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  1. WEEK TWO... I was asked to post a second round here, so that's what I will do. Here are the rules for anyone unfamiliar: I suggest a scenario and people post a list (not knowing opponent and assuming an average terrain setup*) and explain why they've taken the choices they have and how it'll play etc. The explanation is the really important part. On Friday I'll** pick a winner. Then the winner takes charge and posts a new scenario and picks the winner, rinse and repeat. As a special addendum, I will post the opponents faction (not master). It's a fun way of seeing how your fellow Arcanists approach a challenge and we get to hone our list writing skills and discuss people's choices together! *I know that without an opposing master and terrain this is imperfect but trying to do the whole process is too complex for a thread. **@mythicFOX will pick the winner for me, as I am not near a computer on friday and the week thereafter. Thanks Week two challenge; Plant Explosives / Corner Deployment Breakthrough, Search the Ruins, Take Prisoner, Power Ritual, Outflank Enemy Faction: Ten Thunders GLHF
  2. Sandeep Banasuva Kudra (9) Kandara (8) Mechanical Rider + Diesel Engine (11 + 2) Shastar Vidiya Guard (8) Wind Gamin (6) Plan for schemes would be Breakthrough/Power Ritual. The rider, given she is not harrassed too much, can do those alone. The rider is a central element in the list and should do either one of two jobs: Do schemes if left alone, or divert forces if not. In that case, the burden of schemes would fall to Gamin. The rider, if not committed in turns one or two, should be fast and safe enough to do either. The main force threatens the center and does strategy, being mobile enough to threaten the backfield as well. Hold up/Harness are also possible schemes, beware of Assassinate and keep Sandeep safe, if possible. Automaton + Essence of Power instead of the guard can be an alternative in case of a really aggressive master on the other side, Captain instead of Kudra against lots of shooting. Season to taste.
  3. I don't think any of the henchmen (and -women) are auto-includes. - Amina is really good, defensive and offensive. Against melee-heavy crews, her aura is pure gold. Also, it is hard to argue with obey. - Contrastly, the captain is very good into shooty lists, and he is a very fast model with a good offensive. - Fitzsimmons is in a weird middle ground, his auras are generally nice, but he has no good selling points outside of that, other than maybe anti-scheme. I have played with all of them at some point, but I would be hard pressed to put all of them into the same list (maybe for Reckoning). And for Gunmiths, they are good, but falter really fast if attacked, and want to stay in the bubble. I don't think I would take two of them. I like more flexible, self-sustained models with Ironsides.
  4. I disagree. When declaring an action is a specific timing, and it happens to be before flipping. Until it is clarified, I will play my Gunsmiths so that they declare the suit from the grit before they actually use the action. Also, a neat trick I have picked up is shooting at Ironsides with Mouse in the first activation. The way the trigger is worded, you get the adrenaline anyway, and don't punch back. Just make sure to flip both (on Df) and not hit, as staggered is nasty. The Union Miner can do this as well, and here hitting is not nearly as bad. Not something for every game, as it will slow you down, but a nice way to get some adrenaline going
  5. I have played two games with Sandeep so far. I focussed on his keyword for the start, so my crew in both cases was: Sandeep, Banasuva, Kandara, Kudra, Shastar Vidiya Guard (with Soulstone Cache), Oxfordian Mage, Soulstone Miner (with Magical Training), Essence of Power I really like Kudra, but she is a bit slow. The guard is an extremely flexible beater, but likes to be near Sandeep for the "free" focus action. The Oxfordian Mage didn't do much. The essence of Power is awesome, if you can keep it out of harms way. For your questions: 1) As you see, I didn't play any gamin to begin with. I would most likely replace the mage with a Wind Gamin to begin with, for the free pushes (Gamin focusses, gets the Mantra of Banasuva, a model may push). You can start with a golem, but I don't think it is needed... maybe in Reckoning. 2) If you want a golem, you have to work towards that, otherwise, summon what you need. Wind Gamin are the most flexible and the best scheme runners. Poison Gamin are nice beaters (for their costs) and make good bombs for Sandeep to blow up, Metal Gamin are good tanks and can give out shielded (and pair nicely with Kudra). Fire and Ice Gamin are nice and cheap, with fire gamin having a nice ranged attack and being a bit faster, and Ice Gamin being a bit tougher. Both support their respective golems nicely with markers (given Banasuva is still alive). Main point: Sandeep is flexible. Summon what you think is best in each given situation. 3) I think the crew above is solid. I have two wins so far... I think Sandeep has a very nicely fleshed out keyword. No model was really underwhelming, and the ability to summon so many different models makes his summon pool very flexible, too. You can concentrate on one element, take an Ice Golem and maybe a Silent One to support it, or a Fire Golem, or a Metal Golem plus a Gamin or two to set rails, but the main crew is able to do most schemes and strategies out of the box. 4) If you really want to focus on an element, you may consider the respective master, other than that, maybe a Silent One to have a "mini Raspi" to support an Ice Golem with pillars to heal from. Joss is always an option if you really need irreducable damage. The medical toolkit if you need more healing. 5) As soon as the golem is dead, you can try and summon a new one. You may only have one in play at any time, but you are not limited to one per game. As for your models, you want three of each gamin. For Metal, Fire and Ice because you need three in play to summon a golem. For Wind because they are awesome models. Poison are the only ones where you don't really need them all that much. You definitely don't need a second golem of any kind. They are enforcers, so limited to one in play. You can consider buying Shastar Vidiya Guards, They are good models. For the moment, a Golem or the Captain as a beater should do as well. The Essence of Power is a good model as well, but not essential, Soulstone Miners are recommended. Hope I could help you, enjoy your games
  6. This is not the case. For step 3 of the replacement process, only conditions are called out for replacing multiple models. According to the rules, the new model gains all summon upgrades present on the replaced models, but because a model can only have on upgrade of each type, it keeps one of them and discards the rest. So even if only one of the arachnids used to make a swarm is summoned, the swarm will have the upgrade and will therefore get stunned.
  7. Are you sure incorporeal works like that? I would argue, as long as my opponent decides to "be incorporeal" and not block the push, even when the push ends in the model, the model did not stop the push, but it was cut short because otherwise the pushing model would have ended up in an illegal position. Depending scrap markers, for 1a I would argue, because the action does not state it needs LoS to the marker(s), the marker can be removed, even when it is completely covered.
  8. I have not played a lot of Ramos this edition, but he did not change a lot, so here is my take. 1. Yes! Metal Gamin are awesome with Ramos... that is, one is. If you are not trying to build a rail network, one is enough for summoning, and they are not good enough in my opinion to justify more. 2. I find both of them not quite worth their points. If you run a rail network, the rail golem could be ok, but they both pale in comparison to the true beater in this crew... the swarm. 3. Yes, he is ok at best, but still our only source of irreducable damage in the faction, so he has a niche use. But no longer in any Ramos list, unfortunately. 4. Ramos needs a stone per turn for summoning. A soulstone miner gives hin exactly that, and, other than any other master in the faction, he can summon those. So spend the stones, take a miner, summon a second turn one, and have more stones than you ever could have wanted. Also, you cannot summon Metal Gamin. They are not Machina. 5. Arachnids are awesome, always were, still are. Single Arachnids are still the annoying, cheap scheme runners they were before (but a tad easier to kill), steam arachnid swarms are beasts! And you can summon them directly now! One tip here: Take the effigy. Summoned models come with stunned, and while most models don't care, swarms do, so take it off. Also, fast swarms are even more nasty, which is something the totem can do on an eight. 6. Sadly, a summon master will never be good in a killing strat, so Reckoning (and to a lesser extend, Turf War) will be hard times with him. Fortunately, as long as you kill as much as get killed of your models, you are fine. Ramos' play style always was that of an attrition master, at least as I played him. Shove your forces into the opponents face, kill as much as possible, and giggle gleefully as yours get replenished while his do not. Use a spider or three to scheme. All in all, I don't think Ramos has changed all that much. He still needs a source of scrap, which he has much easier access to in ths edition. Take your pick between Metal Gamin, Metal Golem, Mechanical Rider, Steam Arachnid to blow up turn 1. He still wants a number of good beaters with him, to start the attrition, which he then keeps going by summoning models to either fuel the conflict, or do scheme and strategy around it. I would always recommend taking a miner (with any master, really), Ramos is the one that can easiest skip it and summon one turn one, but that depends on how aggressive you want to be. But you need a model to take the Magical Training, and he is the easiest choice. YMMV I would always take at least one Steam Arachnid Swarm at the start, either with Soulstone Cache or with Diesel Engine. I would summon the second. At that note, take the Effigy, upgrade recommended. After that, at least one more beater is nice, and then whatever helps with schemes and strategy.
  9. A friend and I did a match (with proxies, obviously), Marcus plus only Slate Ridge Mauler against Parker with only Desperate Mercenaries. It was a lot of fun, but went pretty poorly for my bears.
  10. If you go to the upcoming page (https://www.wyrd-games.net/upcoming-releases), click on the picture of the specific upgrade pack and hover over it, it will show you all cards included. The model specific upgrade cards that I know of are included in the respective packs (like Bestial Form for Myranda or Bombs in yer Belly for Sparks), so I would assume other are there as well. Be sure to look at the bottom of the list, not where the model is, as models and upgrades are listed seperately.
  11. Chill dude. There is nothing anounced for september except for books, so I would expect there will be some new models as well. And even when they are not there, they will come out eventually, until then, play with what you have or pick up something that is already announced. Wyrd is right now handling a very big release, and they seem to be handling it relatively well. They are people, too, and have their limits what they can do in a day, and I expect them to be quite close to that limit. Give them some time, everything will come out at some point.
  12. Snow Storm is now Living (again)
  13. There are some short tidbits in the books about each model, other than that, you have to read the stories in books, chronicles and so on. There are some compilations about the general history of malifaux and earth in the general rulebooks of Malifaux, Through the Breach and The Other Side. Some stories are converted to the Breachside Podcast which can be found on https://www.wyrd-games.net/media
  14. Until a few weeks ago, the beta files were still up. I'm sure if you want to, you can still find them somewhere on the internet. Other than that, all official information are either here, or in the various forums. A lot of anouncements were about M3E, the faction forums are full of players already playing (with the latest beta files), most discussions at this point hover around M3E. Then there's this: https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2019/4/29/wyrd-retailer-newsletter-launch-plans At that point, you will find all cards as well as the official rule book on the website and on Drivethrough, as well as (eventually) at you local retail store. As to products, https://www.wyrd-games.net/upcoming-releases covers a lot of ground already, and will be updated in the future (even if not very regularly). I am not a Wyrdo, but I hope it helps regardless
  15. You definitely want assets! I rarely do not max out on assets, they are not like upgrades in Malifaux, they are essential for survival in this game! I would cut one unit of warped, to free 11 Scrip to take all the assets you can get, so 3 for Horo, 2 for Adeodatos, 2 to 3 for Goryshche (depending what style you want to play), and Raving Madmen for the rest. If you don't do that, your non-squad models will not survive the first turn. To be clear, this regards non-squad units, usually. Raving Madmen are just very good, because they protect your units from the enemy unsing their shaken token. But for everything that is not a squad, they want assets, as they keep them alive. And they are costed with that in mind.
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