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  1. I played it for a few months when it came out but I stopped and sold my stuff for a number of reasons: 1) Cost - they are relatively expensive for poor sculpts that are TINY and spotty quality control. Some models (the hades) are gorgeous though. 2) D6 factor - you always fail on at least a 1. Your uber gun of which you might have 2 isn't reliable. This leads to luck being too skew-y 3) Luck is too much of a factor compared to skill - while your uber gun might miss 16% of the time if you happen to miss again that's a big deal. Also you could camp in a building for 3 turns and not find the objective whereas your opponent gets his objective first turn because it's dice based with no chance for re-rolls. It's more pronounced when you have people of similar skill. 4) Listhammer - There's a rock/paper/scissors thing that effects your list building - AA beats flyers, flyers beats non-heavy tanks and anti-armour beats heavy tanks (including AA). Sometimes your list is just hard countered. I didn't enjoy it. I won my first lot of games and then in a tournament just fluffed it all because I didn't care and was just making up numbers for a mate. I find it frustrating as your tactics are rendered moot by randomness
  2. 1) Coppelius Plushie with eyeballs 2) Teddy Plushie 3) witchling handlers / mobile app like The Breach :-)
  3. Just wondering if any of my fellow Wyrdos like the worlds best RPG ?
  4. Out of all the metal model sets Rasputina looked bearable. I really didn't like many of the older metals...
  5. Why is a waterfall like a baby in a barrel? Both casKade
  6. Why did the illuminated, depleted and beckoners hang the guild guard? They were a Lynch-mob
  7. Ironsides Mouse, not a pet mouse! Nevertheless since mouse is plastic and only in the ironsides box is there any way to get another one?
  8. I read an article by a GW investor who basically exposed the contempt they have for their customers. GW will fall soon and it will be sad, but they will not be mourned for long since they've killed any loyalty fans might have had. Unfortunately the 40k fluff is great and no one else can have it.
  9. I thought you were only needed to eat the greenies...
  10. But both ashes and dust are gray in real life. It's the perfect model for you! You need some Ice Gamin for that BURRRRRRN? Also whats the rough ETA from 'monday preview' to 'in Phototoxins claws'
  11. I use what I can reliably get hold of - generally speaking vallejo and GW. Nothing worse than trying to cross match a different companys paint! If you're new the GW 'system' of base/wash/layer is actually pretty good.
  12. Hurray for goths, life would be much less interesting without them! I also witness local Sainsburys security guards heavy handedly detain a shoplifter. =/ Steal a £13 ham = 2 guards and the police in record time. Poverty is evil.
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