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I just saw the new Levi art. I know nothing of him (to be fair all my Resser knowledge is a little lacking…) so what's his shtick? I was looking at mr Punk Zombie and wonder how well they work together (probably would like some nurses too!)


Also how many corpse counters would one need for a resser-crew? 

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While Levi can take undead models with the right upgrade, he's not a resser. He's an outcast. So no nurses for Levi, as they're living. Can take punk zombies though.


I'll move the thread over to the right faction subforum, so people can comment on the use of punk zombies and any corpse counter usage he might have.

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He's not a Resser, he's an Outcast, and of the last Open Beta documents Levi doesn't really care about Corpse Markers, he utilizes Scrap Markers to summon. I'll leave it to more dedicated Levi players to weigh in on how good he is with Punk Zombies if utilizing the upgrade that allows Undead hiring, but I haven't seen any battle reports that take them. I also, off the top of my head, don't think there is any current way to get Leveticus and a nurse in the same crew.


As to how many Corpse Markers Ressers need. That's going to depend on the master. When I play Seamus the average is about 3-5 needed. If you use Nicodem, you might need 10 plus.

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That's the good thing I like about the Outcasts - there's no overall "theme" for the faction. You've got a Steampunk Necromancer, a pair of mercenary sisters, a military operation, a living spirit of plague and death, the Herald of Obliteration, a dead, hanged man and an assassin.

Whereas the Guild are law & order, the Ressers are undead and necromancy, the Arcanists are magic users, the Neverborn are the monsters, Ten Thunders are the ninja clan and the Gremlins are....well, the Gremlins. The Outcasts are kind of the bits that don't fit anywhere else, which is nice.

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What do you want to know about Leveticus?


He is the Steampunk Necromancer that has figured out how to cheat death, being re-born time and time again.  WItnesses see him take fatal hits only to be back at his business, Captivating Logistics and Salvage, taking another contract.


He blends together flesh grafting and constuct assembly to for a whole line of models which are both Undead and Constructs.


His core "crew" is as follows:

-Rusty Alyce, a young woman with a replacement arm and a big gun.  She is his understudy and basically can do many things he can do but in a more limited sense.  One of the nice things she offers the crew is some movement, being Wk 6.

-Abominations, his core minions, are the little monsters in the artwork.  Created from Scrap Counters by Levi or Rusty, or more often, the enemy models are Transformed into them, they can end up spawning all over the board.  They are slow moving and die relatively easy, but the rate which they are created offsets that.

-Four of the Abominations can then form up into a Desolation Engine, the large model in the background.  That giant monster is one fo the hardest hitters in the game, but like most of the Levi stuff, wastes away and can be easy to damage.  But it has healing and if it does get killed, it turns into two Abominations, needing only 2 more to reform against into a new Desolation Engine.

-the two females with no weapons are his Hollow Waifs.  These are basically Soulless women that Levi has anchored his soul tether too.  These Waifs are how Levi is re-born.  more on them later.

-Finally you have Ashes and Dust.  One of the strange relics that Leveticus found on one of his scavenging journeys, this maligant spirit seems bound to a Core which can be devastating on the battlefield.  Even more disheartening is that if you do kill Ashes and Dust the Core drops to the ground and the Spirit simply flees the immediate area.  But the Spirit, now in the form of a Dust Storm, can recombine with the Core and again, Ashes and Dust is back in play.


Finally, Levi himself can do many things on the table top.  His basic attack is surgical strikes that are unstoppable and potentially devastating.  And if the enemy closes on him, or he closes on them, can utilize his Death's Touch attack which can potentially do up to 8 points of damage very reliable. He  has some movement tricks and his crew has card manipulation.


And as others have mentioned, Leveticus has the largest hiring pool in the game.  He can take any Outcast model and with a 1ss upgrade can select either any Undead model in the game (almost the entire Resser line) or Construct (these guys are everywhere).  It opens up his Crew selection to really tune the Strategy/Schemes.


what else? 

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I'm not sure he had the largest hiring pool in the game - that title might still belong to Zoraida ( being dual faction, with access to mercs and living wp4 models.


I just did a "quick" count of how many models each Master can hire - it looks like Levi *just* wins out, with 101 to Zoraida's 97. 


I owe Drool_bucket a beer. :)

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Wasn't Marcus declared a faction of its own? He must be competing with Zora&Leve (old people and their hiring pools). Incidentally I own all three of those masters...


I haven't counted his model pool up myself, but I suspect it'd be a distant third to Levi and Z. Actually, he might still wind up being surpassed by the Dual Faction Masters. 

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While Levi can hire undead (with the right upgrade) He isn't a resser. Honestly, I got the impression that of all the people who raise the dead in Malifaux, Levi is the only one who might not use actual direct magic to do it, preffering to use implanted machinery to move the rotting corpse and provide the semblence of life.


Honestly, He is one of the most powerful and most important players, but he is also one of the quietest. You rarely ever see him mentioned by others, and if they do, it's as this guy who runs the junk shop and can help you for a price. That being said, he may just be the only master in Malifaux not being directly influenced by a tyrant. Not even Lady Justice seems to care about his existence, which implies to me that, aside from the magics he uses to bring himself back from the dead, Levi likely uses completely different methods than anyone else in his corpse raising.

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