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  1. Thanks. I plan to keep it up quite a bit longer as well. It just goes off and on, since I'll also stop to paint something else in the mean time as I go.
  2. Well, here they are. Happy Valentine's Day, and gain +1 population. [img]https://cf.geekdo-images.com/camo/bdb810144e38ff627929ab345fcb2cd31ffdcbf0/687474703a2f2f7777772e67617264656e6e696e6a612e636f6d2f77702d636f6e74656e742f626c6f67732e6469722f312f66696c65732f4b696e67646f6d2d44656174682f64656174682d686967682d696e74696d6163792d636f75706c652e6a70673f693d393034313631323032[/img]
  3. Wear and tear is usually a welcome addition to most vehicle models. After all, tank armor is made to take a few hits. One of the things to keep in mind when painting something like that is the story it tells. Where and how you place it tells of how the damage happened. Rusty areas are older than shining metal showing through- moreso if there are streaks of rust leading down. A combination of rust and metal shows that this is a place where the rust layer gets scrapped off. This vehicle is from Seedy Tea Publishing‘s Simulacrum Protocol line. [img]http://www.gardenninja.com/wp-con
  4. I've got a couple more. Neither of these are super new, but I hadn't realized that I missed posting them. The Warrior of the Sun has always been one of my favorites: And while Cola's presence in Kingdom Death is usually as an accessory to the Candy miniature, I decided that he'd do fine as his own survivor. I've got more to post, I just need to get all the photos sorted out.
  5. Here are a few minis from some of the varies Chaos Space Marine armies that I’ve painted for Warhammer 40,000. I’ve always loved chaos for the variety of themes that they use, which can suggest a lot of great paintjobs and conversions. These ones are from a Death Guard force that I painted with a huge focus on rust and verdegris. I really like the idea that these Nurgle forces can't maintain their metal gear without it getting super rusted. This next one is from a very different Nurgle force. The decay look is present, but expressed differently. I also re
  6. I decided that I'd post up pictures of the minis I've paitned for what is probably my favorite space marine chapters- the Salamaners. I have painted a lot of them over the years. The first is a whole army that I painted over the course of several years for a client. For this force, we went with a sort of combined interpretation for Salamander skin- they have an African skin tones with the yellow hair that older Salamanders have had, but not the drow skin or eyes that some of them have. The force was started before the more recent wave of Salamanders, and the fluff on them has g
  7. I made it. I started out with a Frog Champion from Dark Sword, cut off a lot of pieces, and did a lot of sculpting. The insect legs were taken off of a Reaper spider, and the sword is a Kingdom Death piece, but most of him is my sculpt. The dunb ball is 100% apoxie sculpt/green stuff.
  8. I could describe these next ones, but I think we just want to skip to the pictures anyway.
  9. The Screaming Antelope is one of the core monsters of Kingdom Death: Monster. And the fact that you can get so many fine resources from it makes it one of the most hunted creatures in the setting. For this paintjob, I wanted to move away from both the grey standard color scheme for the antelope and away from the red "skinned antelope" look I've often seen. All together, I feel like this came out really well. The base is constructed from apoxie sculpt and green stuff.
  10. Kingdom Death miniatures remain some of the very best in board games- even the older ones from the core box set. This is the Butcher. While he is normally painted in a very dark color pallet, I chose to use some lighter colors on him (especially for his fur). Overall, I think this worked quite well. I also created the base of faces for him.
  11. So I like playing Gloomhaven, but I really don't care for standees. Since I had been making chibis for Kingdom Death and Warhammer Quest, it seemed strangely reasonable to me to 'simply' replace every standee and character mini with custom made chibi minis. Yeah, it didn't end up being all that simple, but it has been a really fun project. Let's start out with the PC classes: The Inox Brute. This was the first Chibi Gloomhaven character that I finished. I was very excited to make him. The body comes from a Cyclopes from Impact! Miniatures. The head is mostly my own scu
  12. I created this mini a little while ago, but for some reason I missed showing him off. This is my chibi version of the Manhunter nemesis monster for Chibi Kingdom Death. The core mini started its life as a cowboy robot from Rail Raiders Infinite, so he's come a long way to get here. For the base, I wanted to create a chibi version of a base that I had previously made for the proper Manhunter mini.
  13. There are a lot of different takes on the Flower Knight. This makes sense, it is an absolutely brilliant miniature. There are a lot of different ways you can go with him that would work. For this one, I went with a more muted interpretation and mix of oxidized gold and steel armor with sort of muted greens and magenta clothing and accents. The next time I paint up this mini, I’ll likely do something drastically different with him (or her… I’ve never been totally certain with the Flower Knight). Maybe brighter colors or green armor.
  14. A little while ago, I got a full set of metallic paints in vibrant primary colors. I immediately felt like there was huge potential to this- you could use them to add all sorts of extra depth and interest to True Metallic techniques. And one of the things that struck me was the idea that you could use them for feathers. With many birds, feathers already have a sort of metallic shine to them, so it isn't too crazy to consider using true metallic techniques to express this. While I initial was afraid that it would be hard to keep the phoenix from looking inanimate -like a bronze stat
  15. The first wedding cake toppers that I made all involved Zombies. Over the years, I’ve made quite a few more, but I definitely have a love for the zombie survivor wedding cake toppers. One of the variants that a client had me create was that rather than create zombies that climb the cake, we just have a pile of defeated zombies underneath the bride and groom (they’re standing victoriously after the combat). Even with the John Woo style pistols, I really don’t think the groom can be responsible for this kind of dismemberment, so this round goes to the bride.
  16. I've been painting a very large Nurgle force with rust effects for a while. I'll go ahead and update this thread with more pictures as I go. I really wanted to do very rusted and oxidized metals for most of the minis, and I think this look has worked quite well for the force. I feel like I rarely get to do this kind of rust (since even orks would probably throw out weapons that were this poorly maintained).
  17. I've been playing Stuffed Fables lately- it is quite a nice dungeon crawler. One of the things that drew me to the game were the fantastic miniatures. Most of them are in that sweet spot between cute and creepy that comes out just brilliant. When I'm painting my own sets of minis, I tend to avoid the official color schemes and instead look for ways in which I can reinterpret the sculpts with color. For Stuffed Fables, I decided to try and make all of the stuffies and enemies look worn, dirty and used. I think this fits in with the Velveteen Rabbit's concept of stuffed animals- they're
  18. This is a White Lion from Kingdom Death that I painted pretty recently. I think it is really easy for white to look plain, even when it is done well, so I went with a very colorful white. I did a quite write up on some of the techniques I've been doing recently to make painting white more interesting. Anyway, here's the lion. I haven't posted anything to Coolmini in a while, so I decided to post this one up. Here it is if you care to vote.
  19. Thanks. I really love the line of minis, and I'm very glad that I've had the chance to do them up nice.
  20. The Faceless is a neat game with some really interesting miniatures. The player token is a compass, and all of the miniatures have magnets in them to manipulate what direction the compass points. When the players move, they have to follow the compass direction. It is a really neat game, and most of the minis are little double sided dioramas (they have one side that’s a poor child about to be abducted by a monster, and the other side is the creepy little chimera that he turns them into). Anyway, here are the minis I painted:
  21. At this point, I've done enough Arena Rex that I should probably just dedicate a single thread to collecting them. So here we go.
  22. I don't take pictures of them when they're unpainted very often. I did get some pictures of a Flower Witch that I made for someone else to paint, so I'll get those pictures up in a bit. The Sunstalker campaign features the People of the Sun- an alternate group you could start out with that have some nods to Japanese clothing styles and weaponry. They’re quite distinct from the usual Kingdom Death survivors. These people live in the shadow of an ancient Sunstalker and raise its young in a pool of colorful liquid. I really love the campaign, and I thought that they would make an inter
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