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  1. LOL, I might come home for Templecon keep me informed. No worries you will NEVER see me in a Yankees Hat. Ever, Ever Ever
  2. Well that is a hard question. I loved all the models so I decided to get them all. But the one I most went oh I am getting that just because of the model was Howard Langston. I thought it was just the coolest model. But I like mostly all of them.
  3. You know DroolBucket, Having HP as your Icon photo does not shock me that you are a patriots fan. Some quick Clarification. I am from Providence, and I own a Patriots hat. I have lived in Denver for over 10 years and have become a Broncos fan as well. I am the oxi-morron of football fans and I know it. I will look for a neutral hat for future videos. (I knew someone would comment on the hat, I just knew it.)
  4. I have to say, that for me I have realized how lucky I am about coming into the game after M2E. I have seen a lot of people having issues with the new rules and the changes in their beloved casters. For me this has never been a problem because, I have only known what is new and I have fallen in love with casters, that will most likely stay the same for quite a while. I do understand the frustration. I played Warmachine in 1st edition, now it seems very different to me. All I can say is, I feel lucky, and I understand people's frustration with a new game. Don't know why I posted this, but I thought it should be said. Thanks
  5. Ikvar, You will be happy to know the next one coming will have more Neverborn.
  6. Hey everyone in Come down for our first ever Story Encounter Tournament. This is a 40ss Event, April 12th Doors open at 10:30 and the first round starts at 11:00. Located at Shieldbreakers 724 Peoria St. Aurora Co, 80011 720-532-1333 There is a 10 dollar entry fee: but ALL MONEY GOES TO PRIZE SUPPORT! I am excited it is going to be a fun time. Hope to see you there!
  7. I tend to run with no rats in the beginning. I still end up with a lot of rats, and usually two rat kings.
  8. Thank you for the comments everyone. So quick question. Who do you want to see played? Factions, Masters, who versus who. We play a lot of different stuff but I tend to stay on the ressur side, but I can play a lot more. We would like to hear what people would like to see because it might pull me out of my comfort zone. Which is always good. Thanks
  9. Here is another Bat Rep Please feel free to comment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7yA5nj7lNQ
  10. OK, that makes more sense. That is an excellent explanation. You rock!
  11. Well the card reads dmg code is 0/0/1. But then after that it states "Increase the value of Blighted to +2 if Moderate damage is flipped or cheated and +3 if Severe is flipped or cheated." That is were I get the 4. So I am kinda confused which is why I am asking as I am in a tourney tomorrow and I like to go to a tournament and not cause headaches for my Henchwomen.
  12. OK so Preface: everything I will say is theory, or simply experience playing against them. So Dreamer is a BEAST!!! My local store owner has mastered and I mean mastered this Master. He can either be a support caster or a beatstick depending on if he stays the dreamer or becomes LCB. He is very very very hard to kill, and there are a lot of varieties of play style with him. He can play off your will power or just be very very aggressive. IMHO he is for people who like to play aggressive. Collodi is different as he is mostly a support caster who buffs himself, to give it out. I love his fluff and he is able to take any puppet from any faction, which gives him a lot of room to play outside of Neverborn. It also allows you to play a lot of different ways, but he is much more fragile than dreamer. Hope this helps a little bit. Good Luck
  13. So if you flip a red Joker I am right in thinking that with a malifaux rat you get 1 dmg and Blight +4, is this correct?
  14. Here is the thing. I was in the music industry for over 10 years. Clubs, Raves, Festivals I ran them for 10 years. Making sure the party never stopped. Now I am a social worker, I work to help people get there lives back on track, and on my weekends and nights I paint and play mini games. April I turn 40. And for me I ask "Why did it take me so long to get Here." Burnout happens with anything you are passionate about, change direction with grace. walk away for a bit, Do something else for a while. Learn how to let go. Trust me, if you really care you'll come back. Be true to yourself.
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