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  1. How did everything wrap up and what are the next steps?
  2. It’s been a while since I got I got Rotten, looking forward to it.
  3. I miss the character of the old metal sculpts. I miss the variety of sculptors (Werner, Muller, Kev Adams). I miss the sweet paintjobs. I see many of the plastics to be lackluster, and too similar. Some tall figure with a big swooping cloak that comes to a point on one side, miss scaled figs etc. Don't get me wrong, there have been some plastics I thought were cool, mainly the early TT, but about the time the plastics came out I unfortunately lost my love and desire to collect and paint Malifaux minis and it wasn't because of the material. It's unfortunate, but I understand. Small boutique mini company hits it big with a fun new game and has to keep up with releases and demand to stay relevant. Unfortunately I feel the increased supply has reduced quality and creative output. No studio paintjobs are a bummer as well. Again, I understand all the things I feel create awesomeness create logistical nightmares and smaller margins for the company, but I wish Wyrd would try and get back to some of the things that got this company started and drew me back into the hobby with that original Perdita sculpt back in 2008. Fun minis by top sculptors painted by awesome artists. I frankly don't care about what material they are cast in, metal, plastic, resin, bubblegum, whatever. Maybe instead of a big hunk of colored plastic LE during Gencon, they could do a limited run of a character with a featured sculptor (Miss demeanor was cool, not a huge fan of the sculpt but the idea was there), or finally produce some character busts I've been begging for years. I think Wyrd does a lot of cool things like online LE sales during Gencon, tourney and LGS support, so please don't take this post as Wyrd sucks. Quite the contrary. Just miss the good old days I guess.
  4. I have one opened but otherwise untouched. PM me what your offering for it.
  5. So this is where all the pretties have been hiding... amazing stuff as always amigo.
  6. Looking good man. I like the idea of a big mound in the center of the board. You got a free ice skating rink going on that back corner?
  7. Loving the look on the TT! Who made the buildings? (sorry if I missed it, I looked)
  8. Cool effect with the glass. Like a fancy bank vault door. Will be cool when this is finally done!
  9. The blue... I love it, although with the coat sort of matching the jeans, I almost want the third guys shirt to be blue instead of green, to bring them altogether. But then they might look like a bunch of crips. Great job though, they look like a proper dodgy bunch.
  10. Sonia's avatar looks cool. Or should I saw hot! (sorry) I think her hair looks drybrushed and lets the fire dragon down in comparison. Working the blue into the fire is pretty brave and pretty sweet. I have to dig mine out and have a go.
  11. on carpet drops are tough to find. If you have a hard floor, you can take a flashlight and "roll" it around the ground. Anything on the floor will cast a shadow and is easily found. I worked in optical for years and this was one of the only ways to find those tiny screws once you drop them. To the person that suggested the appron, that sounds pretty clever. I unfortunetly would forget about it and go get another beer and take my whole painting table with me.
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