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  1. Concentrate is once per activation by the way.
  2. I vote for faction matchups. I am not playing very often and sometimes face hard counters which I was not aware the opponent's faction has. Would like to hear others' experience.
  3. Yeah, I am aware, I am trying to input USA address of mail forwarder, who ships to Russia. It's in Delaware. But I keep getting this error about Province.
  4. Hello, when trying to add address to my profile in online store it gives the error "Province not valid" (see screenshot in attachment).
  5. Raimu

    Harness Chi

    We also know that the rules on cards can override rules in rulebook. If you compare similar ability "Magical influence" in Bayou it says that after flipping card in the duel you discard token (Glowy) to add suit to final duel total. But "Harness Chi" mentions just duel total, which is mentioned in step C to determine who cheats first. I see reasoning behind both points of view, I hope we will get this clarified in FAQ in the future.
  6. Whom can you reccomend to buy as second master to Asami to cover public enemies? I also own McCabe, but not his "Born every minute" box, don't know if he is good for that strategy.
  7. What about new strategies in GG1, how do you people find Asami in them? Which are good/hard for her?
  8. I wish Wyrd gave better feedback about current state and future of the game. I'm waiting for Three Kingdoms to roll in, but I'm afraid that with current approach there will be no people left to play with by the time it is released.
  9. How is Minako Rei with Asami after errata?
  10. Hello everyone, I am starting to play M3E with Ten Thunders and for first master I've picked Asami as I've always liked her playstile from what I've seen across the table in M2E. For now I have: Asami starter Akaname Tengu Obsidian Oni Jorogumo Ama No Zako Dawn Serpent One Low River Monk Also considering grabbing Emissary Is that viable pool of models for start with GG1 strategies and schemes? Can anyone please share experience with Asami in current meta? I would appreciate any advice
  11. "Suffered" damage is damage after damage reduction, yes. But when text says "suffer" - it is before reduction effects (like it says on any attack action "Target suffers 1/2/3 damage", for example). You can't decide to "suffer" more damage than written on the card, if it says "Suffer 2 damage" then it is maximum 2 damage before reduction. By your logic I can choose my 1/2/3 attack to be 3/4/5 because I know how much reduction target has (it's an abstract example where 1/2/3 attacks hit model with armor +2 for example)
  12. How can A&D deal min 4 suffering 1 damage? The trigger checks "suffered" damage, which by rulebook is damage after all damage reduction effects. So when you choose to suffer 2 damage and reduce damage by 1 with incorporeal then attack will do min 3 damage.
  13. It's nearly 2 years since kickstarter started. Some wargames get second wave/book/edition by this time. And I am here waiting for my goodies to release.
  14. First of all extra thin is not your ordinary cement - it is designed for capillary effect glueing when you dry fit two parts and then put glue into the seam. You can use it as ordinary cement (as do I), but 1) you do have to put a lot of it on parts before connecting as it evaporates very fast and 2) don't touch it for longer time as usuall, it takes longer time to cure.
  15. Midnight stalker is good for symbols. If you can slap pretty floral bonnet on him he would even better.
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