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  2. Monday Preview - Alternate Rasputina

    Good point, I hadn’t noticed that.
  3. Sonnia Meta

    How do you all feel about investigators to help with card draw plus pushes?
  4. Friday Preview - Doomseekers

    That artwork is Doomtastic!
  5. Sonnia Meta

    I don't there is such a thing as a good Sonnia stake a claim list.
  6. Alternate Nekima

    @Viruk Thanks for the side by side. Also those are some nicely painted minis you posted there. Especially like the wings, care to share the recipe?
  7. Domadors - Thoughts?

    That's pretty much it. I'm also undecided on whether such thing could feed a summoning sonnia.
  8. Alternate Nekima

    She's described as the biggest Nephilim in existence, so she should be at least significantly bigger than a mature...
  9. Alternate Nekima

    I had always assumed that the original one was out of scale. Is there anything in the fluff that says Lilith's sister is huge? I thought the smaller one was more correct in size since it's much closer to the size of all the other nephilim not counting the mature.
  10. Fauxmaha Holiday Tag Team Champions

    Here was the second encounter: A Charlie Brown Christmas Deployment Standard Set Up Place one 30mm Sad Tree marker in the center of table. This marker is Impassible. Special On the first turn, the First player must place a 30mm Charlie Brown marker in base contact with the Sad Tree marker. This marker is Ht1, Blocking, Impassible. Any model within 3” of the Charlie Brown marker treat all 1’s flipped as Black Jokers. During the Upkeep phase, the First Player may move the Charlie Brown marker up to 6” toward the second player’s deployment zone. All models in the encounter gain the following Ability, “Df (T) Good grief: after failing, push this model 4” away from the closest model.” Once during the encounter, after Initiative is resolved, the First Player may declare the use of the following special, “Does anyone know the true meaning of Christmas?: No model may declare Attack actions or use Attack actions during this turn.” Victory At the end of every turn after the first, a crew gains 1 VP if at least one model uses the (1) Decorate while in base contact with the Sad Tree marker.
  11. Fauxmaha Holiday Tag Team Champions

    Round three we got two different story encounters. One that was suggested and one made for a visit from a local. Here is the suggested one. How the Grinch stole Christmas Suggested by @TheUnseemlyOne Deployment Close Set Up Place one 30mm Grinch marker in the center of the table. This marker is Ht2, blocking, Impassible. Unconventional Terrain “He thought up a lie, and he thought it up quick” Anytime a player cheats fate, they may do so by cheating the card face down. Special The Grinch marker has the following ability: “His heart was two sizes too small: Models within 6” of the Grinch marker treat 1’s that are flipped as Black Jokers.” During the upkeep phase, place the Grinch marker 6” toward the closest model with the lowest soulstone cost. In the case of tie, the First player decides. Victory At the end of every turn after the first, a crew earns 1VP if no models in the crew dealt damage to an enemy model during its Activation. Once one crew, or both, gain 3Vp from this strategy they gain 1 more VP and neither player can score from this strategy the rest of the encounter. The Grinch marker loses the “His heart was two sizes too small” and gains the following Ability “His heart grew three sizes that day: Models within 6” of the Grinch marker treat 1’s that are flipped as Red Jokers.”
  12. Today
  13. Deal with scion of the void alphastrikes

    Aionus gets +1 dmg because they are often fast, then take doppelgänger to copy with a tomb for 3 more attacks and changlings if you want to go mad. The changlings can even ditch a card to go fast for extra attacks with the aura. They will never bury anything again.
  14. Should the "Gremlin Faction" become the "Bayou Faction"?

    If it means the faction starts getting some better models (like the other factions have for the last few books) or returns to its flavor, then I am all for it. As is the faction is in a serious rut because of complaints about specific abilities that seem over powered until you actually play them (having played gremlins since the start of the game, they are definitely not overpowered or even consistent in what they can do...they are a blast to play however and that is what keeps me playing them). This isn't solely an issue in Malifaux, nearly every game I have played that builds an identity for a group of models around synergy and high-risk/high-reward falls into it. It is perhaps a bit more noticeable with Gremlins because they also were intended to have a decisive advantage in activations that, unfortunately, with every book gets lower and lower. Personally I think the entire faction needs a rewrite (truthfully I think it is time for a third edition, especially one that improves the unused elevation rules). I would like to see the faction return to the "character" it started with. And again for the old salts...I am not talking about overpowered...I am talking about making the characteristics actually mean something (like they do in Gremlins). Models that are themed together should function best together and not the same regardless of Master, Henchman, Crew, or theme. Factions should have distinct identities that are only violated rarely, Crews so be even more stringent. As is, Malifaux isn't like this. The character is gone and the feel of the game has followed it. It used to feel like each game of Malifaux was a part of a larger narrative and also a sequence in an RPG. With the model bloat, symmetric strategies (the worst of it for me), center weighting of the strategies and schemes, and the emphasis on only a handful of "competitive" models (which is funny considering each book is supposed to provide more options and not less), the game has become no different than other offerings. Each game feels the same and is completely disconnected from previous or future ones. I used to really enjoy playing games. Win or lose it always felt fresh. I have found myself playing less and less of Malifaux and more and more of other games. Though the story encounter mode still provides an enjoyable diversion, it is difficult to find players willing to even try it. Might help if this "official" portion of the game was supportable by the companies in App encounter generator, instead of only the three competitive formats. I have also observed several communities around the country which used to be extremely vibrant, shrink or disappear completely. Recruiting new players has also become more difficult. While this may appear to be an overly negative view, my goal is to improve the game and expand the player base. As is I don't see current or subsequent books achieving this. Dismiss this if you feel like it, or attack it if you must, these are my observations and no more or less correct than anyone else.
  15. Miss O'Jenny

    That might be getting a little to close to the whole traps thing for some people's comfort.
  16. Domadors - Thoughts?

    Belles to get pefect targets into blasting range without exposing Sonnia I would assume. It would be extremely annoying to face.
  17. Attacking a Buried Bete Noir

    By RAW, yeah, she can do this no problem. However it's clearly not intentional and is likely going to get FAQ'd or Errata'd at the earliest possible time like the thing with Schrodinger's Huggy.
  18. Zoraida, the old dreamer. (Refering to the first edition where you could just deploy the dreamer in your deployment zone)
  19. Black Friday Sale

    If you put a note in there before checkout - it's there (I've had a dozen customer service e-mails asking about that today alone). That being said, if you're truly worried about it, you can send a customer service e-mail and I'll be happy to check it for you and confirm.
  20. Black Friday Sale

    Send a message to customer service and if it gets in to them before they start processing them, it's usually an easy sort. If it's after they start sorting - you might end up with a random or longer processing time as they have to pull and 'touch' your order. I'm working customer service today trying to sort anything and everything before the folks come in on Monday so ... now is your best chance.
  21. Domadors - Thoughts?

    So, what's the secret tech here, you made me curious ^^
  22. Final thread about Undercover Entourage

    I agree. Leave it alone allowing masters, or replace it completely.
  23. I like the blocker idea but you should use flying nightmares instead of Killjoy I think. Waldgeists make good blockers btw.
  24. Final thread about Undercover Entourage

    @ttsgosadow Which enforcer is problematic? How about: "Target henchman or enforcer which has not been buried this game..." You could keep it master or henchman but require the model to touch a board edge in the enemy deployment zone and remove it from play at the lastest during its end of activation step of turn 3. That should be a big enough sacrifice to not make it an auto pick. The model would not count as killed of course.
  25. Sonnia Meta

    Its going back, But Largely, (and there was some refinement during the year) I think it contained Sonnia, Reincarnate, disrupt magic Francisco, Wade in, Plant evidence (end of game push and drop a marker) Samual Hopkins, Plant evidence Witchling stalker Brutal Effigy Austringer Death Marshall . The Plan was for Sonnia to set something on fire, and in most cases she could use stones to counter cover and get the suit. Often Turn 1 would see her walk twice, or walk once and focus, but once she was in position., she was able to kill one or two models a turn. Somewhere I thought I wrote a report where I faced it, I beat it in a Squatters rights game, but only because he never crossed the half way line. I lost my last models turn 5 and all I killed was Frank, and he summoned 2 or more stalkers over the game. I can't seem to find it at the moment His biggest problem was Stake a claim games, but I think over the 9 events he played that list, he lost no more than 1 game an event, winning 1 events, and 2 other podiums
  26. Put one or two depleted closer than the rest (blocking charging lines if possible) and take a buried killjoy. Maybe they will think twice before going into rampage then.
  27. What can I take with sonnia for schemes?

    I can't believe I forgot hounds.
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