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  1. I've had that one. It was an Ice Golem.
  2. If I ever got an Ice golem within melee range of Perdita Ortega I would immediately start trying to bounch December's Curse off him for blast damage and hope he also explodes on her into the mix. Compared to a fight between and IG and Perdita, I still think that's a better use of the model.
  3. Unless you play a lot against Gremlins tossing enemies will rarely come up as it only works on Ht 1 models. When using it on friendlies you trade an AP from 10 SS model for extra movement on a ~4 SS model. Occasional this will be worth it for schemes or clogging up the enemy if there is some bottle neck in the terrain, but if you want to do some real damage getting the Ice Golem engaged asap is the way to go as Icy Talon is pretty decent with its built in Slow trigger, and well Melee Expert. Df 2 is terrible, just terribly terribly terrible... Did I mention that Df 2 is terrible? I like the wo
  4. Cover bonuses! Everyone is a charming Southerner!!
  5. /sigh.... Inflict. #pandyfan
  6. Cuz he has a metal face. Get it?
  7. I use a GI Joe Destro model as Sonnia Criid from time to time.
  8. Well, since it's not limited run I would imagine "waiting like a normal person" would utterly negate the possibility that you could ever be screwed out of getting a Crossroads 7 Story Encounter.
  9. With regard to the "killiness" of Marshalls, if I'm in a box I'm not getting that AP. Same difference. Sure I have a chance to pop out, but sometimes Wp is an exploitable weakness. I've lost 12 master AP in a game because I got Lilith boxed once. "Unimpeded? What's that?"
  10. Desktop site on mobile is great. Except for my severe case of Scrolliosis.
  11. Auras affect the source model. So she's in terrain. She suffers no I'll effects due to Master of Malifaux, but it's still there so Sudden Darkness activates.
  12. Dear Diary.....today I lolled and lolled.
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