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  1. Models to use for Symbols

    If you don't mind devoting most of your master's AP to the strategy, Kaeris with Grab and Drop, Flaming Angel, and Blinding Flame is pretty good for removing enemy markers. Also, anything with a push or leap that can easily get out of engagement seems to be hard to defend against. The harder part of the strategy seems to be keeping your own markers on the board.
  2. Arcanist Errata

    As to be expected, the errata is a mix of positives, indifferences and disappointments, but for me the disappointments are bigger than the positives. Captain and Cojo would qualify as indifferences, since they're models I don't use for reasons unrelated to their rules. The out of faction beasts would also be close, in that I'd like to use them so it's nice to have them available cheaper, but I don't much like Marcus. I like the cost reductions to Hoarcat prides and the Razorspine, which are models I like but have struggled to quite justify. Its easier to fit the razorspine into lists now, and the Hoarcats might make an interesting alternative to Gamin at 4ss. I'm a little ambivalent about the Mauler, since I found it consistently worth its 8SS with the 0 cost upgrade, and At 7 it feels a bit too good. The Ice Golem is actually a minor disappointment, since this is a model and concept I really like, but with it's defence through merely bad and into the realms of uniquely dreadful, combined with mediocre damage capacity despite being a slow moving melee specialist, 9ss still feels like more than it's worth. Mostly though, this errata is a big disappointment that Kaeris got overlooked yet again. With other weak masters getting errata, powerful broken promises upgrades, powerful themed models, and very often all three consecutively, it feels like Kaeris just keeps falling further behind, and increasing numbers of models that can easily remove scheme markers plus much harder scheme marker based schemes mean that her one real strength isn't nearly as much of a strength anymore. At the very least, staying in line with the rest of the errata, she merited a decrease in cost for Gunsmiths, which remain both the only Arcanist model to have genuine synergy with Kaeris and one of the more underpowered ones, or an increase to cache 5, and she really needs more than the simple cost adjustments this errata is mostly limited to. That she got nothing is a much bigger disappointment than the few minor positives.
  3. Somewhat tellingly, while you may be right that Acolytes aren't taken for ranged damage, they are good at it. Their damage track is good for a seven soulstone minion, especially when you consider the potential to gain additional damage from the synergies with Ice gamin, and even at close range they still have good medium and severe damage plus a zero action that allows both them and other models nearby to ignore armour. So you have a model which has enough abilities to be worth hiring before considering it's damage potential, that is also solid as a damage dealer. That, in itself, feels like a sign of a seriously overpowered model, and they don't have to choose between the different things they can do. Instead, they can do damage, *and* inflict slow, *and* force discards, all in the *same 1AP shot*, and without even needing a specific suit and with a high degree of accuracy. They are, in short, doing far too much for far too little resources, even before taking into account their powerful synergies with a frozen heart crew However, I'd also say you're probably right that even if Acolytes were balanced, Gunsmith's still wouldn't a be a good model. In comparison to the acolytes ability to do a lot of things at once for few resources, and be good at them, the Gunsmith is very focussed on one thing-damage, and at it's best expends a lot of resources to be mediocre at it. Nothing on their card really changes the blunt fact that they are 7SS specialist damage dealer with a bad damage track and no way to get positives. You can't rely on doing more than that minimum of 2 per hit, and even if you do get lucky and hit a severe, you're only going up to 4. Yes, they have a big toolbox of triggers, but those are *all* damage. Two are situational abilities to ignore damage reduction/prevention of limited use at 2 damage per shot, another gives them decent moderate and severe, but still leaves them at minimum 2. The fourth is also situational. All require a specific suit, so even if you get a target exceptionally vulnerable to one of them, you still need the right cards. They can gain fast, but again only with a specific suit and only if they get attacked, and to gain their double plus flips you need to set a target on fire, remembering that burning is a temporary condition, *and* have a spare card to discard. An awful lot of things need to align for them to be at their best, and even with everything aligned, they still aren't a *great* damage dealer. Myself, I'd like to see both these models rebalanced. Acolytes need to be more restricted in how much they can do with a single shot, and gunsmiths simply need a better basic damage track to function as a damage dealer. It would also be nice to see a change to the 'Smoldering heart' ability to either be 'after resolving' or so every model that has it had the suit built in. This feels like it was supposed to be a significant ability for Kaeris, but as things are with needing a specific suit *and* the 'after succeeding' condition, it's occasionally useful on Kaeris with her high defence, but on the low/average defence minions simply doesn't come up.
  4. Malifaux - what next?

    Myself, I feel that the Jokers have an important role to play in limiting the power level of the top combinations and models. As it is, the game has an increasing problem with the amount of combinations that can be summarised as 'go anywhere, then kill anything' and about the only thing keeping them a little bit under control is that a joker flip against the key model, still very unlikely, can limit things. Similarly, it keeps the tougher models from being quite untouchable, because there's always a slight risk an attack might get past their high defence and hand full of big cards, or flip the red joker from damage. If anything, I'd like to see some check on being able to keep the black joker in hand to stop it ever coming up, but I accept this would be very hard to implement.
  5. Is Mei really that bad?

    Only played a couple of games with Mei Feng, but my main impression is that she's resource hungry, and not in the sense that Marcus and summoners are resource hungry, where they spend soulstones or high cards to get powerful abilities to work, but more in the sense of never quite having enough resources to function effectively. Not only in one resource either, but in all of them. In terms of cards, every Railwalk jump drains a seven from your hand or your deck, and in combat MI6 means she sometimes has to cheat to hit and is always looking for severe damage, and her triggers are all after damaging so for the combos you have to chain several hits together. Defensively, Defence 6 is good, but again reliant on high cards, and her defensive trigger requires a success *and* a specific suit. In terms of soulstones, her combos need specific suits, and while Def6 and armour+1 will tank weak attacks a serious damage dealer will smash straight through them, so she's likely to need stones for defence. Then there's AP. She has the standard 3 for a master, and Railwalk uses one of those, which leaves 2 AP to either vent steam or attack. At weak damage 2, that isn't much, so she's relying on being able to chain attacks and railwalk actions together, which puts more strain on the cards. At the same time, she's not generating many resources-her only source of card draw or healing is on price of progress which takes an upgrade slot and relies on a steady stream of kills, and she only comes with a cache of 3. Additionally, I feel like she's in the same awkward spot as Kaeris where she is both lacking the power of a specialist master in a specific field, or the genuine flexibility of a toolbox master. She falls significantly short compared to other damage dealing masters, but at the same time she only has one or two highly situational support abilities, so quite often if she isn't attacking, then she's not doing anything. Which in practice often means that what you get on the table is a bad damage dealing master. The wave 5 upgrades, I feel, don't really address either of these much. She doesn't gain extra resources from them, and while she gets access to a few extra combos they still need specific suits and an unbroken chain of successful attacks.
  6. Must Haves and never use.....

    Must have- Wind Gamin-even having had their ability to ruin an opponent's strategy points reigned in, still the most all-round useful cheap minion I have, and unlike others not dependant on supporting specific models. Speed, flight and leap make them efficient scheme runners, and against the right targets can do good damage. Shastar Vidaya Guard-since I got them, have been capably filling a formerly missing role of 'solid damage dealer that isn't horribly expensive', while also providing useful 2" pushes and card draw for cheating defence. I particularly like them with Kaeris who can set them on fire with a defence duel to enable thier card draw mechanic, but I'm thinking they might also gain a lot from copying Sandeep's actions. Nearly (but not quite) must have- Silent One-Solid ranged damage that ignores cover and engagement, and a useful heal make it an amazing support piece, but slow speed and fragility Arcane effigy-is the only genuinely resilient minion in the faction, but I get aggravated with how little it does without conditions to remove Never take- Sabertooth Cerberus-A glass hammer which dies a lot more reliably than it kills things. Where it's killing power depends on a suited trigger and plus flips that it loses when it takes wounds, it's defence is much more simply non existant. Hoarcat pride-just feels mediocre at everything, with a lot of abilities that just don't quite fit together into a coherent skill set.
  7. Schemes & Stones - Wave 5 Arcanists Upgrades

    Already checked, and I found the same section they mentioned, in the section on Pushes on page 46 of the rules manual- "A push is not a normal move, and it does not count as a “move” for rules purposes" This implies that since a push isn't a "move", the flight rule doesn't apply.

    Essence of Power as a sinister Tome of Forbidden knowledge, possibly with an equally sinister robed keeper but preferably levitating under its own magic. Something akin to the 'Book of Evil' spell from the King's Bounty games. It would also be nice to see a more mystical version of one of the beasts, in particular the Cerberus or Hoarcat pride. They're nice enough models, but they feel lacking a certain arcane aspect to them for a faction of spellcasters.
  9. Slate ridge mauler

    I've used them several times, and found them a very useful model. Not a great damage dealer, but one of our most resilient models for cost, and in a way that unlike too much of the faction isn't reliant on armour, which simply isn't an ability to rely on. I've also got a lot of use out of their Bear-hug action, a good zero action that can reliably both slow enemy models and pull them out of position, especially since their upgrade pushed it up to MI7, which is hard to resist. Also since the upgrade, a MI6 on their crushing claws means that while they aren't doing large amounts of damage, they are usually getting some hits in. The bearskin honestly hasn't come up much, but the similar evasive ability on an arachnid swarm has proved very useful on one occasion against a Molly crew. It's a niche ability, but when you need it, you *really* need it. As well as hiring it, I've also found it useful as an alternative model to summon with Myranda's shapeshift in the many situations where a cerberus would simply die instantly.
  10. In considering the strength of a master the crew is, quite simply, far too important a factor to just ignore. Some masters are more independent than others, but there are few if any that don't rely on their crew in at least some small way. Marcus, to use the example quoted, needs Beasts to use as ablative armour, lacking any other useful defences. The Viks gain a few extra pushes that help them make sure of getting their blows in first, Rasputina needs minions to ice mirror through, etc. It does become a weakness when a master is so focussed on supporting a crew that they lack good actions when seperated from them, if only because it's usually easier to kill the models around a master than it is to kill a master. It's certainly been one of my key difficulties with Kaeris that the situational nature of her support actions often leaves her with no other option but her weak attack actions. Masters which run the other way are somewhat rarer, but there are also situations where it's the wrong circumstances to attack, and it helps to have other useful actions. The scariest masters I've faced would be ones which *always* seemed to have a powerful action or ability in use, whether that was attacking or supporting their crew.
  11. While she's my favourite master, Kaeris certainly also feels like one of the most limited, while also lacking the concentrated power of the true specialists. Not so much a jack of all trades as an 8 or 9. She also suffers badly from a lack of themed models which actually support her abilities in a useful manner, and a flawed central mechanic that tries to change nearly every aspect of the burning condition. By contrast, the wave 4 masters seem to have a lot less limitations than their predecessors, not just in flexibility of how many things they can do, but also in how much they can do, with abundant useful (0) actions, and several bonus actions that occur outside the normal pattern of activating and spending AP. Hard to pick a top one due to limited actual experience, but I'd certainly place Asami pretty high.
  12. Arcanist Game: Card Draw List

    OK, how about this- Ramos Arcane Reservoir, Philosopher's stone, Imbued energies two oxfordian mages + imbued energies two electrical creations two mercenary Ronin Arcane emissary+Arcane Conflux. Draw 7 cards. Soulstone to draw 2 and discard 2. Electrical creations hang out next to the oxfordian mages and deal damage to them for being in base contact. Oxfordian mages activate to get rid of that silly shield. Ramos activates, discards philospher's stone to draw 2, then blows himself up, catching the electrical creations and mages in the blast. By the time the dust settles, three copies of imbued energies have gone up in flames, so draw 12 cards. Ronin follow their glorious leader's example and kill themselves for another 2 cards each, total of 4. Arcane emissary uses the zero from arcane conflux to draw 2 and discard 2, and seriously reconsiders its choice of allegiance.... Total 7+2+2+12+4+2=29 cards drawn, but 4 discarded, for a total hand size of 25 at the end of the turn, and all it took were a few minor sacrifices.
  13. M2e Kaeris

    Thoughts on Shastar Vidaya Guard with Kaeris? I've played them in a couple of games and found that the ability to draw a card when you cheat a defence duel adds a useful bit of efficiency to Kaeris' card draw technique, or a handy bonus if I was setting them on fire for scheme markers/healing. At the same time, they seemed to fill an important niche in a Kaeris crew, acting as a solid damage dealer without requiring the heavy SS cost of a Howard or upgraded henchman. The zero action was also a constant extra bit of utility-it may only be a 2" push, but when it's always just there each turn it adds up. Any other thoughts or experiences with them?
  14. Spreadsheet on Each Master's Focus Areas

    As it's currently represented, the Resource Management category feels more like a weakness than a strength, in that it generally acts as a limit on certain abilities-for example, Ramos is limited in his summoning by the need for a scrap marker. Since you're listing his strengths, it seems best to simply put summoning in, and leave the scrap marker as a subset of that ability. A better way of looking at it as a strength might be 'does this Master create resources that their crew can make use of?' The simplest example of this would be the many abilites to draw cards, but some Masters also generate Soulstones, additional AP, or even extra actions in Sandeep's case. In the case of Cards and Soulstones, you could also give a mark for masters which are largely independant of these resources-Kaeris, for example, has high Ca values and most of her suits built in, meaning she doesn't depend on high cards and soulstones, which leaves these resources free for other members of her crew to use. Using less resources is subtly different to actually generating them, but the end result is much the same. Combined with Truth in Flame, I'd actually rate this quite high in Kaeris's abilities. Her dependence on Burning, by contrast, is her biggest *weakness*. A better alternative to a 'flexible' category would probably be to divide the 6 points between more than three categories-for example 2-2-1-1 instead of 3-2-1. Neatly portrays a slightly less focused master which can do a larger variety of tasks, but isn't great at any of them. For example, I'd personally be inclined to place Kaeris as Control 2, Resources 2, Scheme manipulation 1, mobility 1. Conditions, as above, is in her case a weakness rather than a strength, since she's dependant on burning for many of her abilities, and has to spend AP every turn to apply it. She doesn't increase it's effect, or even apply it enough to do large amounts of damage.
  15. Sandeep experiences so far?

    Bit of an odd thought, but does anyone have experience using the Arachnid Swarm with Sandeep? Glancing over their abilities, it seems there's a few points in their favour. to all damage flips makes Arcane Storm a lot more effective. As a tough melee model but still a minion, it can make good use of the teleport. When the summoned Gamin are inevitably turned into Scrap markers, the Swarm can salvage their remains for some good healing. Of course, that's untested theory, but I'm interested to know if anyone's tested it in practice. Thoughts?