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  1. We always need quite a lot longer for our TOS games than what the rulebook suggests. And from what I heard that's quite usual for casual players that don't have the option to play regularly. To put it simple, a 2 Commander game takes too long. We rarely have the time for that. We usually simply add more units, but it feels kinda unbalanced. If we add 10 Scrip and another Commander, the Commanders are kinda overpowering the normal units. If we just add more units, the Commander role can become a bit too minor and with some units, it can get a bit too easy to remove your opponent's
  2. Some minor thing I would love to see would be a card design more similar to Malifaux. Let's start with the acting values, the line, the different color of the letters, that the letters read top down, all these things divide my attention slightly. It's very minor, but I find it rather unpleasant and it breaks my concentration. The way it is done one Malifaux cards is very pleasant in comparison. Same goes for the Actions and Abilities having a lighter color. Yeah, it's the faction's color, but just being black and in bold creates a nice order about how to read the card
  3. Since I don't like the style of the Performer dresses and got similar feedback from my friends, I assumed that might be an issue for other people as well. Obviously I was wrong about that. 🙈 I don't know. If I look up burlesque, the majority of dresses look a lot more appealing to me than the ones on the 3E models. Do you guys know of some good paint jobs for the 3E models? That might help.
  4. If I give Magical Training to a model with Arcane Shield, is the value of Arcane Shield increased by one?
  5. I find it quite amusing that you say so while overlooking the remark about Seamus' girls. I maybe have spoken with 3 women about Malifaux, not exactly representative, but the general consent was that because of them being Zombies and Seamus bein a crazy Murderer (an understatement, I know), it's more of a cool horror theme, with the tasteless dresses fitting quite well to it. Performers on the other side were rather disliked. I mean that they work as prostitutes isn't even that much of a big deal (Qi and Gong), but the choice of clothes. You can dress revealing and sexy while also l
  6. Just some thoughts about models I really dislike. Maybe some of you guys think the same? Or have similar problems? I don't know, I just wrote this as Feedback to increase the chance to get some models more to my liking, just a silly try, especially for Performer, and got the answer that I should posts this in the Forum istead. Performer Box: Overly sexy, some in rather silly positions, clothes with lots of details but overall quite tastless, like a princess dress for a little girl on a grown woman without adding more material. Not that I have problems with others liking this.
  7. 6) No, I meant that if the Fireteam can take a Prototype Action because of Field Test, the condition for Adjunct is fulfilled as well. And since it is an Action generated by an Asset, it shouldn't count to the limit. It's kinda confusing, that's why I am asking. 7) Maybe something written on FB or so? I don't use FB but a buddy learned a lot from the questions there. I mean the FAQ/Errata is great, but already half a year old. 9) Sounds perfectly logical and I really would like it that way, but in such cases it's always nice to have an official statement.
  8. Thank you, that helps a lot. 6) So I could use Field Test on a Fireteam with an Adjunct model to get the Adjunct Shoot Action? That would be quite nice. 7) But doesn't the rulebook divide the Activation into multiple steps with playing Stratagems as the first step and then either choosing a unit or passing as the second step (p20)? I mean at least early in the game, when I pass by discarding a card, I can still first play a Stratagem, right? 😎 I can't find anything about it. Logically speaking, it would make more sense to me if it does deal damage, but since the Poison Cloud
  9. 1) Does "ignoring Asset limits" of Prototypes include the no Assets for Combined Arms limit? So that I could attach Chemical Foggers to a Combined Arms Titan? And can I attach Active Defense Armor to a Combined Arms Squad (with the Titan simply having no benefit of the Asset)? 2) I know I can for example reinforce the Steel Legion to bring back the Cutter, but can I also reinforce the Cutter to bring back the Steel Legion? 3) Do the Assets on the Emergeny Repairs Stratagem include Prototype Assets? Since in that case they are not attached during hiring. 4) The rulebook
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