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  1. Sandeep is great on his own. Good, flexible master. I tend to not take the academic minions (Guards and Mages) most of the time and concentrate more on the Elemental part of his kit (and Kudra). Of those minions, Guards are better than Mages, in my view. Of the elementals, I tend to use most, except for Metal Gamin and Golem. One could argue for one Metal Gamin for flexibility, but that is about it. Wind Gamin make the crew work and are exellent scheme runners, Poison Gamin are for later summoning and slowing down the enemy, I usually start with one Golem and summon the other, so the
  2. I have not played him as a brawler yet, no. I usually play the Dreadnought as a gun platform, with either the mortar and one gunner, or two gunners, and one of the two processor assets, of which I like the anthem more. I was impressed with him, but it did not feel overpowered that way. I don't know when I will get the chance to test your loadout, I haven't played TOS in ages, as we are just now ramping up Malifaux a bit more again.
  3. As I said, the wording is not clear here. I agree that it can be read that way, unfortunately. But, your first point was that the Dreadnought seems too powerful. And if you can take essentially a whole activation not only if it activates, but also when Kassa activates, and when Unathi activates, and then again when the Crow Runners activate, yes, that seems a bit too powerful. In my opinion, actions that make another unit take an action are meant as increased flexibility, not as power multilpier, making multiple actions at the cost of one. Coincidentally, titans are the best target for th
  4. Please don't do this to you or your opponent. I know the rules are not clear here, but as I interpret it, you can take Versatile actions in addition to the standard action as part of an order. If you take an action outside of activation (with Field Test or similar means), you take exactly one action (plus an additional action, if the first one triggers it). This can be a versatile action, but it does not allow you to do all versatile actions again.
  5. I am with you that Rasputina needs a buff. But to say that she has no way of getting Slow on a model is... odd. First, the Ice Golem has another trigger on his Fist that gives out Slow. So he can make a model slow, and then attack again (and then again) to get the Frozen Smash trigger. Ice Gamin have the same trigger, but that is not very likely. Then you have three ranged models: Acolytes, Silent Ones (trigger built in) and Rasputina give Slow on a trigger on their ranged attacks. Rasputina also can give Slow to anyone under the blast. And Snow Storm has a shockwave that can give Sl
  6. King Empire: The main schtick of Kings Empire is shooting. That`s what they do, and they do it quite good, with long range and good accuracy. I think they are most hampered by terrain of all factions. They have melee capability, and I think going all in on shooting is a mistake, but shooting is their best bet. For that reason, they tend to play as the least mobile faction, but that can also be a mistake, as mobility wins games (operations tend to have their objective around the center line). The best units in KE are, imho, the Royal Rifle Corps, and the Kings Hand. They are the most effic
  7. No, the swarms are still on 40mm
  8. On the Yasunori card there is a typo in the Revel In Chaos action
  9. Essence of Power is an Enforcer, so it cannot be summoned. It is a pure support piece, more useful defensively than offensively, and unfortunately not worth it in my opinion. But in a less competative environment, it is a cool and useful (and flavorful) model.
  10. Field Test allows you to take one action from a prototype asset, like Perfect Accuracy would allow you to take one action. I think it is clear enough, but maybe it gets into the FAQ at some point All I could find was this thread: They seem to acknowledge that when a non-titan fireteam is on elevated terrain, it counts as high. I haven't found anything in the rules about it, but I would play it as such for the time being. Else, it would be nearly unplayable, as a fireteam on elevated, blocking [low] terrain can see anything, but cannot be seen by anything other than titans.
  11. No. Field Test especially needs a prototype asset action, so adjunkt does not work. Hm. Can't find it right now. I was sure it was in the FAQ somewhere... A hill would be Elevated, Blocking [Low], so if both units are completely on it, the blocking part would not be relevant for them, and they would be able to shoot on one another without the cover. If (like in your example) the enemy unit is on the hill, yours is not (or only partly), then they can shoot on you without cover, as elevated units ignore low terrain, but they would get cover against you, as you can see them (
  12. You cannot give assets to Combined Arms titan, as it is itself an asset, not a unit. The unit (in this case a Steel Legion) is a squad, where one fireteam happens to be a titan. That does not change the fact that the unit is a squad. So it cannot attach Chemical Foggers, but it can attach Active Defenses Armor (even when the titan cannot use it). Yes. Even if only the titasn is left, he still represents a unit of Steel Legion and can be reinforced as such. Not sure, but I would guess yes? I you would like... I wouldn't recommend it... As far as I know it doe
  13. As I said, the Chache is not glued to Colette. If you find a better model, put it somewhere else, by all means. That said, it is not a bad upgrade on Colette, as she usually is where the action takes place and may siphon a stone or two there. As for killing more doves, true, that is something you can do. I have to think about that. It would fix the activation issue. I know you can do that, but that would mean bringing models closer to the enemy before you want to necessarily have them there. The list is (in my opinion) fast enough to not having to do that. But it is an option in case t
  14. I was under the impression that you could both add a suit and get a modifier. That is not the case, thanks for that correction, I will incorporate that As I said, I usually don't have my opponent jump im my face agressively at the start of the first turn. If that happens, it most likely is at the end of the turn, and even if not, the list has a duet and some other models to deal with that. Or Colette herself, if necessary. In that case, your gameplan is out of the window and you have to improvise anyway. But usually, Colette doesn't really have anything better to do turn one other than b
  15. I had some fun games with Colette, using this core: - Colette (Soulstone Cache) - Mechanical Dove (times 3) - Mechanical Rider (Soulstone Cache) - Coryphee Duet Season to taste (Swarms, Emissary, Mobile Toolkit, Captain, Joss... you have options) The Soulstone Cache on Colette is not fixed there, if you find a better target, go for it. It just has to be there. The Cache on the Rider is necessary. So, what does this list do? Simple, you abuse two things: At the start of the game, Colette sacrifices doves to summon more doves, getting a card and two stones per dead
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