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  1. 13 stones of hired Gamin upgraded to 3 golems:+17 stones 5 Summoned Gamin:+21 stones So my first thought-this doesn't feel like an overpowered option. If anything, it's inefficient one in terms of stones gained vs resources spent. If anything, I'm more concerned about it being too weak to be worth bothering with compared to simply hiring said golems. My second thought- 3 cost 7 minions:+21 stones I don't think any other summoner in the game doesn't have a 7 cost minion available, and many of them have powerful eight and nine cost minions. Not quite as powerful as a golem, perhaps, but close enough that the extra resources more than balance things. Also, these minions are designed to work with the summoners themed crew, while Golems, and most Gamin, are primarily designed to work with a different keyword. In that context, it's hard to justify limiting Sandeep to just 4-6 cost minions that have no synergy with each other. Ideally, the Arcanist faction would have Elemental models that fit in the 7-9 cost section of the summoning pool, but the Golems are what is available. Third thought- The example above takes three turns, and is dependant on the three original Gamin surviving. You can mostly rely on a Gamin surviving turn one if you keep it back, turn two onwards is unreliable. Even within each turn, there's an activation's delay between the summoning action which creates a group of Gamin and the activation which forms a Golem, so your opponent always gets a chance to kill one of the three Gamin(very easy, given their poor defensive stats) or move one of them out of position(even easier for some crews). If you keep the Gamin back in a position of safety, your opponent is also safe from the newly created Golem. Fourth and final thought- Most reasons for removing Golem's from Sandeep's summoning pool are now obsolete. The initial reason was that certain interactions made summoning Golems easy, but all those interactions have been changed. The once-per-turn limit on summoning stops him dropping multiple Golems on the board in a single turn. The final reason was that being able to summon golems with a 13 made him "too swingy", based on whether he had those cards or not. This method is more predictable, therefore less "swingy", but if anything takes more overall resources. Overall thoughts-this doesn't feel like an overpowered action, or one that shouldn't be available to a specialist summoner. It may, as I said above, turn out to be one which is too hard and resource intensive to be worth bothering with, but it's certainly worth testing to see if it works.
  2. She actually went through several variations on this ability during CB, but I feel it's a poor direction for her and the crew. A crew which applies a condition to do damage at the end of the turn is simply at too much of a disadvantage compared to crews which do damage *right now*.
  3. Burning, after the initial +1, currently does 1/3 of a damage, rounded down. That damage occurs at the end of the turn, after they get to activate at full effect, and after they spend the whole turn getting. your way. They also get an entire turn to remove the burning condition or heal. It's a weak condition, and a crew that relies on ticking it up will also be weak. Kaeris doesn't need ways to tick up burning, she needs actions and abilities that make burning a powerful condition. What she has is +1 damage on a weak attack, which is also all her crew has. The only powerful action in the crew which uses burning is the Fire Golems ability to teleport. By contrast, Sonnia, has- An innate, board wide, ability which turns burning into a significant debugging. Can ignore Los, cover and concealment against anyone with burning. A powerful attack to finish off models with burning that has an in built summon effect. Her crew complements this with abilities to push models towards enemies with burning and turn burning into scheme markers. Similarly, with pyre markers, I'm pretty sure that if two 50mm markers a turn is insufficient, them the problem isn't in the number of markers, but in their lack of effect. That lack of impact is directly linked to the weakness of burning as a condition, since their *only* effect is to hand out burning, which isn't a threat. Give the crew tools to make burning a real danger, and the Pyre markers also become a danger that opponents want to avoid.
  4. I really like the idea of Kaeris simply giving her entire crew immunity to burning damage. As I said earlier, a basic part of the toolkit for any marker or condition based crew is immunity to the effects of their own terrain or the damage from their own conditions. This is a crew which places terrain markers the *only* effective of which is to hand out, indiscriminately, a condition which does damage, and also has abilities like Fiery Presence which are, again, indiscriminate in handing out burning. So they should absolutely be immune to the damage from Burning, and the best and simplest way to do that is for Kaeris to have an ability which makes her crew immune to that damage. An additional benefit of attaching this ability to Kaeris as the crews leader would be to include versatile models in the immunity, which would go some way towards addressing the horribly restricted hiring pool available in theme. The problem with an ability like Blaze of Glory is that it ends up controlling the models actions-having set themselves on fire, they *have* to then attack an opponent to clear their burning. If they are in a Pyre marker, they then get an additional burning immediately, so they *have* to keep attacking. Even if it's not the best choice. If they move, or interact, they end up taking damage. Or, worse, they don't attack and are dependant on their opponent to attack them to clear their burning. Also, because they have to keep clearing their burning, they can't save it for important duels, or build it up as a resource to use later the way Hoffman can do with power tokens, or Marcus with his upgrades. Most limiting of all, to keep getting burning for the ability, they have to stay in the Pyre markers. The description of m3e Kaeris talks about 'hemming her enemies in with growing walls of flame', but with a crew dependant on abilities like this and Promised to the flame, right now it feels like she's hemming *her own* crew in, and to the relatively small area close to the Pyre markers. Blaze of Glory also doesn't fix the core weakness of Kaeris's attacks having a poor damage track. Immolate may have required too much set up, but Conflagration was only ever an attack you used to set up more powerful abilities. It still is, except now the best it sets up is a 3/4/5 damage against a single model. That's a decent basic attack for a damage focussed master, but not worth an action to set it up. For reference, Cornelius Basse has the same range as Kaeris, and simply has a straight damage track of 3/4/5. No set-up required, and blasts plus a trigger to put Injured extra. Basse isn't even a damage focussed master to the same degree Kaeris is. More than ever without actions like Immolate to build up to, I feel that Conflagration needs to simply be an attack worth using in it's own right, even with no burning involved on either side, and definitely without the awful handicap of having to stand still in a pyre marker to fuel Blaze of Glory. Up we go is at least OK for moving opponents around, but as her only melee attack really *has* to be able to attack models with flight, and feels like reposition, so Kaeris could move away, would be a much more useful trigger than 'rising flame'.
  5. My biggest objection to our versatile model pool is that, being almost entirely constructs, they don't feel like they're "representing the faction as a whole", rather they feel like the constructs that Hoffman and Mei Feng didn't want. Their isn't a single Gamin, spellcaster, or beast in the list, which is over half the masters in the faction completely unrepresented. It also feels like it's lacking a worthwhile 4ss minion, which is important since most Arcanist themes have at most one Keyworded 4ss minion, and some have nothing at all less than 5ss. It's not so bad having one or two high-cost models in a theme since you aren't usually taking duplicates of them, but with low cost minions the restricted numbers feel a lot worse.
  6. In the context of the rest of the Wildfire crew, I'd agree that it feels like they need the Firestarter's current functionality as a scheme runner in addition to Carlos. This is a crew with only two minions, and not only are neither of them good scheme runners, they aren't even average scheme runners- The Fire Gamin has average speed, no scheme marker related abilities, and what little resilience it has depends on Burning it can only get from melee or Pyre markers. The Firebranded is a long range minion with, again, average speed and no scheme abilities, that has several abilities which basically chain it to Pyre markers to be effective. Kaeris is doing nothing to either improve the mediocre movement of these minions or allow them to drop scheme markers efficiently. That leave the Firestarter, at 7 stones, as the cheapest thing in the crew even resembling a useful scheme runner, which is already a very bad situation for the crew to be in, so I really don't like the idea of making it worse by limiting them to Carlos as their *only* scheme runner at an even more expensive 8 stones.
  7. Injured or Stunned will partially shut down a model for one turn, after which my opponent has to keep putting effort in. Distracted can potentially persist longer if stacked in large numbers, but is even more specific in its effects. Again, keeping a model Distracted requires constant effort. Killing a model shuts it down completely and permanently for the entire game, leaving my opponent's crew free to move on and keep killing other models. Personally, I've always found the biggest NPE in most games I play, not just malifaux, to be the crews or models which are just too good at removing anything that goes near them, and conditions which actively increase damage taken contribute towards those. I played a few games with a debuff focussed m2e Marcus, who could be *very* good at shutting down opponents, and struggled to even make it effective, let alone an NPE, simply because everything I shut down was back up to full effect the following turn, while everything my opponents killed was still dead.
  8. Blaze of Glory feels like a poor ability for Kaeris, for much the same reasons that it's bad on Firebranded- Firstly, no efficient way to put burning on themselves for the benefit. Kaeris's action to put a Pyre down, then another action to walk through it, is not efficient, and standing in a Pyre marker to keep the benefit ties them to a stationary role-particularly bad for Kaeris who, with a medium range and poor defences, is going to be heavily reliant on being able to use her mobility. Generally, it's always felt to me like Blaze of Glory is backwards-in a crew mostly focussed on setting their opponents on fire, it's burning from the target they should be using to boost their attacks. Secondly, and a lot more importantly, Kaeris has no immunity to Burning, and therefore should not be applying it to herself at all. 2e Kaeris tried several variations of setting her own crew on fire then using other abilities or actions to remove burning under specific circumstances, and they were all awkward, difficult, and tied the crew to complex and specific sets of activations just to avoid taking damage. In 3e, the only Wildfire model universally agreed to be strong from the beginning is the Fire Golem, which is also one of the few models in the crew which is immune to Burning damage. Elijah can just about get away with this ability because he has healing on a bonus action, but Kaeris with her poor defences definitely can't afford to be dealing herself extra damage. A much better way to solve the problem of Kaeris getting pushed into her own Pyre markers is to simply to make her immune to the Pyre Markers through the Flameborn ability. This seems to be quite common in any other crew that uses markers or conditions- The Fae crew are all immune to their own underbrush markers. The Frontier crew all ignore severe terrain, allowing them to move through their own Dust markers without penalty. The Experimental crew all have perverse metabolism, making them immune to damage from poison. The hazardous damage aura from vent steam is only hazardous to non-constructs, allowing most Foundry models to be immune to it. In that context, it feels very hard to justify that only 2 models in the Wildfire crew, not even including the master, have the Flameborn ability. Also, while Blaze of Glory encourages Kaeris to act as an immobile turret, a playstyle we established very early on in the Closed Beta should be avoided for her, allowing her to move through her own Pyre markers without worrying about burning damage would both allow and encourage her to be more mobile and dynamic. Regarding the other changes, I like the extra mobility from Run and Gun and the movement increase, but I feel like she really needs something to use that mobility for other than weak attacks, and 2/3/4 is a weak attack. 2/3/4 with a situational trigger to increase damage by one is still a weak attack. For a damage focussed master, it's very weak-she's basically spending resources to build up burning just to have a similar damage track than other damage focussed masters with less range and no triggers. Fan the Flames can hit multiple models, but it's still just a weak attack that hits multiple models. It's still only 2 damage, and it is still only doing damage. Taking immolate out removes her only genuinely powerful attack, and +1 damage from Smolder just doesn't make up for that loss. If it was +2 damage, maybe, but it doesn't really feel like good design that her main attack is dependant on burning to be worthwhile. This was another big problem for Kaeris in m2e-because she needed to constantly spend actions to place burning to make her attacks worth using, she was never more than a mediocre damage master. Again, going back to the Fire Golem, it doesn't depend on Burning, it just has a damage track appropriate to its role as a high cost melee damage dealer. Similarly, Kaeris really should simply have a damage track appropriate to her role as a mid-range damage dealing master. She also needs at least one or two actions or triggers that fall outside damage dealing. Removing markers is situational at best, even more so when it relies on your opponent generously standing next to markers they want. It also doesn't score points in any scheme I know of. To score points you have to either place scheme markers or move models to specific positions. Currently, all Kaeris has in those areas are to move opponents small distances, at close range. She can't move friendly models, and can only place scheme markers through the basic interact action which just isn't efficient on a master
  9. Page 29 of the core rulebook, "friendly, enemy, and control".- "Friendly models, Markers, and terrain are those models that have been hired into your Crew, Summoned by your Crew, or Created by your Crew." All markers, even Scrap or Corpse markers, are now, technically, friendly to a certain crew. However, it remains very rare for an ability to distinguish between Friendly or Unfriendly markers, and Inferno doesn't feel like a powerful enough ability to merit such a limitation. Which is a common problem with Kaeris and her crew-a lot of her abilities have extra limiations and costs that other models don't have. I'm pretty certain, for example, that she's unique among models that apply the injured condition in needing build up the burning condition, and then convert it into the injured condition. On every other master, or model, that uses that condition simply has an action, attack, or trigger that causes the injured condition. In most cases, it acts as a bonus to an attack that is also dealing damage or other conditions. Only Kaeris has to spend multiple actions to first apply a condition, and then convert it to the injured condition, and it's simply not efficient. That both conditions involved can be removed with a general action, and that it will usually need one action to remove the injured+2 that Kaeris will require a full *3* actions to apply, is enough to push Third Degree Burns firmly into the realms of "so terrible Wyrd may as well not bother printing it". Nearly every week of the CB, Third Degree Burns got changed, and every week the feedback was that it wasn't worth using. Past time to throw it away. Similarly, everything she or her crew does with Burning, is something other crews do as well or better without Burning. Indeed, burning, itself, is simply damage with a lot of extra limitations on it-it's damage at the end of the turn, *if* it's not removed before then, and *if* they aren't immune to it. Even if it does kill them, they get to stay on the board and activate as normal, and then as a final drawback you don't count as having killed them. It's very much designed to be a secondary damage source, which is how other models use it, but Kaeris tries to use it as a primary one, and it just isn't useful in that capacity. It is, very definitely, not designed to be a benevolent condition that you apply to your own models.
  10. I think malifaux combines so many different styles that it's hard to really say any single one would be 'intrusive' or out of place, and that multitude of different crews is one of the charms of the game. Really, it's an impressive feat of writing to keep the overall setting as coherent as it is while combining so many different elements. It's also nice that some of those elements comne from cultures outside of Europe of America.
  11. My initial impression of the book 1 Arcanist general upgrades was that the soulstone costs were the wrong way around-Imbued protection should be the one SS upgrade and imbued energies should be 2. My experience since has mostly confirmed those thoughts. I've tried using it to increase Kaeris's survivability with Eliminate the leadership in the pool, with two outcomes-either Kaeris dies relatively easily anyway and gives away the points, or my opponent takes a different scheme and the 2ss spent on the upgrade are wasted. I'm pretty sure that a simpler and more effective approach to that scheme is just to use a less fragile master, especially in GG18 with Eliminate the leadership tied to a pure kill based strategy Kaeris is terrible at. I've also used it to try to increase the survivability of Df6 models, mostly with Show of force to worry about, but there also I've found I'm adding a minor boost of survivability, while turning medium cost models into expensive ones and expensive ones into absurdly expensive ones. On anything living, Well Rehearsed provides a more reliable boost to survivability while also getting extra pushes. Mostly, my problems with it come down to the cost, and the lack of a certain benefit. If your opponent doesn't attack Defence directly, you're seeing no benefit, and if they don't attack the upgraded model, you're also seeing no benefit, and 2ss is an expensive upgrade to be seeing no benefit on when we have imbued energies at a lower cost that is certain to provide a strong advantage(even if your model dies before you use it for fast, you get cards). The Ice Golem.. is a bad, overcosted model, even post errata. I don't really see combining it with a weak, overcosted upgrade as likely to somehow produce a decent model.
  12. I like the idea of this format. Some Masters would indeed struggle, Rasputina to give a specific example, but I feel that's a lot of what makes alternative format's interesting-they make you find alternative crews and methods to what you normally have to use. This format, I think, would be interesting enough to justify making some masters struggle, without going too far and making them unusable. The only serious concern I can think of is the aforementioned ability of summoners to circumvent the restrictions, which doesn't feel bad enough to give up on the idea. At the very least, it's certainly worth trying to see how well players actually cope(or don't cope) with it.
  13. Gunsmith's do indeed have strong synergies with Kaeris, but are held back by a poor damage track, which is a severe drawback in a model that's mainly in your crew as a damage dealer. Generally, I find that rather than being a good model that becomes great when I manage to line up all their synergies, they feel more like a poor one that becomes good if everything aligns. In terms of synergy with Kaeris, very few arcanist models actually have burning synergies, and when they do it tends to be overly complicated, so a lot of the synergies are less direct. The scheme marker placement from Grab and Drop is at it's most effective with cheap fast models like Wind Gamin or Raptors which can start their activation near Kaeris, move 10-15", and then drop a scheme marker at the end of their move, but fire Gamin with their Wk5 are adequate in this role. One thing Kaeris lacks in her crew box, but usually wants in her crew, is a heavy damage dealer, being at her best an average damage dealer, and more commonly mediocre. This would be the main benefit of the Ramos box which contains two heavy damage dealers, but Ironsides also comes with a hard-hitting henchman. I've found Shaster Vidaya Guard are also pretty good damage dealers, and have some synergy with Kaeris through their ability to draw a card when they cheat fate, which you can use when Kaeris sets them on fire for her support abilities. My own inclination would be to go with Ironsides over Ramos since there's quite a lot of overlap between the steam arachnids and the fire gamin, whilst the oxfordian mages fill a slightly different niche being slightly higher in SS cost.
  14. To me, it's less a matter of needing to hit something in particular with the Rail golem, and more a problem of being able to reliably deal hits at all, which means being able to hit Defence 6 targets even if my opponent has high cards to cheat in. For the 6 stone large arachnid, MI5 with plus flips is good enough, because for the relatively cheap cost it's worth it even if it has to go after a suboptimal target, or even to force my opponent to spend high cards from hand. Worst case scenario, if it fails to do anything that isn't a setback I can't recover from. The Rail Golem, on the other hand, is 11 stones worth of pure melee specialist. With bad to terrible resistance and no support abilities, all I'm getting for those stones is the melee damage potential, and that's too many stones to spend on a melee damage that can be cancelled out as easily as my opponent having the same value of cards in hand as me. For such an expensive model, it simply isn't enough to force my opponent to spend a few cards, so in this case MI5 is a much more serious drawback.
  15. Well, they're a very big consideration with both Joss and Carlos depending on armour to make up for low Wd stats and, in Joss's case, an average defence. As is the fact that armour neither prevents small attrition from little hits or makes a real difference to the big hits. Not a defence to rely on, and Carlos doesn't even have armour except when he's on fire For me, the simple ten wounds, impossible to wound, hard to kill, plus healing on a melee trigger make the slate ridge mauler comfortably our most resilient model, especially for a meager 7 stones and no requirement from other models to support it. A real gem in an otherwise frustratingly fragile faction. Post errata, the defence 6 and 9 wounds of a Razorspine Rattler are also pretty amazing for a 6 stone minion, equal to the much more expensive Carlos. In terms of support, both can also benefit from defence and extra healing from Myranda, in addition to most of the defensive buffs already mentioned. Also, in the realm of absurd amounts of set-up, since they're minions, Rasputina can use december's favour to them into frozen heart minions, and then allow them to benefit from the tome trigger on the 'sub-zero' upgrade to end an attacker's turn after taking damage in melee. That's a powerful extra safeguard against a lot of the most dangerous models.
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