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  1. Viktoria is not allowed to pick the second Viktoria as a secondary master, but if she hires the second Viktoria in her crew the app will say the crew is invalid for the game. I'm using the browser version.
  2. And yet again I don't get to fight King's Empire.
  3. Thank you, it works for me now.
  4. I can't see the cards in the browser version. They're all listed, but when I click on them it just loads indefinitely.
  5. Also, does the Garrison limit summoning and any assets attached during the game?
  6. How does it work with the Toughness asset in the garrison? If you have two Toughness in your garrison, do they cost 1 or 2 scrip in regards to the 75 scrip limit?
  7. Played Round 4 today with Parker vs Dreamer. I can confirm he can do well in this pool. Draw their attention is very useful for moving strat markers. If you can get the bottom deployment zone there is very little for the enemy to hide behind from shooting that Mad Dog can't blow up. Midnight Stalker is good too, the strategy lets him get fast every turn after the first and he can get a strat marker 8 inches from the centerline turn 2.
  8. There is a law, but those filthy resser scum don't follow it.
  9. I find a lot of people don't know how sputtering exhaust works. Too many times have I had to tell people that I still have concealment even though they are within 1 inch of me. And their model also has concealment, so they get a negative to lure/obey/otherwise attack their own model. Also, before the errata everyone I met played Big Brain Brin's Calculate the Possibilities wrong and flipped the duel before discarding the cards. I'm convinced it was changed to its curent form solely because everyone was already playing it that way.
  10. If one of them is ruthless I hope it's not a sniper. We already have one of those.
  11. Orville is only stat 2.
  12. There is also a custom shotgun on Tuco.
  13. I'm impressed you've managed to summon it at all. I don't think I've ever managed to summon more than one abomination in a game.
  14. How else did you think we get water?
  15. For some reason whenever I have taken the Desolation Engine (read: both times) my opponent has brought Amina and made it hit my own models with necrotic decay. Last time it died before it could activate turn 1. Hilariously, the resulting abomination was absolutely crucial in killing Kaeris turn 1.
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