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  1. scratchnsniff

    I Successfully won with master nekima ama

    Sounds sweet. I've got a question about leader Nekima. If she takes thousand faces then kills a master, can she then exchange thousand faces for aether connection?
  2. scratchnsniff

    Buy list for Collodi?

    I love a beckoner in the crew. Stitched are a staple for me with collodi and I've used rougarou recently too. Mannequin are excellent for scheme marker heavy pools too. On paper lazarus is pretty good but not used him yet. To be honest, most decent minion beater models become very good with him
  3. scratchnsniff

    Any use for the Rougarou?

    I think they're fragile but potentially savage as hell. Used one twice, first game was too cagey and spent a lot of time hiding and trying to heal up, second game was brutal with the thorn, dishing out 4 attacks in one turn consistently. I think they could be used well across several NB masters too.
  4. scratchnsniff

    Will o Wisp: how many?

    Yep, dont use em at the same time, dont need to copy both first turn and by 2nd turn one wisp is usually dead
  5. scratchnsniff

    Will o Wisp: how many?

    Ive taken 3 with Zo, 1 to spam gupps with Spawn Mother, 1 to copy zoraida doll summon and another to copy animal shape into enemies to be a nuissance and/or have Mctavish to shoot him and bring out Killjoy or Bad Juju. Also take 2 in a pandora list with a air of teddies and Kade. I like em a lot
  6. scratchnsniff

    New player. Convince me to play Neverborn over Outcasts.

    Kade has become a lot more useful now wisps are available too. My pandy lists usually include a teddy, kade, 2 wisps, puke worm and some scheme specific stuff nowadays.
  7. scratchnsniff

    Pandora, Kade, and Teddy is it good?

    Wisps other ability is very good, forcing a big gribly to walk towards a wisp rather than charge your crew is great.
  8. scratchnsniff

    Pandora in GG17?

    Pretty much Bert. Although I have a preference for multiple teddies....
  9. scratchnsniff

    Titania and Barbaros

    It works well and allows Titania to do what I think she does best....stand in the middle of the enemy and be a huge P.I.T.A. I put FGF on her with Aether Connection, Behold too and with Babs its a nasty, nasty combo. Strat and scheme specific obviously, but lovely to watch the opponents cheat hand to fritter away
  10. scratchnsniff

    Next Model for Lucius and Mimics?

    Illuminated are great with lucius, quality beaters and tough minions. Maybe a beckoner with them. Graves is also good as a mimic enforcer.
  11. scratchnsniff

    Favorite Autumn Knight

    My favourite is The Thorn. Her engagement range and built in scheme marker drops are ace for titania and her crew. I usually take all 3 though, and find the actual box set and a mysterious emissary work really well together.
  12. scratchnsniff

    Anit-Scheme runners

    For a reasonable cost i'd say young Neph. Flight and rams in hand are nasty. If youre happy to pay the stones then the hooded is my favourite. His push and charge + ml range means he can cover some distance to move around the backfield
  13. scratchnsniff

    Looking for Lilith tips

    Shes better off out of the thick of things in my experience. Rooting melee masters and other big hitters is awesomely powerful as well as blocking channels and los with BM. I usually take her with primordial and wings of darkness...if you stone for cards then when all is said and done she is cycling 11 cards before the first activation. I dont usuly use her to get into a scrap, more lurking just out of the fight and swooping on opportune targets when they present themselves. Barbaross is my go to henchman as he is pretty amazing at most things. Challenge has won me games on its own.
  14. scratchnsniff

    From darkest night I summon thee

    Twins too, great summoned models
  15. scratchnsniff

    Bandersnatch question

    You're spot on thanks mate, just re-read the shadow lair upgrade card. Thanks again