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Perdita and Sonnia into TT?

Yore Huckleberry

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From the 10T side I've use fuhatsu with stealth and used his base size to block los on other models also bill algren with steal and him providing cover to all other friendly models within 3" is a other thing I've used against a guild shooting line.

From playing guild if I know it's there I gave to choose my initial targets better or it feels like  that from the limited pool if models I can target

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Considering how few good ranged models Guild actually has, it isn't a big problem. You can just attack the stealthy buggers with your melee models.

You should definitely take its existence into account when building your list if you are planning to target a specific model, such as the leader, in a scheme or something.

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I have played against TT a lot of times with Perdita. This stealth upgrade is a pain. You have three solutions :

_ Papa Loco + LLC to shockwave in packs with important stealthy models. Papa Loco's cost of 7 makes him an excellent target for A por el. He will gain lots of AP on this. His repeated shockwaves will first drain your opponent's hand then damage ennemy. The LLC prevent lures. With LLC and his grit, the opponent has to commit a good beater to deal with him.

_ go for middle, and ignore the flankers. In a middle brawl, stealth will not matter. You just have to be sure that opponent's stealthy scheme runners will not get him too many points. You will lose models, but the damage potential of family is really high. Middle brawl is not a bad position for family

_ Flanking with Francisco to get stealthy scheme runners. If Franisco can get one charge, he has the potential to hit 4 time on flury + onslaught. With family values, you can still have him bravado toward his target, getting the movement needed to catch even a fast scheme runner. That's costy on AP, but sometimes getting that scheme runner will deny too many VP to your opponent.

I have yet to face a team with a good ranged model with a stealth upgrade.

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