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  1. I think this is a reason to still take Relics of Ancient Malifaux on them. Since they gain SO MUCH for being at full strength and resummoning 2 can give you 4 attacks for the cost of one action that you would likely want to use anyway.
  2. Yes, the Zombie Chihuahua was great in M2E. Back in M2E you could buff the ZC with a nurse to make him actually tough to take down, he could engage multiple models more reliably with 1 inch melee, and those 2 poison were 6 damage unreducable damage in one turn. But we're not in M2E. His survivability took a hit from his reduced wounds and lack of nurse buffs, poison application and damage took a huge hit, and now he can't tie up models as easily. Those are some pretty substantial changes that have dramatically adversely affected his utility. In exchange is got Annoying, one of the worst powers in the game. In addition, the ZC was a stone cheaper than some other totems, which no longer matters with McM as your leader.
  3. Having played McM a bunch, the Zombie Chihuahua is SO BAD. Just a straight up terrible model. Poor survivability and crap melee, but most of his abilities require you to be right up next to the enemy. He doesn't bring anything new or interesting to the table, just a small amount more of what the crew already does. He's not that useful at stacking poison to the levels that matter on friendly models and dies almost as an afterthough when near enemy models. He looks bad relative to most every other totem in the game. Has anyone gotten any serious mileage out of this guy?
  4. "Overcosted" doesn't quite capture it. I think of them as "priced to summon". Shikome are one of the more extreme cases of this. Their defense is more on par with a 5-6 ss Resser minion, so they are way too squishy to hire for 8ss, but if they were 6-7 they would be much too easy to summon, lob at your enemy and then not worry if they died.
  5. Rafkin is a tough call. On one hand he can be, as stated, a murder machine. Not just by himself, but also as a poison-synergizing force multiplier from My Own Concoction. On the other, when going up against Sonnia, H2W is SUPER HELPFUL to prevent blasts, and he is sorely lacking in that department. As an aside, has it ever been conclusively determined whether MOC is additive to the attack's damage or a separate instance of damage? My Little Helper is awesome for Show of Force because you get both the awesome effect and get to keep the upgrade. Pure win vs Sonnia to mitigate alpha strikes against your melee heavy crew. In unrelated advice, I highly recommend running a drugged up chihuahua into their crew, with armor and buffed speed, to tarpit while spreading poison. It's a great distraction against ranged crews and only 2ss.
  6. Victory for Ressers over Gremlins for the man. I wanted a trickster game, but everyone has played that scenario already. Instead, Wong and Reva duked it out for 7 turns, a very appropriate matchup considering the story outcomes this week. Wong nuked most of my crew, but since it was Hunting Party not Make Them Suffer that didn't help for VP. I did pull off the full Yin/Vincent/Reva wombo combo on McTavish for a Quick Murder, so that was fun. SO MANY CORPSES!
  7. Reva did well in Chaos Unleashed last night. I mean aside from dying at the top of turn 2 due to the Mysterious Emissary repeatedly blasting her in the face. Even with that, Reva is a strong choice for blind deployment and My Little Helper was great for dealing with being right next to your opponent on the first turn.
  8. Rapid and sustained deployment is what is classically meant by "force projection". As for an area with no spirits being reasonably safe, you can go from no spirits to oh god I'm being eaten by shikome in a single Kirai activation by dropping a seishin as a 0 and summoning/swirling off of that. As for all of the Mortimer bashing, it's not that he's bad, it's that he's not 11-13ss good. Chatty is great, but the need for corpses is independent of whether or not chatty is relevant to the scheme pool, so sometimes it just doesn't matter but you pay for it anyway to get the corpse generation.
  9. I love both Nico and Kirai. I think they're top tier. I do think that for a long time Nico suffered from the paucity of Corpse Marker generation tech, especially when playing against crews that didn't drop corpses. In the beginning Mortimer was the most reliable corpse generator and he is just super expensive. Aside from getting the summoning engine going, Mortimer is just not worth 11-13 stones. Now that we have things like Carrion Emissary, Philip, the Dismember trigger, ect. corpses are much easier to come by and easier to position. On the other hand, Kirai just needs a model to summon off of, and Ressers have the most efficient cost-to-Wd model in the game. The ease of summoning for Kirai vs the annoyance of taking Mortimer definitely colored my opinions right from the start. Now that corpse generation is more of a solved problem, what sets them apart to me is the Bubble of Death vs Force Projection distinction. You touched on this in your breakdown, but it's a bigger deal than you make it out to be. Nico is the best support master in the game, hands down, but you have to be close to the enemy to get utility out of that. No one hold the center of the board like Nico, but he doesn't really have much in the way of repositioning his crew on the fly other than handing out fast and letting the model walk on its own. Kirai is the queen of force projection. Between Ikiryo, summoning, Swirl Spirits and Into the Spirit World she can deliver a model to the other side of the board at a moment's notice, be it a beater, a scheme runner, or a walking zone of damage. Attaching the attack buff to the target enemy rather than to the master means she can debuff and run away. Also Nico doesn't have any ability that changes how your opponent has to play as much as Malevolence does. The flipside is that spirits are squishy and Kirai doesn't really buff defense at all. Like I said, I think they're both top tier. Nico is great at crushing models up close, Kirai is great at board presence. I will gladly have people load up on anti-spirit tech out of fear of Kirai, only to eat them with zombies.
  10. Tara is an incredibly awkward master to play. If you try to play her as you think she's intended to play (bury/unbury shenanigans) she's extremely fiddly. You kind of need to already know how to play her to learn how to play her. Her personal burying mechanic is super awkward, her attack actions are not great, the rest of her actions require specific timing/positioning, and she cannot function without several upgrades. If you get all of her upgrades, support models, and timing down right, she ends up being a good at delivering a model to exactly where you want it, but lacks the amazing support features that other masters bring to the table. Burying Tara is not quite a one trick pony, but it's close, especially relative to other Resser masters. If you want to really salt that wound, compare the ease of use and capability of the Tara, the dedicated Bury/Unbury master, to any guild crew taking the Brutal Effigy. It does all of Tara's Bury/Alpha Strike shenanigans, only easier and better, in addition to having a straight up better way to duplicate buried model's attacks. Summoning Tara is good, but kind of depressing. The back of her card then becomes "This model has 6 AP. Take an Upgrade to actually use them". Don't get me wrong, an army of fast rogue necros is amazing, but it just seems kind of hollow and is, again, a fiddly multipart combo. When it works it's great, when it doesn't she just doesn't have anything good to fall back on.
  11. Correct. The ability ignores the LoS requirement for targeting, it does not say it grants you LoS to the target. Same deal for Austringers. Their attack ignores the need to be able to draw LoS to target the enemy, but it does not give you LoS. Back Alley reqires you to be out of LoS, not to be untargetable.
  12. I think that it is also worth noting that Levi, played in the killy mode, is extraordinarily good at getting three points from the Scheme himself so much of the time it just means that both of you will be getting the three points. Never being able to use the death and rebirth mechanic without giving away 2 VP is a bigger deal than the can only use Channel twice without using SS, which is still in and of itself a big deal for Leveticus. There is no "conservative" quantity of dying that can be done. It's binary. As for Ramos being bad at Make them Suffer because of spider spam, you can just not spam 1 wound spiders. Summoning 3 1 wound spiders is a tactical choice. Summoning a smaller number of healthier, pretty darn resilient models that can get bonus to defense flips and potentially regeneration is not a bad plan. Alternatively you can just not summon them at all and utilize Ramos' extensive list of other actions to thoroughly buff a crew of more resilient models. Ramos still has options. What can Leveticus do to not be an 8 wound master with no damage mitigating features other than use soulstone and the potential to take Survivalist? Again I have to point out that Deliver the Message isn't in GG2016. That is a perfect example of problematic (I think even legacy?) schemes that were removed at least in part because it was inordinately effective against a subset of masters. Why would you be OK with recreating that problem just because it affects a smaller subset of masters?
  13. That is a facile argument. Saying "Leve was always the best choice" has no factual basis and just feeds off of animosity and groupthink. Yes, he killed things really hard and was difficult to put down, but there are many masters who fit that bit and are all flexible enough to handle any scheme pool. Kirai, Ophilia, and Colette all certainly fit that bill. Picking one scheme where you just give away free points when Leveticus does his thing as recompense for not being able to get full points for assassinate for the longest time doesn't actually solve any problems. All it does is make him worthless in one scheme and nothing else the rest of the time. There is no complicated decision making process, no real tactic to avoid the problem created for him by of Marked for Death. You just can't play Leve when it comes up, otherwise you are basically handing your opponent 3 points. And no, it is not better than your opponent not being able to easily get full assassinate. Vastly more effort goes into buying, building, painting, learning, and fielding a master than will ever go into one scheme out of 19. Crippling a master for a scheme is a much bigger deal than eliminating the ability to easily get the third point on one scheme that isn't even part of the GG rotation anymore.
  14. Again, there is a difference between not being the best choice and giving away 3 points for playing the master exactly how he was designed to be played. This is not a zombie spam Nico in Reckoning situation where you are making a poor choice to pursue that optional tactic when there are many ways to play Nicodem. This is actively punishing Leveticus for how he was designed. Your opponent should not be able to score points for you playing a master exactly how he was designed to play. How would Perdita and Ophilia players react if the scheme was "You gain one point every time your opponent takes a Sh action"? Just because it only punishes one or two masters or only punishes them on certain scheme flips does not make the fact that you are being punished for doing exactly what you were intended to do OK. As for the Deliver the Message-type arguments, note what scheme is not present in the scheme pool anymore.
  15. The substantive difference between Assassinate and Marked for Death is that you always had total control over whether you took Assassinate or not against Leveticus. You always had three other choices, all of which could give you max points. The Leveticus player has no control over whether you take Marked For Death. Choosing to deny yourself one point is not the same as someone else choosing to automatically get 2 points if you play the master as designed. Having one fewer scheme option is not the same as giving your opponent points in a game where denying points is almost as important as scoring them yourself.
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