramos can chain into whatever model uses the markers afterwards. But that comes at the cost of two upgrade slots taken and neither Arcane Reservoir nor Under Pressure. I have played The Captain with Ramos some times now (no surprise there, I have played him everywhere ), and he is a good keeper for Bleeding Edge Tech. He also helps with the Howard Alpha by making him another 5" faster, and helps Ramos with his speed, if need be. He also helps the Brass Arachnid to get to whatever he needs to reactivate, which really helps
  14. MuMantai

    How many eels... And eggs?

    I mostly agree. I would take two Egg Clutches, just because they are summonable (I'm not quite on board with hiring them, you have units for that that can come back and do something useful later in the game), but you propably can use a third if you are lucky or leave some on the board. For the eels, take one if you want to, but I would skip the second for now. Summoning them is nice, but will propably not happen often, and 50$ are a lot of money for that. It depends on how much money you have available and how much you want to take advantage of the kickstarter. You can just play the game, and if you find yourself summoning eels left and right, buy more later. They will be available at retail. And until then, just use a proxy. Same with the eggs. Take some, and if you find yourself needing more, buy some more.
  15. If the Emissary is engaged, she would still randomize. I see no evidence to the contrary. As to the Emissary, I like him. Yes, we have no confluxes that really scream "take me", but I have played him quite a lot with Sandeep, with Imbued Energies. 16" thread range are fun In my view, he has a similar role to the Captain. He is a backline model that is reasonably tanky, can move other models around and deals quite ok damage. The Elemental Rage attack may not do incredibal damage, but it is ok, and with range 6 with no projectile, it is quite flexible, and it has some great triggers. Also, he can do reliable 6 damage in an activation, 8 on a charge, which is not bad for his price range. I wouldn't argue he can make any list, he lacks some important synergies for that (construct for Ramos and Mei, M&SU for Toni), but he is playable, and I would argue he is not a bad pick in a lot of situations.