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  1. 6) No, I meant that if the Fireteam can take a Prototype Action because of Field Test, the condition for Adjunct is fulfilled as well. And since it is an Action generated by an Asset, it shouldn't count to the limit. It's kinda confusing, that's why I am asking. 7) Maybe something written on FB or so? I don't use FB but a buddy learned a lot from the questions there. I mean the FAQ/Errata is great, but already half a year old. 9) Sounds perfectly logical and I really would like it that way, but in such cases it's always nice to have an official statement.
  2. Thank you, that helps a lot. 6) So I could use Field Test on a Fireteam with an Adjunct model to get the Adjunct Shoot Action? That would be quite nice. 7) But doesn't the rulebook divide the Activation into multiple steps with playing Stratagems as the first step and then either choosing a unit or passing as the second step (p20)? I mean at least early in the game, when I pass by discarding a card, I can still first play a Stratagem, right? 😎 I can't find anything about it. Logically speaking, it would make more sense to me if it does deal damage, but since the Poison Cloud is the only case allowing placement with enemy fireteams and the rules speak only of the units own activation, I would assume the cloud to not deal damage. 9) Now I am confused, what would be the source for cover since no terrain is between them? Also, we assumed that a fireteam not on top of the blocking terrain wouldn't be able to see the fireteam on top because of the blocking trait. I mean normal enemy fireteams also fully block LoS and give cover if targeting an enemy Titan, right?
  3. 1) Does "ignoring Asset limits" of Prototypes include the no Assets for Combined Arms limit? So that I could attach Chemical Foggers to a Combined Arms Titan? And can I attach Active Defense Armor to a Combined Arms Squad (with the Titan simply having no benefit of the Asset)? 2) I know I can for example reinforce the Steel Legion to bring back the Cutter, but can I also reinforce the Cutter to bring back the Steel Legion? 3) Do the Assets on the Emergeny Repairs Stratagem include Prototype Assets? Since in that case they are not attached during hiring. 4) The rulebook says I can use a Tactics Token to flip another card. Does that include Penetration and Area Flips? 5) Can I cheat Area Flips? 6) Adjunct says (unlike Versatile) only "Once per Activation", nothing about which unit activates. Can I use the Adjunct Ability if that Fireteam takes an Action outside of its own Activation (Volley Fire, Perfect Accuracy)? 7) If I would automatically Pass because I have no unit left, can I still use a Stratagem before I pass? 7.1) Can I use a Stratagem that way at the end of the turn (opponent activates unit, I play stratagem and pass, he passes, turn ends) and still activate first next turn since the last unit was still activated by him? 8) If a hazardous terrain piece is placed or moved in base contact with a fireteam, do I make the damage flip? 9) If terrain is both blocking and elevated (Hills), do I ignore the blocking trait if my Fireteam is partially inside the terrain, targeting a Fireteam completly inside the terrain? 10) If a Stalking Portal moves both in base contact with a Fireteam and a Portal Marker, can I teleport all of them or do I have to chose between the Stalking Portal and the other Fireteam since the Stalking Portal is not in base contact with the Fireteam after moving through the portal? 11) If I use Endless Numbers to bring back a unit that had an Adjunct model, is the Adjunct model still part of the unit? 12) Can units target themself (for example with Bellow of Command, Field Test)? Can Field Test be used on targets that don't have a Prototype Asset (or can't use it) to draw a Card?
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