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  1. Mantras only stack for Elementals, and only Academics benefit from shouting orders, so only Kandarra and Banasuva can combine Shouting orders and multiple bonuses. Also, except for Kandarra's mantra to draw a card, the benefits are minor and situational-I don't see models easily getting good use out of more than one or two of them. 7 seems to be the standard card requirement for an obey that can target any non-master, including opponents, and sometimes with additional triggers. In that context, a 6 seems an appropriate card requirement for an obey limited to a specific type of friendly model, without any triggers. 8 would definitely be too much.
  2. Turf war requires a mix of the mobility to move quickly between markers and the ability to kill opponents to flip markers to neutral/clear markers to interact with them, which to me suggests Marcus or mei Feng. In particular, the combination of jackhammer kick and constant motion allows Mei to push opponent away from a marker and then push into it in a single action. Hoffman feels like another good choice, mixing a strong presence of powerful models with the highly mobile watchers. Plant explosives shifts the focus from mobility around the board to an ability to push into the opponent's half, and I feel this favours Marcus, whose crew is fast independently as opposed to the foundry's need to set up a network of scrap. Marcus also benefits from the fact that his fastest models are enforcers or henchmen. Corrupted idols again requires a potential to change position quickly, but also requires spare wounds to spend on the interacts. I'm inclined to agree Sandeep with his ability to bring in extra wounds and healing from mages has the edge, but Hoffman and Marcus also have good healing potential. The fragile crews of Mei Feng and Colette would be good at interacting with the idols, but will likely miss the wounds it costs them. Reckoning feels like one of the harder strategies, since Arcanists lack a strong damage dealer. Mei Feng is solid, but feels too fragile for a strategy with a strong focus on killing the opposing master. I'm inclined to say Marcus again-a strong damage dealing crew and good personal defences including an ability to throw his demise (eternal) insignificant totem in the way of attacks. Rasputina is an odd sort of generalist- she lacks the speed or damage to be good at any of the strategies, but is very good at stopping her opponents scoring them, and it's generally easy but to pick up a few points if your opponents aren't there to stop you.
  3. Looking at the maps, it seems that your opponent was using a 10ss model for scheme running because there wasn't another option available. You basically had his whole crew pinned in their own half, in a strategy which requires markers to be placed in the opponent's half, meanwhile you already had scoring markers in place. That's a bad situation to be in, and largely down to the fact that while his entire crew was concentrating and combining into golems, you were moving forwards. Another big factor is the absence from his crew of fast scheme runners, due to using all his stones hiring the Golem engine. Honestly, I get the impression he could have done better hiring two golems and then summoning Gamin to make up numbers, which is something any summoner can do.
  4. While they haven't got much attention and are significantly down from the monsters they were in m2e, December Acolytes still feel like a model which is doing a lot, and doing it all well- powerful deployment ability Average, but not *bad* resilience Good damage Slow(and additional damage against models with slow) Moves enemy models Card draw An armour ignoring aura *And* soulstone generation That's a big list of abilities for 7ss, and I'm not really seeing weaknesses to balance it out. Blessed of December stands out more for one single ability, that being it's very high damage score-2/4/6 with critical strike, onslaught and pouncing strike feels like it would be good at 8s and adequate even at 9, but for 7 feels decidedly excessive. Steam arachnids I think I've seen used once or twice in battle reports, and Mecharachnids not at all. They seem to be simply a bit too generic and not quite good enough at what they do to compete with keyword synergies, but with so few low cost minions available to most keywords, it feels important to maintain variety that the versatile minions are, at least, worth considering. Our other versatile models either seem to be generally strong(emissary, Arachnid Swarm), or to have specific skills(Saboteur, Soulstone Miner, Effigy). Firebranded and Fire Gamin don't so much need more power so much as something to make them a bit less mind numbingly boring. Firebranded especially is a static gun turret, and that's all. Doesn't move, doesn't scheme, doesn't have any tactical support abilities. Completely helpless if engaged in melee. For such a specialist model, it's not even that good at what it does-it's ranged attack is decidedly average even with all it's synergies active, and the fact that those synergies depend on being within a pyre marker greatly exaggerates the 'doesn't move' problem. Fire Gamin are better by dint of being cheaper and at least being immune to Burning damage from the Pyre markers they depend on but, again, this is a model with only weak damage and poor resilience on its card, and has the same kind of synergies, in ones that it needs to be functional. Specifically, it's incredibly fragile without burning, and having put in effort to build up burning, becomes marginally less fragile, but still not actually tough. In the context of the Wildfire crew, these are their only two minions and the crew's totem is insignificant, so it's important that at least one of them is useable as a scheme runner, at least in the sense of having a minor movement ability. I'd really like to see Pyreheart allow the Gamin to first place in contact with the target Pyre marker, giving them a little bit of extra movement to get where they wanted to be to scheme, and also giving a characterful mirror of the Fire Golem's teleport. Not enough to make them an expert scheme runner, but a bit more utility and character on an otherwise very bland and generic model.
  5. 1.Hoarcat-I'm inclined to agree, this feels like a model that's dependant on it's synergistic bonuses to make up for it's weakness, but even with the Tundra Hunter bonus is still only average. Having to remain within 2 of an Ice Pillar is pretty big requirement for a melee model, and can only do so much for a weak damage track. 1/2/4 also vastly lessens the usefulness of armour piercing, since armour can't reduce damage below 1 anyway. 2. Mecharachnid-Keyword hiring has put significant pressure on versatile models to be good at a specific role, and the Mecharachnid still feels very generic. Also, at only 5 wounds on a 6 stone model it's far too dependant on its armour which I know from harsh experience in m2e isn't something you can depend on to keep models alive. 3. Steam arachnid-See above, with the additional factor that pass tokens also put pressure on cheap models to actually be useful. 4. Kaeris-put simply, has somehow managed to evolve into, simultaneously, the most damage-focussed master in the game, and the least effective at dealing useful amounts of damage. The first of those makes her boring, the second makes her weak. Also not keen on the number of Pyre markers she's putting on the board. 5. Arcane Emissary-my concern here is actually in the opposite direction, that a model which combines such powerful attacks with an anti-cheating aura might be a little too powerful. 6.Firebranded-Even more than Kaeris, are a dull, static, turret of a model. Also, like Hoarcats, a model dependant on set-up to be even average. Without the extreme and awkward measure of setting themselves on fire, their ranged attack just isn't very powerful, and their heal doesn't work at all unless the target is either on fire or near an opponent on fire(more awkward set-up) but caps at healing 3. 7. Fire Gamin-4 wounds and defence 4 is poor resilience even on Gamin that have the token protection offered by armour, and this is a gamin which needs to spend resources building up burning on itself in order to have that token protection. Also, another dull Wildfire model with nothing but weak attacks on its card. 8> Metal Gamin-4 wounds, defence 4 is bad on 4 stone Gamin, but on a 5 stone model it's dreadful. Armour, as I've said, just can't be depended on to compenstate for weak stats, and particularly not for a low wound count. Disagree on the Poison Gamin-not sure if they're something to hire, but they definitely feel like they've got enough extra resilience and melee damage over other Gamin for Sandeep to pull out the extra values to summon them, and their demise ability combines well with both Banasuva's Mantra(latest revision) and Aetheric detonation.
  6. I'm pretty sure she's actually having to work harder to achieve *less* effect than other damage dealers. Smolder increases her damage track to 3/4/6, but Basse with the same range has a basic damage track of 3/4/5, with triggers to gain Shielded or inflict Injured, and retains the same damage track in melee. Perdita has 2/4/5 with a longer range, free to damage against uninjured targets, and the potential to dial her damage all the way up to 4/6/7 with critical strike, or use her other trigger to take a second attack. Similarly, where Kaeris can use the raging inferno trigger to gain a single blast, Sonnia has the blasts built into her attack, along with 6" extra range, triggers for more blasts/more burning, and a powerful second attack for finishing off models with burning on them. These aren't even pure damage masters either-they all manage to find room on their card for a few powerful tactical actions or abilities in addition to simply doing raw damage. Kaeris is, so far as I can tell, practically unique among m3e masters in having almost nothing on her card except damage-I don't think I've seen the Burn it All trigger mentioned once in a battle report, and marker removal is situational enough that to be useful you need to be able to actually target the marker you want to remove, not a model your opponent has generously left next to the marker. It's also entirely negative in it's effects-there is not a single scheme or strategy where you score for removing an opponent's markers. The other action she's practically never used in a battle report is the basic interact to place a scheme marker-the consistent pattern is that on turn one she walks and places Pyre markers, and from turn 2 onwards she devotes all her actions to attacks, with perhaps the minimum movement necessary to be in range. Unless the opponent attacks her, in which case she dies swiftly, efficiently, and with a minimum of fuss.
  7. Kaeris can only reasonably be described as a damage master by default, in the sense that she isn't doing anything else, but not in the more important sense of actually doing enough damage to qualify as a damage master. She isn't even close to that with a weak damage track of 2/3/5, short range, and an even weaker melee attack of 2/3/4, further limited by a complete inability to do *anything at all* if engaged by a model with flight, and a lack of resilience that requires her to avoid attacks. To be an effective damage dealer at master level, 2/4/5 is the bare minimum, and that only in the context of masters with long ranges of 12"(or more) and means to increase their damage track or deal additional attack actions. The recent changes to injured also removed the last pretence Kaeris had at any sort of board control. Where before my opponents could move through Pyre markers at full speed and shoot through them without penalty but would at least incur a penalty if they took multiple actions actually within the Pyre markers, they can now basically *completely ignore them* for the entirety of their activation. If they spend their entire activation in a Pyre marker, plus fast or triggers to take extra actions, they might just accumulate enough burning to deal one, single, point of damage. At the end of the turn. If they don't remove it, remembering they chose their crew knowing Kaeris was your master. They also suffer a defensive debuff, which most of the crew, including Kaeris, simply doesn't have the damage track to usefully take advantage of, and which only matters at all if they get attacked in the same turn. It may look impressive to be covering the board in Pyre Markers, but they simply aren't actually *doing* enough. They really needed to benefit from the 'less, but more relevant' approach used in respect to upgrades.
  8. I think, whatever wording is used, this is inevitably going to be a rule that is a lot messier and more ambiguous than it's worth, especially given that one of the intentions of m3e is to streamline the rules. For reference, see the m2e discussion about Hoffman's "may not ignore armour under any circumstances" upgrade versus December Acolytes. This rule has the same problems-it's trying to override multiple different ways for models to ignore hazardous terrain, none of which are well defined in the rules. At the very most, to keep things clear, Third Degree Burns should ignore specific, clearly defined rules or abilities, for example 'models may not use the Incorporeal rule to ignore the hazardous terrain trait from Pyre markers'. Also, however airtight the wording may be, since the only purpose of Pyre Markers is to give models the Burning condition, you'd still have opponent's effectively ignoring them by being immune to burning, or the damage from Burning, so it still won't achieve the desired effect of making Pyre markers universally effective. Generally, I just really don't see the need for this rule, and I feel it's the sort of rule that shouldn't be needed, in the sense that if the Wildfire crew is so dependant on their pyre markers being able to deal small amounts of burning to their opponents, then that dependancy should be addressed. Rasputina doesn't have a rule making her Ice pillar markers impassable to all models even if they ignore impassable terrain, after all, and I haven't noticed people saying she needs one. If the December crew can function adequately against models that ignore their Impassable markers, the Wildfire crew should similarly be able to function against models that ignore their hazardous markers.
  9. There's been a significant reworking of Mei Feng's signature 'Railwalk' ability, renamed to 'Ride the Rails', which alters how she interacts with her crew and generally means she's likely to prefer her keyword. One important change is that instead of jumping along a chain of constructs/Scrap markers, she teleports from one Scrap marker to another. So instead of building a chain of constructs for Mei Feng to jump along, you're trying to build a network of scrap markers, meaning a cheap construct like the Steam Arachnid isn't enabling Ride the Rails the way it enables Railwalk in m2e-it drops a scrap when killed, but that's not a method you want to rely on. By contrast, Metal Gamin drop a Scrap marker a turn for free after moving, making them an important model, and Railworkers have a few triggers on their attacks which generate Scrap markers. The other significant change is that unlike Railwalk, which is unique to Mei Feng, Ride the Rails is an ability of the Foundry crew in general, so in addition to helping build the Scrap network for Mei Feng to teleport along, her themed models then get to teleport along the same network. The end result of these changes is that her themed minions of Metal Gamin and Railworkers are both more useful to her than the generic Steam Arachnid, and significantly better within her crew. Like a lot of m3e masters, I see her mostly taking out of Keyword models to do a specific task, and as generic cheap minions Steam Arachnids aren't doing a specific task.
  10. HOther dedicated damage masters do enough damage to get through armour and still be effective. Kaeris is one of the most damage focused masters in the game, with almost nothing on her card that isn't damage, so she absolutely needs to be a threat to models with armour. Really, I'm not seeing any evidence in this report for Kaeris being a good master, or even an average one. She isn't even mentioned for the first two turns, and then then only manages to kill weak models with very low wound counts and no defences. For a master dedicating all her actions to attacks, that's weak.
  11. 13 stones of hired Gamin upgraded to 3 golems:+17 stones 5 Summoned Gamin:+21 stones So my first thought-this doesn't feel like an overpowered option. If anything, it's inefficient one in terms of stones gained vs resources spent. If anything, I'm more concerned about it being too weak to be worth bothering with compared to simply hiring said golems. My second thought- 3 cost 7 minions:+21 stones I don't think any other summoner in the game doesn't have a 7 cost minion available, and many of them have powerful eight and nine cost minions. Not quite as powerful as a golem, perhaps, but close enough that the extra resources more than balance things. Also, these minions are designed to work with the summoners themed crew, while Golems, and most Gamin, are primarily designed to work with a different keyword. In that context, it's hard to justify limiting Sandeep to just 4-6 cost minions that have no synergy with each other. Ideally, the Arcanist faction would have Elemental models that fit in the 7-9 cost section of the summoning pool, but the Golems are what is available. Third thought- The example above takes three turns, and is dependant on the three original Gamin surviving. You can mostly rely on a Gamin surviving turn one if you keep it back, turn two onwards is unreliable. Even within each turn, there's an activation's delay between the summoning action which creates a group of Gamin and the activation which forms a Golem, so your opponent always gets a chance to kill one of the three Gamin(very easy, given their poor defensive stats) or move one of them out of position(even easier for some crews). If you keep the Gamin back in a position of safety, your opponent is also safe from the newly created Golem. Fourth and final thought- Most reasons for removing Golem's from Sandeep's summoning pool are now obsolete. The initial reason was that certain interactions made summoning Golems easy, but all those interactions have been changed. The once-per-turn limit on summoning stops him dropping multiple Golems on the board in a single turn. The final reason was that being able to summon golems with a 13 made him "too swingy", based on whether he had those cards or not. This method is more predictable, therefore less "swingy", but if anything takes more overall resources. Overall thoughts-this doesn't feel like an overpowered action, or one that shouldn't be available to a specialist summoner. It may, as I said above, turn out to be one which is too hard and resource intensive to be worth bothering with, but it's certainly worth testing to see if it works.
  12. She actually went through several variations on this ability during CB, but I feel it's a poor direction for her and the crew. A crew which applies a condition to do damage at the end of the turn is simply at too much of a disadvantage compared to crews which do damage *right now*.
  13. Burning, after the initial +1, currently does 1/3 of a damage, rounded down. That damage occurs at the end of the turn, after they get to activate at full effect, and after they spend the whole turn getting. your way. They also get an entire turn to remove the burning condition or heal. It's a weak condition, and a crew that relies on ticking it up will also be weak. Kaeris doesn't need ways to tick up burning, she needs actions and abilities that make burning a powerful condition. What she has is +1 damage on a weak attack, which is also all her crew has. The only powerful action in the crew which uses burning is the Fire Golems ability to teleport. By contrast, Sonnia, has- An innate, board wide, ability which turns burning into a significant debugging. Can ignore Los, cover and concealment against anyone with burning. A powerful attack to finish off models with burning that has an in built summon effect. Her crew complements this with abilities to push models towards enemies with burning and turn burning into scheme markers. Similarly, with pyre markers, I'm pretty sure that if two 50mm markers a turn is insufficient, them the problem isn't in the number of markers, but in their lack of effect. That lack of impact is directly linked to the weakness of burning as a condition, since their *only* effect is to hand out burning, which isn't a threat. Give the crew tools to make burning a real danger, and the Pyre markers also become a danger that opponents want to avoid.
  14. I really like the idea of Kaeris simply giving her entire crew immunity to burning damage. As I said earlier, a basic part of the toolkit for any marker or condition based crew is immunity to the effects of their own terrain or the damage from their own conditions. This is a crew which places terrain markers the *only* effective of which is to hand out, indiscriminately, a condition which does damage, and also has abilities like Fiery Presence which are, again, indiscriminate in handing out burning. So they should absolutely be immune to the damage from Burning, and the best and simplest way to do that is for Kaeris to have an ability which makes her crew immune to that damage. An additional benefit of attaching this ability to Kaeris as the crews leader would be to include versatile models in the immunity, which would go some way towards addressing the horribly restricted hiring pool available in theme. The problem with an ability like Blaze of Glory is that it ends up controlling the models actions-having set themselves on fire, they *have* to then attack an opponent to clear their burning. If they are in a Pyre marker, they then get an additional burning immediately, so they *have* to keep attacking. Even if it's not the best choice. If they move, or interact, they end up taking damage. Or, worse, they don't attack and are dependant on their opponent to attack them to clear their burning. Also, because they have to keep clearing their burning, they can't save it for important duels, or build it up as a resource to use later the way Hoffman can do with power tokens, or Marcus with his upgrades. Most limiting of all, to keep getting burning for the ability, they have to stay in the Pyre markers. The description of m3e Kaeris talks about 'hemming her enemies in with growing walls of flame', but with a crew dependant on abilities like this and Promised to the flame, right now it feels like she's hemming *her own* crew in, and to the relatively small area close to the Pyre markers. Blaze of Glory also doesn't fix the core weakness of Kaeris's attacks having a poor damage track. Immolate may have required too much set up, but Conflagration was only ever an attack you used to set up more powerful abilities. It still is, except now the best it sets up is a 3/4/5 damage against a single model. That's a decent basic attack for a damage focussed master, but not worth an action to set it up. For reference, Cornelius Basse has the same range as Kaeris, and simply has a straight damage track of 3/4/5. No set-up required, and blasts plus a trigger to put Injured extra. Basse isn't even a damage focussed master to the same degree Kaeris is. More than ever without actions like Immolate to build up to, I feel that Conflagration needs to simply be an attack worth using in it's own right, even with no burning involved on either side, and definitely without the awful handicap of having to stand still in a pyre marker to fuel Blaze of Glory. Up we go is at least OK for moving opponents around, but as her only melee attack really *has* to be able to attack models with flight, and feels like reposition, so Kaeris could move away, would be a much more useful trigger than 'rising flame'.
  15. My biggest objection to our versatile model pool is that, being almost entirely constructs, they don't feel like they're "representing the faction as a whole", rather they feel like the constructs that Hoffman and Mei Feng didn't want. Their isn't a single Gamin, spellcaster, or beast in the list, which is over half the masters in the faction completely unrepresented. It also feels like it's lacking a worthwhile 4ss minion, which is important since most Arcanist themes have at most one Keyworded 4ss minion, and some have nothing at all less than 5ss. It's not so bad having one or two high-cost models in a theme since you aren't usually taking duplicates of them, but with low cost minions the restricted numbers feel a lot worse.
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