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  2. McTavish - Git' Em

    Because it talks about a damage category, that won't be changed without a rule that changes the damage category. (Like Nyx's Weakness would make you inflict Moderate instead of Severe damage.) Severe +/- 2 is still Severe. Based on the FAQs for things like McMourning's Organ Donor, it doesn't matter whether the damage is prevented when the effect references "inflicting" the damage. Model A inflicts X damage whether or not Model B suffers that damage or suffers Y damage.
  3. Condition Removal: A Luxury?

    This was my game Yep it was a pretty sweet finale I think in GG18 shes going to make most of my lists because of being able to remove gathered intel and shed blood. I badly regretted not taking her in my previous game due to Amina Naidu turning several of my crew into peons, making it very difficult to score 'Ours'
  4. (Argentina) Trying TtB at La Cueva del Enano!

    Hi! We managed to play the game for the first time! After 4 hours of gaming, we decided to make a pause before a long trip... The players liked the game, and we will try to start a big campaign in the near future. Also, at the same club we had later 12 players at malifaux games! Yes, we had to play a 2vs2 because we were out of space.
  5. I just got back from the local game store tournament, had the performance of a lifetime. After beating guys who have housed me year after year, I pulled a 2-0 win streak and got to the top table.... losing 0-7 to a Reva crew in embarrassing fashion. However, the first two game were so good I pulled in a 3rd place victory!!! My mystery box prize? Dayglow Orange Karis Starter Box! And the Resser guy who reamed me got the special edition Fire Starter, so he just gave it to me. I was always thinking about starting an Ironsides crew, so I already had bought both wave 1 & 2 decks, now I got no reason not to. I guess I'm in the resistance now.
  6. McTavish - Git' Em

    Hey, so yesterday i had a game with Lady J against Zoraida with McTavish. McTavish activated and focused to get the Swallow Whole trigger of and cheat in severe damage against the Lady. I had the Badge of Office Upgrade still attached to her and still had stones to prevent some damage. We weren't sure if the damage would be reduced to 0, if trigger still would have gone off and killed Lady J (as i didn't have 2 cards in hand at the time). Unlike most other trigger wordings (including other instant kill triggers) the Swallow Whole trigger doesn't go off after damaging, but after "inflicting severe damage". Does it still instantly kill a model if the model reduces the damage of the attack, or is it purely triggered off of the damage(-card) choosen?
  7. Teddy bear puppet?

    No worries man and congratulations on your new job. Tom Hanks is an awesome dude.
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  9. Monthly painting challenge - February

    Thanks for the feedback everyone,much appreciated. Hannah didn't do do well in the tourney yesterday but I probably need to use her better LOL In the meanwhile I finished Somer and I'm at 25ss for this month http://www.whatthefaux.net/2018/02/somer-boston-jones.html
  10. What Factions Spook You?

    I just saw a thread on the arcanist forum talking about masters who they won’t bring into a game if an opponent declares a certain faction. I’d be interested to see how this applies to us but also the opposite. So, what masters do you take or avoid dependent on the faction the other person declares? I know I don’t take zoraida against the thunders because they have + flips out the wazoo which bypasses her defences and while a zoraida crew can usually function pretty well without her, I’d rather she not die If I face neverborn, I ALWAYS take zipp, he flat out counters pandora, collodi and dreamer and does very well against all their other masters As a final note from me, I like taking brewmaster against ressers a lot. They have a generally low wp, don’t function well if a few key models are taken out of the game, make moon shinobi too good to pass up with their models having hard to wound and most hand out poison which my tanuki like to heal and reactivate people with
  11. [Chile] Demos

    Hello, We had a great time at the demos today. Here a few pictures of the last game when Papa Loco decided to blow up everybody with him!
  12. Ramos heavy hitter 35 SS crew

    I didn't really plan sacrificing the Toolkit that early. I could get some use of it later by giving +flips to Joss, perhaps even giving Reactivate to the Toolkit and Joss too, so Joss has two activations with +flips to MI and Dmg. Electric Summoning lets me spare the Toolkit, which is kinda expensive to sacrifice it for a mere scrap marker... Not only does it cost 4 SS, it is also Rare 1.
  13. Merseyfaux 3 , Sunday 29th April

    Justplaygames have moved to new bigger premises (ground floor of new building, see Facebook event page for pics) and further allowing me to run Merseyfaux 3 there. Links and further information all to follow in the next 24 hours... hope to put on a good event and if that did interest will arrange a meal/curry afterwards too. Again thank you for previous support of the event and hope to see more players again this time Kevin
  14. Unfortunately I don’t do Facebook and don’t have an account. If I come though I’ll bring a Matt and some quick terrain if that will help. You might want some extra scatter terrain for my mat.
  15. Fatemaster Rank Values and Actions

    There are two main reasons why the action includes the base acting value: You want to have an Illumunated with a different station or rank, as described in Raising the Stakes. You want to give the Action to a different character. As for the paragraph that starts "This rank is not used to determine a set number that the Fatemaster Character always achieves.", see the second paragraph in essentials. That paragraph is just trying to reinforce other points, it's not saying anything special. It's worth pointing out that you're asking about the 1st edition of the game.
  16. Mah Tucket - is there any hope?

    I've had some good results using both her new upgrades (Pit Traps going on the Little Lass). She pushes around a ton for practically no cost, and her push isn't too bad at shoving lower Wp models out of position. I've mostly used her as a quick surgical strike with the start of turn push as a run away tool but I imagine she would work quite nicely as a scheme runner hunter or flanker of some sort. She's no Som'er but then, who is?
  17. Teddy bear puppet?

    Thank you very, much. I just got hired on the new Tom Hanks flick Greyhound. So it might be a minute before I can try and convert them. I did get a message from Brass Monkey that be was going to do a conversion too, so he'll probably beat me to it. Since he's monitoring this thread, he'll probably make use of the scan too.
  18. I don't really understand when Rank Values should be added to the actions of Fatemaster Characters. Using an example of the Illuminated on Page 187; this minion can make a Scintillating Cloud with the following stats: (1) Scintillating Cloud (Enchanting) AV: 5M (11M) Rg: 8 Resist: Df Target suffers 2/4/5 damage. MM Filled with Stars: After damaging, the target gains the following Condition until the end of this turn of Dramatic Time: “Brilliant Aura: Characters within 1 yard of this character have the Brilliance characteristic.” I have a few questions here: 1. Does the Illuminated always have an acting value of 11 when it attacks with Scintillating Cloud? Is there ever a time when the base acting value of 5 is considered alone or is it always modified by the rank value? 2. Will the Filled with Stars trigger only occur if the defense flip shows a mask? Also, if it does show a mask, can players cheat that mask with another card? 3. Can a Fatemaster character ever get a higher acting value than their Rank Value + Base Acting Value? I think the answer to both questions is yes, but the rules on page 6 of the Fatemaster's Guide specifically state: "This rank is not used to determine a set number the Fatemaster Character always achieves." Thank you!
  19. What was the last list you played?

    Took Zipp against Misaki last night: Zipp: Hovering Airship, Gift of Gab, Dreaded Pirate Earl Burns Francois LaCroix: Stilts, Dirty Cheater Iron Skeeter: explosives Iron Skeeter: Spot Light Iron Skeeter: Treasure Map 4x Bayou Gremlins This is my first time playing this list on the table, so still adjusting and trimming fat. Being able to ensure Franc gets fast and reckless to destroy pretty much any model on the board is always a plus. I played this into Symbols of Authority, being able to at the end of a turn run Zipp up to a objective turn into a bayou to threaten a 1st activation score next turn, and pop zipp up in a position to protect a key area was a lot of fun. Ill edit with my opps list and our schemes after work
  20. Wat: 50 Soulstone 3 Round Tournament using Gaining Grounds 2018. When: March 18th from 10:30-6:30 Where: Mayhem Comics and Games in Clive, IA (Des Moines) Cost: $10 to participate Prizes: Store credit and TBD.
  21. Teddy bear puppet?

    So I scaned the front and back of all 5 Teddy cards. Here is the link to the shareable file. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KKX5HdK4ZUj3qY3VlbzeEaIM-o_4xElH Remember these are for the original non-Unsticthed version of the game so may need some adjustment to playable with that version.
  22. Demos at Ground Zero 2/24

    Open gaming and demos available at Ground Zero Comics and Games in Strongsville, OH. 15139 Pearl Road. 440-572-9599. Saturday, 2/24 from 12pm-5pm. Join the NEO Malifaux facebook group for event invitations and to stay up on what's going on in the area.
  23. Henchman Hardcore @ SGC, Sunderland, 26th February

    I'm in
  24. Yan Lo tactica!

    Toshiro gives positives to so no bonus for hands from below if im right. Talking about theoryfaux I have in mind trying Archie to get fast from the emisary when attaching his upgrades but those are a lot of ss so im not sure.
  25. Faction rankings?

    He's been kind of a wanderer to be honest. I think he won a tournament with Pandora, then went to captain con and got a second place finish using ressers (iirc Nico for all his wins and Tara for a tie with the Larrow in Ours)
  26. Lucky Effigy

    Is there any action/ability in the game that gives or soecifically to flips? If there is, I'd argue a flip is the act of turning X cards to get a value. Otherwise, having something apply a modifier that changes the number of cards you turn to something that specifically means "to turn a single card" would be paradoxical
  27. Lucky Effigy

    If they want it so any ram flipped works for the effigy and not Molly/Lawyer ect the only way I can think of doing it is 2 faqs 1) Cards don't calculate severity until chosen (so even if Molly flips a 11 and a 1 until she actually picks the card they aren't considered a weak/severe card) 2) flipped cards can then be any card flipped and that includes the suit
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