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  1. Do we wait to post our results until all players on the team have had their games, or do we post as soon a game is done?
  2. When I use the browser version of the App I'm unable to see my games, instead I just see a white screen. It happens regardless of which computer I use, but it only happens when I'm logged in. Does anyone know what's causing this and what I can do to fix this?
  3. Team Name: Rød Grød Med Fløde Team Nation: Denmark Team Captain: Axel Skovgaard Teglskov Faction: Outcasts Player 2: Daniel Rojas Sørensen Faction: Resurrectionists Player 3: Christian A. Givskov Faction: Guild
  4. Benny doesn't need to get close to the enemy to be effective. He'll turn your own scheme markers into rats and then turn the rats into enemy scheme markers. For each marker turned you will discard a card to draw at least two cards (more if you run two copies of wanted criminal or use bayou smugglers), move any wokou raiders 3 inches and you will still have scheme markers left to gain fast or turn into stones or cards with Parker.
  5. It's an upgrade you'll often want in a Parker crew anyway. Benny doesn't need to be the one to have the upgrade, and it's not the only synergy he has with the crew. Even without the upgrade he can still place enemy scheme markers without having to attack the enemy.
  6. I'm gonna have to disagree about Benny. With Wanted Criminal he becomes an insane card engine and being the only Bandit who can reliably generate enemy scheme markers without enemy models means he has synergises well with Parker, Wokou Raiders and Bayou Smugglers.
  7. Just watch out for lures and the like. Wp 4 can make it easy for the enemy to move it away from the strategy markers.
  8. The bluff is possible, but you would probably have to use the rule of intent and tell your opponent that the markers are exactly 10 inches apart when you place them, since it would practically physically impossible to get the distance right.
  9. If a model heals after being killed by being reduced to 0 wounds, it does not count as being killed and any other effects from being killed is ignored (core rulebook, page 61). So, as long as Leveticus and Ashes and Dust can use their Demise abilities, reducing them to 0 wounds won't kill them and no bounty tokens are gained. Tl:dr Yes, their Demise abilities deny bounty tokens.
  10. I was sure that for Torment to allow you to draw a card, the model needed to have an upgrade attached before it suffered the damage, but you would still be allowed to draw a card if you killed a model with an upgrade.
  11. I can't use the GG1 strats and schemes with the browser version of the crew building app, even when I've joined a game someone else made with GG1 rules. Does anyone else have the same problem?
  12. Tara can only double activate when she is the leader, so the list would have to drop the Viks. She can also only summon two models when not leading the crew.
  13. Option 2 is correct. Epic death scene only applies when removing models, so a single reinforcement token can bring back an adjunct and a single other model. Do notice that an attack with accurate can kill and adjunct, even if the attack only did 1 damage in which case epic death scene is useless.
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