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  1. Last week i played my first game with M3e Perdita's crew, Plant Explosives vs Zoraida (not the best Strat or opponent for Perdita, but wanted to test her): Perdita + LLC Nephilim Francisco Santiago + No Prisoners Niño Papa Loco Abuela Monster Hunter 4 SS The crew has lost some of its raw firepower from M2e, but the extra actions (Zoraida was replenishing our hands, so in this match i had a lot of cards) give more versatility to the list. Every turn i had a bit of headache thinking about positioning each member and the order of activations to get good use of A por el. The enemy deployed most of his crew together, so on turn 1 I almost got Papa Loco in position (through extra actions + Nephilim push + Abuela obey) to throw 2 dynamites to the group. Nephilim and Abuela were there mainly for their bonus actions. A lot of moderate 4 damage on Ortega's pistols , so if you can manage to get decent damage flips, the health lost on enemy will be remarkable. On the other hand, the crew has no special tricks to survive, so exposing them too much can be punishing. Papa Loco seems more useful in M3e than he was in M2e. Niño shots and Perdita's analyze weakness are the only reliable source of cards for the Family, so managing and timing these were part of the equation. After this match, i think Papa Loco and the clockwork grenades from No Prisoners could be a decent counter for the Stealth from the 10T.
  2. I suppose it implies Seamus getting a RJ on dmg flip against an unactivated T1 Dead Rider without Fate Tokens. You know, that easy counter everyone can use...
  3. This is sad news. Trikk is a veteran and a good player, if this is his M3e Guild Top 1 crew, then i am worried M3e is not as far away from M2e as i thought...
  4. Do you have any link to tourneys results? Or can you briefly sum it up ?
  5. 🤔 Can i ask my opponent to check and confirm Master and Faction?
  6. Thinking a way to tone down the action and prevent Judge to be hired in every single Guild crew, i got this. Thoughts?: The Risk of Reason: Reveal cards from the top of your Fate Deck equal to the number of friendly Mashal models in your crew (to a maximum of 5). For each revealed...
  7. Lord J

    22.03 Update

    I am wondering how exactly works (or is intended to work) the word "every" in the Spotter ability, when you resolve Nino's "A por él!". RAW, can someone take an action (discarding a card every time) with every Family model LoS with Nino (and Cost equal or less than Nino) ? I think is intended to work with 1 model, but can be understood as... "every" model?
  8. Lord J

    Lady Justice issue

    I honestly think McMourning can win Lady J. Master vs Master: Better attack, better defense, hard to wound, ignore hard to wound, ignore armour (byebye LLC), discard or get injured, heals after damaging, etc. Even the Holy Glorified "Restore the Natural Order" can't stop all the poison a good McM crew can generate. Meanwhile Lady J keep using actions to remove conditions and heal herself, McMourning can keep slicing her. And most of the important pieces in McM crew are Living. Ressers have the tools to face and beat Lady J, McMourning is one of the top melee masters currently,
  9. Lord J

    Lady Justice issue

    I can see your point, but making counterattack intimidating requires a remarkable investment. Holding a RJ and a 13M at hand for this purpose can certainly help Lady J survive, but can make you lose the game if the VP's are not there at the end of the game. And those cards can help you score for sure. And, at least in my local meta, when i bring Lady J to the table, my opponents take their biggest and baddest to deal with her. No speculative attacks. At the end, is Df5 without built-in suit.
  10. Lord J


    Nellie's crew have no tools to sustain the damage from the idols (apart from the damage from the opponent). And Exclusive Interview isn't a consistent tactic: the opponent will bite the first time he faces Nellie's crew, next time he will avoid interacting 2" close a reporter, and kill/push/bury/whatever. Not really my favourite crew for cursed idols.
  11. Lord J


    Yes, specifically Nellie has good tools for Cursed Idols. The rest of her crew has not really dedicated abilities/actions for this strat. And due to how randomly the idols appear, i see Nellie running up and down (well, left and right) chasing idols 🤣 I think Dashel has a more solid approach to Cursed Idols, summoning cheap minions to move the idols and healing the expensive ones.
  12. Lord J

    Lady Justice issue

    Thanks God you are here to tell us who the best master is, when people have to stop giving their opinions and what we can test or not... 🙄
  13. Seen similar post in other factions, so curious about your thoughts.
  14. Lord J

    Lady Justice issue

    Bwahahhaha! First Mate has not Decay! Hahaha...haha...ha...oh, wait...
  15. Lord J

    Are we OP?

    She is an absolute beast: drowning her enemies in Injureds through Decay and autowinning every single game just spamming the condition removal aura.
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