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  1. There are some short tidbits in the books about each model, other than that, you have to read the stories in books, chronicles and so on. There are some compilations about the general history of malifaux and earth in the general rulebooks of Malifaux, Through the Breach and The Other Side. Some stories are converted to the Breachside Podcast which can be found on https://www.wyrd-games.net/media
  2. Until a few weeks ago, the beta files were still up. I'm sure if you want to, you can still find them somewhere on the internet. Other than that, all official information are either here, or in the various forums. A lot of anouncements were about M3E, the faction forums are full of players already playing (with the latest beta files), most discussions at this point hover around M3E. Then there's this: https://www.wyrd-games.net/news/2019/4/29/wyrd-retailer-newsletter-launch-plans At that point, you will find all cards as well as the official rule book on the website and on Drivethrough, as well as (eventually) at you local retail store. As to products, https://www.wyrd-games.net/upcoming-releases covers a lot of ground already, and will be updated in the future (even if not very regularly). I am not a Wyrdo, but I hope it helps regardless
  3. You definitely want assets! I rarely do not max out on assets, they are not like upgrades in Malifaux, they are essential for survival in this game! I would cut one unit of warped, to free 11 Scrip to take all the assets you can get, so 3 for Horo, 2 for Adeodatos, 2 to 3 for Goryshche (depending what style you want to play), and Raving Madmen for the rest. If you don't do that, your non-squad models will not survive the first turn. To be clear, this regards non-squad units, usually. Raving Madmen are just very good, because they protect your units from the enemy unsing their shaken token. But for everything that is not a squad, they want assets, as they keep them alive. And they are costed with that in mind.
  4. I don't play Cult, I play Abyssinia. So I do have other ways to deal with eels than you have. General advice for them is either kill them early, or ignore them as much as you can. Killing them takes a lot of effort. They usually start with an asset, and get a lot of reinforcement tokens, so they have a lot of health. Also, they have a crazy high defense. This can be helped in cult by giving them shaken token, and using ispired token (when applicable, I know cult does not really want them). For that, you will have to commit your forces, may not be something you want, or have to have a lot of ranged attacks. Ignoring them only works for so long. I assume that the eel is in glory as soon as it activates the first turn, it can get two reinforcement token each round by either attacking or Focussed Effort. you should be able to prevent both, but more tokens are possible through other means. So if you straight ignore it, you have two eels by turn two and a problem by turn three or four. So you have to damage it at least enough to keep it from multiplying. Again, shaken token can help hitting, and ranged attacks are preferred as they keep you safe, but you can also think about pulse attacks or area effects, as they get around the high defense. Also, Gibbering Hordes usually have really poor card draw, so volume of attacks may help to get some hits through. My usual tactic is to ignore it at first, take some shots to keep it from spawning more eels, and attack it either if it commits, or directly after it multiplies, for at that points both eels are vulnerable. In your case, I would deploy either Doomseeker or ECB for a bit of ranged threat, and either a breachling or two, or a rhino to get a pulse through. Those are generally good against hordes, due to their low armor.
  5. The three branches of the guild that we know from Malifaux are very specific for Malifaux. I don't think we will see them incorporated into a construct that will likely never be used there. But we could see a similar aproach to earth, where there are distinct tasks that need to be done, and via upgrades the titan could be customized for those tasks.
  6. Don't forget engineers. That is another reliable piercing attack.
  7. To answer your questions: - Must [Healing Magic trigger] be same target? No. It would say so if it would. - Can you use multiple tokens together? Rulebook Page 24, Step 2: Modify: "Players cannot use more than one Token of each type in a duel." - Does elevated remove concealing low debuff or just allow vision behind blocking (low) with no effect to concealing? According to the rules, a fireteam on top of elevated terrain is still "Low" and would still get cover from terrain with the "Concealing [Low]" trait. Also note that models in elevated terrain may draw sight lines through "Blocking [Low]" terrain, but not the other way around. As far as I read it, at least, please correct me if I am wrong. - Can Stormsiren when gloried use both banner actions (Siren's call and create a tidepool) since she gets a banner action free or are banner actions exclusive like malifaux (0/fast)? Yes, she can. Your bonus action has to be a Morale action, but it can be any, even one you have used/will use as your regular action. It can even be used independantly from your regular action, so for example with a advance order you can do bonus action, move, regular action (just not during the move). Also, you can use it in a rush order before the movement. - Can each fireteam use the banner action or only 1? Any fireteam can use any action they have access to, except for rushes, where all can only use Melee actions (exceptions for this rule exist, like the Marauder or KE Allegiance rule) Glad you had fun!
  8. It absolutely is, due to the Versatile Tactics ability on the Walker.
  9. Just because it is autonomous, doesn't mean it doesn't follow orders. Constructs in the world of malifaux are still robots in the classic sense, built to serve. They are (usually) operated on soulstones, which can give them some semblence of self, so they can break out of that, but it is rare. Lazarus would be an example of a construct with a personality that is able to think for itself. A "Moment of free will" for the Kings Hand would be a moment where it breaks out of its strict order following and starts to think for itself. Which, depending on who you ask, can be a good or a very bad thing. For an operator, this would be a VERY bad thing, indeed. Also, an operated construct would not need the processor to act out it's orders, only the actuators to do what the operator wants it to, which would probably, given the Empires history, not be soulstone operated, but steam powered or something.
  10. As far as I know it is autonomous. There are other big constructs (although not as big) that are also autonomous. Also, the Kings Hand has an asset called Soulstone processing matrix, which has an ability called "Moment of free will", which would suggest that it can think for itself which would be unneccessary would it be operated.
  11. If I remember correctly, there was some switching around which units could have assets and which not. But not sure. If I could not use Toughness on the Marauder, I would never play it, ever. One hit and it is gone... On the eel: I have played it and found it annoying. It hits quite ok for its points, and is stupidly survivable with Df8 and it's token mechanic. You really have to focus on one to kill it, and you cannot ignore them, as they would just multiply. Never got the schemer angle, but that seems just as bad. Easiest fix imho would be to change the Reinforcement token mechanic to reduce by 1, not to 0. That should be enough, I think, as then when you manage to hit it, you can strip multiple tokens.
  12. New operations document, now with even less moral
  13. Have you seen abyssinian card draw? That is a minor issue, to be honest. I have used 13s for this, it is that good in my opinion.
  14. No real info, but here is what I expect: - Kirai and Sonnia as commanders - At least one unit on each side. There was artwork in the kickstarter of guild and court which showed some mages for the guild and some masked ghosts for the court, may as well be them. One of the mages is also seen on the box in the GAMA picture - The GAMA picture also shows Ikiryo, so she will be in there as well. Probably not as champion, but as "Solo", as both sides have champions already. There will be one for guild as well, I assume, the kickstarter artwork showed a guy with a machine gun on sandbags, so him, probably. Most of that art is also found in the rulebook, also there seems to be an archer unit for guild coming somewhere down the line. We'll see, I'm excited Also, the new malifaux-side allegiance are the Kimon, mythological asian beasts and spirits, for the most part.
  15. I am aware about the limitations. One action of Unathi gives them a reinforcement token and the trigger lets them use it immediately. I am mostly speaking about the Combined Arms fireteams. That is seven models, so three reinforcements are necessary to bring them from one model to full again. Also, two are enough to bring them to almost full fighting strength, as the first fills up the fireteam, while the second brings back the titan and the second fireteam. It gets more ridiculous in combination with A Lion among Gazelles, which is a shame. I would really like to use this stratagem on the Lord of Steel, but it is so much better on Unathi, because he keeps my troups alive.
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