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  1. Yes, that is what we are looking for in the games, when moving the whole squad, it is very easy to interact with markers. One fireteam performs the action, and another interacts. I find it more logical that the action can only be carried out when there is only one fireteam left in the pad, but as it puts in the other answer, in the core the general rule is to move the whole squad.
  2. Yes, that phrase makes me doubt the Core rule. I thought that meant that you cant leave the formation
  3. Does the action of the Stripped Skulkers allow them to move all the Fireteams from their unit to any part of the table, or does it only allow the Fireteam that uses the action to be moved, without leaving the formation distance?
  4. We have a doubt with the Action granted by the Adjunct. That action is in addition to the one that has the fireteam that leads to the Adjunct, being able to perform an action of your letter and also that provided by the Adjunct, or does the fireteam only win the option of using that action? That is, an Abbisinia Squad of three fireteams could perform a firing action for each of their Fireteam and an additional one with the Experimental Rifle action with the fireteam leading to the Adjunct, for a total of 4 shots? And the same with the actions indicated as Versatile, those actions are in addition to those you can take, making a unit with the Assests, making a Fireteam with Flare Gun can, for example, perform a Rush and then a Zeppelin Bombardment action?
  5. Hello! During the month of September, I will be available on weekends, and several days during the week (advise to arrange an appointment), both morning and afternoon, to make demos in the Quinto Elemento, in Zaragoza. Greetings to all!
  6. Is the Abilitie Leverage cumulative? That is, do you receive a Pass Token for each of the models with this Abilitie?
  7. I played a lot Marshalls in Beta, and finally, the Recruiter I found the biggest failure of the band. A model whose greatest skill is almost useless in his own band, lacks synergies of interest in the rest of the Marshalls, and is really expensive. It never has a place in my band. I have thought about using it with Dashel, but it seems too expensive.
  8. If the target of the damage caused by the Ricochet trigger has Hard to Wound, would it be applied or not?
  9. Hello! During the month of August, I will be available on weekends, and several days during the week (advise to arrange an appointment), both morning and afternoon, to make demos in the Quinto Elemento, in Zaragoza. Greetings to all!
  10. An incorporeal model must perform the Disengage action to get out of the reach of an enemy model? And backwards? Or can the Incorporeo model perform a Wk action ignoring the Disengage rule, even if it is engaged by an enemy model?
  11. Hello Wyrdos! Next August, 3 we will make a Tournament of Malifaux in El Quinto Elemento, on Desayuno con Diamantes 3 Avenue in Zaragoza (Spain). Presentation at 09:00 a.m., the Tournament will begin at 09:30 a.m. A 35 Soulstones will be played, with the Beginnings and Strategies of M3, which will be communicated three days before the event, and will be structured in three rounds. The Factions will be fixed, the Masters variable.
  12. Drunken Kung Fu: When this model performs a flip, it treats all + as if they were a -.... Does this also affect the damage?
  13. So, it is impossible to reach a model on a obstacle of sufficient height with charge?
  14. The Slumbering Beast ability of The Beast Within, means that it can not be hired directly by a band, being only possible to hire Ferdinand Vogel?
  15. I have a question about Push and Charge. In the rulebook, it says that a Push stops when a model is found or Impassable Terrain, and according to the rulebook, only the Steep Buildings are Impassable Terrain. Then, a Push would pass over a box (I assume it will be inside Obstacles) of 1 inch, which is not Impassable Terrain? And for the above, if Charge is a Push, can it then a models that charge to go over obstacles, or climb a building, as part of the charge? Thanks in advance for the answers.
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