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  1. After the last update, and the change of Stunned and Injured, do not you think that Lady Justice has come out extremely weakened? For me, her best Trigger was Stunning Strike, she has allowed me to really influence the games played with her, and after the change, she is much less useful than before. Also the new Injured, which she can put through Decay, has gotten worse (although I have never considered using Decay anyway). I've noticed it a lot, a lot, in the two games I played after the update. Do you also have the feeling of that weakening?
  2. You're right, but I think that in general a successful attack should make at least 1 injury normally, except with the use of SS. It's not something that worries me too much, I do not think that a model with Armor +2 and Shielded +2 is going to break the game or something like that, it's just that I'd prefer to do it the other way.
  3. Thanks, my English is very poor.😔
  4. I do not find it difficult that, of three models, you get to place at least two at the correct distance, it is also a bonus action, so you can travel a lot and use it. The truth, in its current state, I would not use it in another way, always at least in pairs. If you force the Master or opponent beater to declare his activation ahead of time, or to change the target, it seems more than enough to greatly influence the game. The accumulation of equal effects, I think should be avoided.
  5. The truth is that it seems to me that the tanks that can be made in some bands can slow down the game a lot, but it's just my opinion.
  6. Hello! During the month of Febrery, I will be available on weekends and several days during the week (I advise to make an appointment), both in the morning and in the afternoon, to do demonstrations in the Quinto Elemento, in Zaragoza. Greetings to all!
  7. OPEN BETA RULEBOOK • MALIFAUX THIRD EDITION, pag 7: The Red Joker has a value of 14 and has one suit of its owner’s choosing. The Black Joker has a value of 0 and has no suits.
  8. Thanks for answering. And can not easily abuse this? You just have to hide a bit from the models that make Challange to disable an important model of the opponent
  9. The owner of the miniature decides the order, yes. But would not it be better to make the order always Shielded first and then Armor, to prevent models with Armor who can receive Shielded from absorbing a lot of damage without receiving at least one wound?
  10. When reading the Challenge skill of the Autumn Knight (among others), I may not have understood the skill well, but is it possible that, if you are targeting several uses of that skill, the penalty is acumulative? If you are a Challenge target for the three Autumn Knights, should you discard 3 cards to attack another model?
  11. There are only my opinions about some models after having played a few games with the Marshalls. Although some time ago they were already finished, some things of the band do not end up like me. Of course, it is very possible that I am wrong in many things, this is just the conclusions I have reached after a dozen games with them, and I know that there are those who have played them much more and much better than me. Death Marshall: On paper, they seem pretty good for their price, but at the table, they have always died too fast, for their defense 4. I must say that after the change of the Domador, I am sure they will have improved, but still, I think they are missing something. Things like the aura of the Recruiter does not affect them, or the Domador can not cure them easily (only with his Rams trigger), makes it more interesting for me to hire Pistoleros de Latigo. Maybe they should cost an SS less, if it stays that way. Also, I find your Pine Box uninteresting, I've only used it once in all the games I've played. I think they should have the Crows Suit included in Pine Box to be able to use Leeching Strenght on the buried models. Exorcist: I think they should have Mv, since the range of their weapon is short, and they need to move quickly to optimize the use of their aura, and False Accusations should have St 6, and improve its range. Recruiter: Compared to 8 SS models from other bands, they do not seem very impressive to me. Maybe they should have another Bonus Action, like Creep Along or another that would make them more versatile. I would also propose some skill that would improve DMs, such that as long as there was a Recruiter in play DMs would win Ruthless. The Jury: I liked your latest changes. Maybe I could have had a Mask in Df or Wp, to optimize Balancing the Scales, but I understand that maybe it was too much. There is one thing that I still do not like, Guild Authority. I've never used it in the game and I've never had the feeling of being able to take advantage of it, although I admit that maybe it depends on the enemy gangs. Maybe he would get more out of some skill like Manipulative? Justice: Without going into the old discussion about his St in Mele, I think Decay needs some modification. An attack that creates explosions is always good, but in all the games I've played, I've never got to use it. I think it should be the same as the Decay of the Domadores, with St 6 and the option to cure would offer something more than now.
  12. I know, but it would be a useful skill in his band, and we talk about improving it without adding to its cost.
  13. It's just an idea, but one of the Marshalls' problems is facing enemies with a lot of armor. Maybe just adding the Trigger of Tomes "Armor Piercing" would make it interesting for his band, and would keep that style of "free agent fighting alone"?
  14. I also want to thank all the work of the designers, the result seems to me that Malifaux is evolving to an even better game than it already was, and that would not be possible without a great job supporting each decision.
  15. I believe that recovering his St 7 would not make it better than other models, it would simply allow him to be at the level of other models. On the other hand, there is the possibility of leaving your St Ml in 6 with positive, which would allow you to improve a little. In this case, I would say that you should upload your St Df or maybe Decay St 6 so that the model is not as below others as it is now.
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