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  1. Another boost to Dashel will be the Corrupted Ley Lines strat: Executioners are hard goalies for later points -- they have a threatening attack, can eat an enemy scheme marker with trail of gore, and can Scatter people away from the base contact they need at end of round. On top of that, Lead Lined Coat (or Dashel's own Laugh Off) allows your own models to stay in base contact against such effects. That makes TWO meaningful upgrades for Guild, now.
  2. I think Papa Loco is an interesting thought. You can throw him in there to either proc or feint point one with some payback, and if he winds up as your second martyr, the Grit ability and Juggernaut help him switch to staying alive.
  3. The Charge trigger has been non-master only already, so that's not a change if you mean using it to TARGET Leveticus. @Irritated Walrus, this is from the new FAQ document, the Specific Abilities section, number 12:
  4. So, Nellie lost her two best counters: Corrupted Idols and Deliver a Message, RIP. She also got a ruling confirmation that enemies forced to take an interact MAY simply choose to "remove all markers," even when that number is 0, so no baked-in synergy with Dashel-summoning, etc. That said, we got clarification that a model being Exclusive Interview'd counts as BOTH a friendly AND an enemy model, so now Nellie's One More Question can cause {forced interact controlled by Nellie, card draw by Nellie, focus for Nellie, slow on the target, 1/3/4 if engaged on target, focus for other reporters}
  5. Took Nellie solo to a fixed-leader tourney over the weekend. I declared her because the strats were Plant, Idols, Turf, and Deliver was in the schemes on Turf. I drew our Conference's top-rated player running Shenlong first -- Plant Explosives in Wedge. I lost that one 6-2. Phiona did some good work keeping Shenlong off my rider, and I forgot that she had a LLC on her at the end, which might have let me score the second point of outflank. I also let him spook me into Squealing Nellie slightly away from an Idols marker in the last round, after which he was able to block LoS with a figure a
  6. Framing it out explicitly: A model with a sin token in range of Pride declares that s/he will be cheating fate. Presumably, Pride does not have to tell the player at this point whether Pride will be affecting their cheat card, as that would allow the cheating figure to know they should select a poor card. Step 1: Cheating model selects a card. The card is not yet in the conflict, so it is not public knowledge by the conflict rules. The "control hand" is still "public knowledge" in the sense that the opponent can ask for the number of cards there, but not, e.g,. what those cards are. If
  7. The question seems to be about the timing window -- when EXACTLY Pride has to intervene to strip away the cheat card -- rather than whether you can bluff that you're cheating in the first place, and I'm not sure the answers have addressed that precisely, yet? It seems to me that once you cheat, yes, the card becomes public information, but I do see the question: is there a timing window where Pride has to act before knowing the card, since Pride's intervention would prevent "cheating" from happening. So if Pride is preventing Cheating from happening, it does seem reasonable that at least
  8. I mean, if you’re playing for fluff then what is legal isn’t always right, and the Arcanists are the ones looking out for the little guy through unions, creativity, and allowing the exploration of individuality through magic. I got into Guild because it’s dripping with theme: steampunk nobility, giant constructs, multiple frontier crews, and those zany journalists (who in my head canon are more Lois Lane than party line propagandists!). Then I learned that they’re basically the nationalist party of Malifaux, but at this point I’m committed because I like a good fight and if I’m learning
  9. Yeah, I went through it on the Rules forum with some people and I'm persuaded -- I don't think he can push himself away from himself. (also, my major source of confusion on it was mis-hearing the TFW podcast about Lucius; the trigger they talked about him using on himself is the end-conditions trigger, not the push-target trigger)
  10. To be fair to my geometry, I literally laid that case out above in the paragraph where I made the case against it. Regardless, I just listened again to the TFW episode, and the trigger they were discussing with using Issue Command on yourself was the condition ending one, so the thing that got me confused about how this was possible in the first place turns out to be a listening error anyway. Happy enough with Lucius without it!
  11. It seems to me the best opposing case would be that a push needs to be drawn to the center of the model being pushed, from the center of the model it is pushing away from. In this case, that line cannot exist because those points are identical, and therefore do not constitute a line. The best case in support is that with identical points the push can be in any direction because the pushed distance will intersect with both the center of the pushed object and the initial point it is pushing away from.
  12. I mean, that’s simply the most-similar case. Again, the Lucius “experts” on TFW pointed out that this is legal, so I’m curious if there is a ruling somewhere?
  13. Intriguingly, height rules in Malifaux offer a similar possible case where Lucius on an elevated platform with holes in it could see a model directly beneath him whose base is centered exactly where Lucius’s is. In that case, we presumably would understand that the model could be pushed, and in any direction, even though you’d be arbitrarily selecting some point of the lower figure’s base that is off in a given arbitrary direction from the center of Lucius for determining “away.” Similarly; it seems to me that Lucius can make the same technical choice about himself, arbitrarily choosing a
  14. This was asked in the Guild thread, but can Lucius push 2” away from the center of his own model if he targets himself with Issue Command and uses the Under Pressure trigger? Narrowly, the rules require that the object being pushed move away from the center of the object. Lucius himself being the center, the push is always away from his own center, even if you want to be continually checking it throughout the push through some sort of timing calculus. Has this been discussed? My basic search didn’t pull it up, and I believe the recent TFW episode on Lucius declared this possible, so
  15. I’m not sure here ... the rules for Away simply say away from the center of the object; if Lucius pushes in any direction, he has moved away from the center of the object. Even if you want to make some sort of calculus argument where the rules must be checked at every microsecond of the push, that rules is consistently satisfied throughout: even though the center point moves as he does, he is always pushing away from it, and in the same direction, so he isn’t violating the rules of push.
  16. I heard that the winning player had a set-list Nekima build: Nekima - cache 7 - Inhuman Reflexes Blood Hunter totem Hayreddin - Inhuman Reflexes Mature Nephilim - Ancient Pact Mature Nephilim - Ancient Pact Black Blood Shaman Major gameplan was kill something important and then out-activate.
  17. I think you can rep either one and probably get through the same sets of strats (and MOSTLY the same schemes) if you're on a budget. But there are places where one is better than the other. I'd agree with the podcast that Lucius has a bit more offense than Nellie, although either can, yknow, grab a peacekeeper and pale rider, so. Lucius is probably slightly better than Nellie at playing/preventing Plant Explosives (although shoving enemies back with the Printing Press is a lot of fun), while Nellie is probably slightly better at Corrupted Idols, particularly because she heals 2 per intera
  18. I'm pretty sure that "the same effect" means "the same instance of the effect." There are a handful of other abilities that make it clear that we aren't supposed to track the history of effects over the entire length of a turn or activation. So each instance of "Revel in Creation" is its own effect, the same way that shooting twice with a peacebringer is not the same attack. I'm not sure whether we have any sort of similar precedent, though, to identify a single model activating twice as "two models in a row" activating. Linguistically, it's pretty clear that it is actually one model acti
  19. Thanks -- you're correct of course -- that should read "you will fail the action," as above, and I'll adjust it. Yes, I'm with you here and happy to confirm that again for anyone who references this. If you shift the target scheme marker with the trigger, it will be the new-and-final target, and the original one will not be affected.
  20. So, curious to confirm my read of the Prepared Explosives trigger on Undercover Reporter’s Arson ability. It seems to me that to use it: 1) you need a scheme marker within 10”, because otherwise the action will fail in step 3 on page 23 of the rule book, which will cause you to skip steps 4-5. This is because Arson reads, _Instead of dropping a shockwave marker, this action must center its shockwave on target scheme marker within range._ So even though you could intend to duel and cheat in your trigger suit on step 4 to move it to a marker anywhere in play, you cannot do that un
  21. I’ve written it out before or the Guild threads, but HotR has the single worst technical writing I’ve seen in a game. And I think our designers did a great job giving us a great game - this one is just particularly hard. i just posted the following to a local group FB thread on Basse: what happens is basically this: You hire Cornelius, Bernadette, and a Frontiersman. Cornelius deploys: a weird unspecified timing window is suddenly created. - his HOTR ability triggers, and he can deploy +1". - Bernadette's HOTR ability triggers, and Cornelius can deploy +1". Because it has a
  22. Yeah, we've got Omaha and Lincoln ... and I think there might be some guys in Des Moines who play?
  23. Yeah, I got into Malifaux because I loved the idea of a game broad enough to have a blind lady samurai committed to eradicating undead and a top-hat wearing investigator rolling up evidence in a rug! Between that and loving all the equal representation of women in Guild, I figured I'd love the faction! Still do, really (not thrilled to discover they're the fascists), and I'm well on my way to collecting the whole faction, so there's some sunk cost in my models at this point! We'll see if I cross the Lucius bridge to Neverborn or the Hoffman bridge to Arcanists someday ... probably just in time
  24. Obviously we need a Guild Invitational for all NA Guild players! Let's see ArcanoThunderCasts win THAT one!
  25. A tournament style league? I’m yore huckleberry! Well, I mean ...
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