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  1. Prince Unathi has an action called "Field Test". It makes a fireteam take a prototype action, then draw a card. Question is, does this actually require an action to be taken? What if: The fireteam does not have a prototype asset attached? The fireteam has nothing in range of it's prototype assets action? I do not want to discard a card to use the prototype assets action? Or, easier, can I use the action to just draw a card? And if yes, what would be the necessary circumstances? This quote from the rulebook I found seems to allow that: "ADDITIONAL ACTIONS Some Actions (or their Triggers) are capable of generating additional Actions. If a Fireteam is unable to take an additional Action (perhaps because there are no targets within range), the additional Action is ignored." (page 23)
  2. MuMantai

    Idle TOS Curiosity

    We kind of have that in Kassa, supporting titans in particular. More variety will come with time.
  3. MuMantai


    Depends on whats in there. If he is talking about his experiences in the beta, that should be fine. If he is reading the beta cards, that would probably not be fine. Also stupid, as everybody gets the cards next wednesday.
  4. MuMantai

    M2E Ironsides

    You cannot. The general timing of abilities does not permit this (see Page 46 of the big Core Rule Book). The mage, as the defending model, has to resolve its abilities before Fitzsimmons, so Arcane Shield triggers before Protected by the Union. Still Armor +2, but not to 0, unfortunately. Still I really like Fitzsimmons in a Ironsides crew. I usually give him Armor +1 with the Steamfitter, instead of Toni, because he is a priority target. He makes the crew so much more survivable, and hits well enough for his pricetag.
  5. MuMantai

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    To add to this, if it's true that models lose damage across the board, this also changes the equation, as the lower level models are hard pressed to lose lots of it as they will propably keep their min damage of 1. So this will in theory hit the elite models harder than the "chaff".
  6. MuMantai

    Is it worth learning new masters now?

    I think, a lot of masters will keep a good amount of their theme and will take it over to M3E. You can check the description of the masters on the faction pages here to see if the theme checks out for you going forward. That said, M3E is a good amount of time away, so even with masters that may not interest you going into M3E, you will have quite some time before that comes around. I for one would think if you want to experience new masters now, in M2E, or if you are comfortable with the masters you have, and not think too much about M3E for now.
  7. MuMantai

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I agree with you that it would open design space. If masters did have different costs, then it would make sense to hire them for their costs instead of getting them for free, as it is now. I have three qualms with that: - The final goal should be that all masters are equal in power. That is a hard to achieve goal for sure, but if done right, there should be no difference between buying the matser and getting it for free. - The master, at least in fluff, should be the one putting together the crew. Paying for him/her makes no sense in that regard, so if we start paying costs for t5he first master, we have a slight disconnect between lore and game. - If models start to cost more, the whole system gets harder to process. I know of a lot of people, that even now like to use the app to calculate their crews costs, but I like that (at least) I am able to calculate it in my head. To 50, this is mostly no problem, to 100, this would be a lot harder. I played Legion, which goes up to 800, and I really don't like that. Also, +1 for out of faction is not fair, as it is a different percentage in regards to the models cost, but it is easy. And I think that is important as well. As to the whole merc tax discussion: I don't think it is fair to compare three models of 4 SS each to one of 12 SS. Yes, with the system in place right now, it would be benefical to hire the one over the three in respect to the tax, but what is not taken into account here is that a 12 SS model has usually a completely different role than a 4 SS model. Will this lead to more expensive models being hired out of theme than cheap ones? Maybe, but I think, as a whole, out of theme models will be hired because either they fill a role that is hard to fill in theme, or they are just that good. In both cases, the cost is irrelevant, and they are worth the one SS more than they would cost otherwise. One thing I am worried about is the fact that masters seem to be 14 SS models that are balanced including their totems. So, for 14 SS you get the master plus their totem, which is either a fantastic deal, or masters are not as powerful as they should be. I hope this gets sorted out in the playtest.
  8. MuMantai

    M2E Ramos

    Here's the point: I don't build around a single model. My usual Ramos crew looks like this: Ramos (Under Pressure, Combat Mechanic, Arcane Reservoir) Brass Arachnid Joss (Imbued Energies) The Captain (Casting Expert WhatsItsName, Bleeding Edge Tech) Union Steamfitter Stuff This is not a alpha list, it is a sturdy attrition list that plays mostly for board control. The models do the following: Ramos is on summoning duty, and is played quite far forward, to support his crew. Joss is my main damage and gets reactivate almost every turn. If I absolutely, positively need something dead, Ramos and Joss as a chain activation will do that for me, for anything that is not a master. Captain is on repositioning duty, and a secondary damage dealer. Union Steamfitter makes scrap, at some point maybe giving the Captain some armor, and cycling cards. Spiders are annoying and outactivate my opponent, plus schemes. Now, what happens if Joss dies? If he died to a first strike, I may have a problem, if not, he wounded or killed something to the point where he was worth his cost, even with support. The support is not useless when he dies, the Captain is still his usual awesomeness, pushing other models around or bashing heads in. The Brass Arachnid may be sad, but then he can reactivate other models, like spiders. Or attack something. Or be a walking scrap marker or magnitism target when I need it. It is a quite successful list, even when it may seem a bit one-dimensional. I like it
  9. MuMantai

    M2E Ramos

    I often have Joss as my main damage dealer in Ramos crews. With the help of the Captain, the Brass Arachnid and Imbued Energies he usually gets to where I need him.
  10. MuMantai

    Mei Feng Buff Idea

    The Problem is buffing her without making her too good with the Thunders. Keep in mind that she has easy access to summoning there, especially constructs (Komainu), so the buying of a trigger with damage would be a lot more potent for them than it would be for us. Other than that, solid ideas
  11. MuMantai

    Who can take the most beating?

    Do the same with Carlos, and you also have self healing at the end of the turn. No HtK (but you could get that with the Automaton), but in my opinion, Carlos is at least as tanky as Joss. Also, Captain for even more Bullet Proof, and Imbued Protection gets him to Df 7. Or you could get him Warding Runes for Counterspell and other nice things from the mages.
  12. MuMantai

    Best dmg on hit in our faction

    It's +1 and , so he gets Sh 6 when shooting a target near a scheme marker.
  13. MuMantai

    Best dmg on hit in our faction

    Our highest reliable damage has to be the Ice Golem. Even on weak you are on 9 to 10 damage, that is hard to beat. And positive damage flips are not that hard to come by... Toolkit can do it, as can Colette with either Doves or Prompt for Focus. Or he can get fast from different sources. Next should be Joss with his (2), who can use the same tricks to get his damage (5/8/10) in. Rail Golem can do 8 with Locomotion on severe. Then there are quite a few models that can do 7, and even more with 6, not counting red jokers.
  14. I have found some inconsistencies regarding the acting values of some of the characters and am asking myself why that is and if there is an explanation I just haven't seen. As far as I know, the acting value always is the akill value plus the associated aspect. But for some of the characters, that doesn't add up: Aida Omari has her acting value for the Shock Baton given at +5, but her Melee skill (2) plus Grace (2) would be 4. Karl-Heinz Bennewitz Has his Collier Lightning 1902 at +5, but Long Arms (3) plus Grace (1) would also be 4. What am I missing?
  15. MuMantai

    Tournament advice

    I like to play Ironsides into Ply. I tend to activate her early, pull stuff in, Ply with her and activate Challenge. That in combination with the Steamfitter condition makes it hard for opponents to get Ply at all, while her crew can ply and wreck faces around her. Also, Hand Picked Men makes it a lot easier to remove Ply once it is applied. Had a lot of success with that. I think the third game will be the hardest for her, she is decent into headhunter, but Eliminate is risky.