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  1. Just a reminder, if you ever logged in with not forced HTTPS (so any time before yesterday), your username and password were sent as PLAIN TEXT over the internet. I would recommend changing your password on this site (and any site of yours that shares that password). Edit: Is anyone else having trouble after the HTTPS change with reacting to post?
  2. I too hate that the forums default to HTTP and try to force HTTP over a manually entered HTTPS. I have HTTPS Everywhere downloaded in firefox (from EFF) and have selected the box "Block all unencrypted requests". This lets me view, login, and post using HTTPS. Edit: I did send a contact us page message through the forums asking their view point on this and have not received a response back. (This was the day before I signed up)
  3. Thanks for all of this information, I don't remember the exact reasons I couldn't flip on horror duels (whether Yin's 0 action or not) but will remember that for last time I will make sure I play Shenlong's Monk of Many Style legally going forward Yeah, we found out that pretty much everyone that Player 3 owns is errata'd, I may have to print those out myself just so I know too (even if he doesn't). Also, Yasunori seems to have come with the errata'd update, is that possible? Unfortunately, I don't really remember what the 3-player schemes were but involved a sucker, having your master on opposite of the board (+1VP more if in deployment zone), and one other. I do feel like it would have been more fun with the standard schemes and strategies and two players at 50ss.
  4. As you can see from my single other post, I'm brand new to the game but enjoy competitive play. So I took some notes on my first game with my newly purchased crew. This game was a three-person game based off of the three-person rules found on the forums. We did 25ss with masters allowed to lead the crew. Terrain was all hard cover. Faction declaration: Myself - Ten Thunders Players 2 - Resurrectionist Player 3 - Outsider Crew List: Myself: Shenlong with equality and words on the river (didn't use WOTR, I did use his 0 to get the burning limited upgrade which was nice for the explosion damage BUT quickly switched to the defensive limited upgrade to heal Yas) Yasunori (loved this one, I played the melee attack wrong once but it ended up working out I thought I could get a potential 6 attacks a turns) Peasants (immediately summoned another peasant and they just stuck around Shenlong and buffed him, I sacrificed one x2 just because I re summoned him) Katanaka Sniper (possibly my favorite character, I only put one in because of SS cost but dang this one was nice. I was able to reach out across the board and kept a side locked locked down, until the Midnight stalker came over in turn 3, its melee was also nice) Player 2: Yan Lo (I didn't get to interact with this much because player 3 locked it down with Tera) Izamu the Armor (got shot by player 2 then came over to meet Yasunori, not that hard my Yas to deal with by itself, when yas was ganged up on with Yin it became harder) Yin the Penangala (also sent over to deal with my Yasunori, the horror duel every time really sucked and I wasn't sure how to deal with since I couldn't cheat horor) Komainu (didn't interact with at all) Player 3: Tara (I ended up one turn defeating Tara after she wounded by Yan Lo, didn't interact with much) The Midnight Stalker (I didn't notice the "Respect for the Art" until going back and looking at each card, I should have just tried harder to kill with my Katanaka Sniper, I didn't really try to take this guy down and he ended up securing the last VP to push a tie into a victory, he was kind of annoying the entire game on my side) Void Wretches x3 (These didn't interact with me, and the last one remaining ran away on turn 5) Overall it was fun, lasted 5 hours, and let me play with a crew that I was really excited about trying out. I bought the terracotta warriors and Misaiki box to have some variety in the next time I hire a crew. Any comments, questions, concerns? And should I continue posting these? I hope once I actually get to do a two-player game in I will have more details on the turns.
  5. One of my best friends recently introduced me to the world of Malifaux. I've had an interest in war gaming for a while now but couldn't find anyone to get in to it with me. My play style can be summed up with trying to min-max (after learning the mechanics of course) and Magic: The Gathering - Blue Control Starcraft - Protoss For my first crew I bought Temple of Dawn, Vasunori, and Katanaka Snipers. Any tips on what to buy next? And anyone else play in the upstate of SC area?
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