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Colossal sized Dragon for under 50 bucks


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So, for our Iron Kingdoms RPG group, I'm pretty much always in charge of the minis.

We've started up an Epic Level Campaign, in which we'll be fighting against some Dragons (and in IK, they all have to be massive Forge-World sized minis).

So, I could have bought a $500 Forge World dragon or $200 on the Wizards of the Coast dragon. But instead, I went ahead and picked up a $20-$30 resin dragon from an Asian gift store at our local mall. After basing and repainting her, I think she turned out pretty well:




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$500 Forge World dragon

To be fair, that's the Forge World Chaos Dragon, and it is both massive (11 inches tall by 15.75 inches wide) and phenomenally detailed. It's more of a collector's piece than a game piece in every way.

For gaming or any purpose that involves a lot of handling, I'd go with a McFarlane piece. They're inexpensive, ranging from $10 for the less popular small dragons to over $100 for the extra-large deluxe dragons, and there's a good variety of them available because the company produced eight series of them with about six pieces per series. All of them are at least as detailed as most dragons produced by miniature companies as well. The downside of going with a McFarlane dragon is that they are OOP and you may have to look a little harder to find one.

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If I was going to get any big money dragon, I'd put it towards the awesome Cynwall Titan Dragon of Aarklash from Rackham years ago:


I think it is just about the best quality BIG dragon I've seen in recent years. It may not be quite as big as the other dragons mentioned, but it is plenty bigger than the standard dragons you see from GW. Unfortunately it isn't available anymore except on Ebay usually for several hundred $$$.

You did a nice job with painting the dragon you've shown, I'm just not particularly fond of the sculpt. Its sort of a boring pose in my mind.

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Also, if you're looking to spend a little cash, Sandra Garrity sculpted the Oracle Dragon now available from Valiant. It is two feet tall and runs around $250.

I did consider the McFarlan dragons, but even the larger ones were a bit small for the scale I was looking for. I wanted enormous god-like dragons, you know?

McFarlan dragons are nicely detailed. I would worry about chipping paint on some of the rubber parts, but they're still quite nice.

Perfect. Nice painting as usual also. How big is it? Maybe a shot with another model for reference?

The base that he's on is about ten inches in diameter (I wanted something larger than "Colossal" size, which would only be six inches).

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I have one, cost $450 from Ludiks.


I'm honestly trying to remember how much the Arklash dragon was when he was brand new.

It is tough to say whether Confrontation minis are going up or down in price sometimes, but that one definitely looks like an escalation.

Here's hoping that someone starts producing the old minis for collectors and painters.

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Here's hoping that someone starts producing the old minis for collectors and painters.

Worth every cent. I now own the entire Rackham metals collection and Im selling the duplicates on WAU and BarterTown.

As for reproduction, a chinese seller on Ebay 'Dream Box' is producing forgeries which are of varying quality. A member on OzPainters recently bought the Cynwall dragon for $75 AUD from them and he has to completely resculpt sections of scale due to poor quality.

the username on EvilBay is caomoa 1221 or something similar. Bid at your own risk. But my genuines are still NiB. I was gonna post the list here, but thought malifools would not be interested. PM me if you want a list with prices... Im moving to Korea at the end of the year and those not sold go into storage with the collection.

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Thanks for the info.

Right now there's a local store that's doing a sale on their old Rackham stock. I'm planning on rummaging through it tomorrow.

Also... NEWS! I found out the name of the company that makes these dragons.

I went back to the little store, but they only had a tag that said "Made in China" on the dragons. However, when they sell them, they put them into boxes that say "GSC" on them.

I haven't yet found out what the GSC stands for, but I found that they make quite a few Dragon Statues.

Here are a few of them.

Also, I figured I could post up a few pics of dragons to give you an idea of what he looked like before I painted him:




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Its crazy you showed these particular dragons. I found these dragons that look very similar:



I have no idea the level of detail and size the minis you are showing are, but I saw the prices....$20+ per dragon for a lot of them.

I got mine for $3 apiece at a gas station. I don't see any logo or indication of production on them.

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