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    My five cents about how to improve the app

    After using the app for a while, I want to list some possible improvements that will possibly make user experience a lot better. Make the "Card as printed" view, where you would be able to actually see the models' cards as they are sold. The reason is, the format of the cards is a lot easier to read for some people. This won't really advocate piracy, because it's not hard to pirate the cards anyway if you want to. Absence of the ability to see cards as printed only hinders lawful people. Distinguish Actions and Abilities granted by the Upgrades from those printed on the card. This is very important for two reasons. First: it helps to distinguish them to learn which things are inherent and which are not when you show the card in the app to someone else. Second: Sandeep can only give away his printed Actions via the Beacon ability, and if you have actions granted by the Upgrades, you would have to remove the Upgrades first. If an Action, Ability or anything mentions an Upgrade or a Model by name, please, make it clickable so you can find it quickly without using the search. Make it possible to search not only by models' names or types, but also by the text on their cards, or by their ability/action names. For example, I want to see all the models with the Frozen Heart Ability: currently I would have to manually check every single model in the game. If I would want to list all the models able to summon something, I would also need to do a manual search Currently, when a Mercenary could also be hired if it wouldn't be a Mercenary, such as the Unaligned Sage Upgrade, which allows Sandeep to hire all the Academic models regardless of Faction, the Mercenaries are still displayed as Mercenaries, which makes it harder to find them. It would be better if they would be displayed under their respective categories (E.g. displaying the Freikorps Librarian under the Enforcers tab). Add base diameter to each card in the app. I have totally no idea why is there no base size there. It makes me look for the card when assembling a model, and is very frustrating. Would also be nice if the app would include building instructions for every model, but I guess that it would be too image-heavy then. Add flavour text from the books to each model so it is possible to find it without looking through all the books. You can even charge extra money for it, but please, give us the text! Please, add landscape view to the app. Some things are easier to view in landscape mode. Tablets could benefit much if you allow to open multiple cards at the same time on different sides of the screen. It would be very, very, very nice to see the Rulebook itself with all the errata applied in the app, with an ability to search through the text and clickable table of contents. It takes so a lot of time to look for the rules in the printed Rulebook. Thanks in advance if something from that list sees the greenlight!
  2. Baskakov_Dmitriy

    Mercs Gone?

    Works ok for me. Just hired a Performer for my Tara crew in the app.
  3. Baskakov_Dmitriy

    How to counter the December Acolytes in Henchman Hardcore?

    Figuratively. However, if possible, I would personally charge the enemy Snow Storm with my own one and get the Ice Golem in BtB contact with the enemy, so the next turn we have a Smash to land on the enemy. The Ice Golem is a very weak model if you shoot it from afar with something that ignores Armour +2, but not if it is already beating you with a build-in Slow or a 9/10/12 MI attack. Of course, if possible, I would not declare a Charge Action as the Golem, and would place it via Snow Storm instead. The Silent One is a model that can withstand a lot of weak hits, but cannot survive one strong strike of 6, which is not hard to land at all if your attacking stat is 6. The Acolytes aren't very touch either. Seems to be a nice idea. I can just make or buy Ht 2 fences then. Interesting advice! I am going to just try to find out a rule that would allow me to give a point value to each piece of terrain we use. Then we can tell that each table should have at least a given total point value, or even measure distribution among the different parts of the table. Interesting. I would probably just prohibit climbing anything bigger than Ht 3.
  4. Henchmen around my area (just like many people in this thread) don't consider it punishable just to take a lot of time to take your actions. It is only considered slow playing if you suddenly start to take ten times more time to think, or need 10 minutes to find a model in your case for summoning, etc. However, even if you are just a nooby, it shouldn't mean that you have the right to delay a tournament game, and chess clock is there to show you that.
  5. Actually, I would probably cut the rule about the flips out and just consider the game to be finished when Turn 5 ends -- for many reasons. But even in that case -- play faster. Learn to have spare time. Learn quick decision making. Prepare better. Again -- one of the possibilities is just to use TO judgement to determine the outcomes, considering that the faster player has scored everything that is theoretically possible to score. And again, learn to play faster and such things wouldn't happen to you because even if your opponent runs out of time, you don't.
  6. The point is that if you, for example, took 4 times more time for your activations than your enemy, it could have resulted in your opponent not having enough time to score. Even if you didn't score too, it is frustrating to finish the game 2-1 at the end of Turn 2 just because we run out of time. Someone who delays a game for any reason has to be punished just because the even schedule limits us. We have to either play friendly games with unlimited time or admit that the time is limited and adjust to the limits.
  7. Baskakov_Dmitriy

    Tournaments: Flip for turn 6+?

    I flip for the extra turn, even though I see your point in not doing it.
  8. The effect of the clock is players acting quickly. Quick enough for the clock not to matter for them, not impacting their results, like players in chess learn to play with chess clock and have problems when transitioning from uncontrolled games, but play well when getting used to time control. There will be a protocol of when to switch. A switch will also announce your decision as a final one. This "bomb" is the TO coming and telling you to end the round. But it doesn't work if your opponent takes an eternity to summon a model (choose the right one, do the flips, look for the model in the case, look for the card...), and then complains that you took an extra 30 seconds thinking about your next activation. That's exactly what I want. Slow players have to play faster or lose the tournament. The first step will be to make an exact dueling protocol when to run the time. The most problematic moment is the time between the Turns (shuffling the deck etc.). I suppose that there should be a given amount of time for both players to do it and both clocks have to be stopped. If you take longer than required to shuffle the deck, your clock starts to run. Again -- learn to play quicker and you won't face such a situation at all. And, by the way, I consider the score differential an extremely bad tie-breaker; at least an a lot worse than Buchholtz system (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buchholz_system). In my area (Moscow) it is a big issue, though. Indeed. How would you work out if your opponent is just a noob, not someone who intentionally delays the game, but this still means that you can't score because you are out of time? That's fair. If you pick a crew that is harder to manage, that's your responsibility to manage it in time. If you play chess and your next turn would be checkmate, but you run out of time, you would still lose. One way that I have suggested is to make a Henchman rule out the situation, or at least make you keep your current VP. But the intent is that you just shouldn't normally be running out of time. You should be able to complete your part of the turn quickly enough. Again, to all of you -- if you play quickly enough, you will have no problems under the chess clock. If your opponents also play quickly enough, you won't suffer either. But if someone is very slow, they are punished. That's how it should work, and the only thing to find out is the value of the punishment.
  9. Agreed. That's why it seems fair to: 1) Still punish the one running out of time 2) Give the other player free VP. This will teach the slow player not to be slow
  10. OK. So what if I have "Punish the weak" and need to kill your minions, but you have run out of time? Which time would you use to flip? The point is that you should play quickly, and chess clock punishes you for playing slowly. Again, ideally you should play fast enough for the clock not to affect any of you at all. I see several ways to solve the problem. If Player 1 runs out of time, Player 2 wins 10-0. As I have suggested before -- if Player 1 has scored N points and run out of time, Player 2 wins 10-N. If Player 1 runs out of time, Player 1 keeps their current score, and Player 2 reveals all their schemes. Player 2 gains points for the strategy and for all the schemes they have if it is theoretically possible to score for those schemes. The exact conditions are to be defined by the TO. If Player 1 runs out of time, Player 2 can use the remainder of their time to continue the play. Player 1 doesn't flip or declare anything and is consider to have flipped Black Joker each time they would flip. If player 1 runs out of time, they can no longer score this Round. The game continues normally otherwise, and the clock is still switched normally, albeit Player 1 no longer spends time (as they have no time) and scores for nothing. If the Round time runs out because of that, Player 2 scores for every Scheme and Strategy if it would be theoretically possible to score for that. I would personally choose 1 or 2. 4 would be OK, but 3 and 5 don't seem to punish the player who has run out of time strongly enough.
  11. Baskakov_Dmitriy

    PullMyFinger going away?

    It probably was. But even if we do use it, we should ask the author. I will send the PM now, probably there will be no problems involved.
  12. It is so until you run out of time for the first time. And then for the second time. Then you start to learn to play quickly. How would my opponent flip cards, cheat fate, declare defensive triggers, ability and aura use? What if I have a Scheme that requires me to kill enemy models? What if I have "Take one for the team", so enemy cannot kill that model anymore just because of no longer being capable to activate? Your idea is kind of the opposite of how it is used in chess. If your time runs out in chess, you lose no matter the other conditions, even if you have a winning position, even if you would checkmate next turn. The idea is to make players act fast enough for the clock not to matter at all. If you play as designed, this new "winning condition" wouldn't affect you. If you don't, it affects you. By the way, I have found an interesting thing: Seems to be a good start in order to make rules of switching the clock.
  13. Well, I didn't try using it to track encounters, I use black d6 dice placed near the physical models to track wounds and coloured d6 dice to track conditions. Schemes are marked on paper. It happens so if you aren't familiar with your Crew or if it is very small (4 models). If you use fingerprint-based or swipe unlock method on your smartphone and don't need to enter password each time, it takes around half a second to reach the app. From my experience, in a Crew of 8 models it takes less time to find the model in the app than on the table, you also save time passing cards to each other. If you are familiar with the crew and just need to look up a stat, or trigger wording, it is actually a whole lot easier to use the app, especially if your model has 3 or even more upgrades attached.
  14. Much Sister-charge, such fun, much wow. Win my Turn 2. As of what I have seen around me, it is. One experience Henchman has told me that an average tournament game lasts around just 3 Turns, and that it's risky to plan to score late in the game.
  15. Baskakov_Dmitriy

    PullMyFinger going away?

    http://pullmymodel.wikia.com Here it is. You can start now... Here. https://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/space/content?orderBy=type&orderDir=asc&o=600 We have around 900 pages to move if we want it all. Rather cool, yep? Any suggestions?