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  1. Don't worry, nobody cares; we all learned during Beta the way for Lady J to win Championships is with Decays and ending Conditions...🙄
  2. Lord J

    Learning Lady J

    Jury+Domadores+Exorcists work really well together to deliver a good amount of obeys/command corpse on enemy models.
  3. Lord J

    Learning Lady J

    For the main core of the crew, i usually consider 2-3 models from: Lady j herself, Lone Marshal, Pale rider and Dr. Grimwell. These gives me mobility and some nice dmg. The rest of the crew depends on S&S and enemy faction/Master, but usually around Domadores, Jury, Exorcists and/or Judge. Ocasionally Steward, Brutal effigy+upgrade or directly Emissary. Rarely using DMR and DM. Can get enough tools for potentially good chances on each of the current 4 Strategies. Their lack of cheap scheme runners force you to be creative (and cautious) with schemes involving lots of Scheme Markers.
  4. Searching and unfortunately can't find nothing related. Could you give me some examples of w40k Tyranid miniatures whose rules were removed from Codex in new editions and/or banned in tournaments by GW (Forgeworld apart, of course)? This is something i have to analyze. Thanks in advance.
  5. Because they were removed from the Codex or officially not allowed in tournaments? I played w40k from 1ed to 5ed with Eldar, Space Marines and Imperial Guard (and then intermittently from 6ed +), and really can't remember *several occasions* happening this.
  6. I see your points, and understand the balance issues, but i am trying to actively differentiate miniatures from characters. I understand Ramos or Lilith are no longer available as Masters in their Factions. So, now their models are just decorative elements on my shelf? In other wargames, when an special character disappears, its model can still be officially used as a vanilla commander or similar. I know this exact mechanic can't be used in Malifaux (there is no "generic Master"), but adapt them to a "count as" could be fair enough.
  7. Currently, buying a model can be a roulette throw: you get a model, use it as a part of your crews and one day, Malifaux fluff changes and the character this model represents disappear, so the model goes out of factions and is not allowed to be used in tournaments. Been playing wargames for many years, and never seen this kind of mechanic; the most similar is Magic the Gathering and the updating list of forbidden cards in the different formats, but i think these 2 games are too different to be compared. So, i feel really weird to be forced to leave models on the shelf because they suddenly are not allowed. I honestly think there should be a way to continue the use of these official models. I think a list of "Count as" could be the fairest way. Converting DMH models seems not a solution, as GG season zero states proxies are only valid for models not released. Global solutions are always better than local solutions, and having to discuss the acceptance of official models because fluff has changed will end in different results in each local meta.
  8. Because if you sell me miniatures and, 1 year later, i won't be 100% allowed to use them in tournaments, maybe (maybe) you will end up playing with those models all by yourself.
  9. A bit off-topic, but with the release of the Gaining Grounds season zero i was really hoping for an official list of "Count as" models involving the DMH miniatures (like Ryle "count as" Melissa K.O.R.E., Lilith "count as" Nekima, Nico as Von Schtook, etc) I understand that some characters are (currently) out of the Malifaux scene, but i think we need some real options to give good use to the miniatures we already own, taking into account DMH is not allowed by default and some new miniatures have not a clear scheduled release. Just my 2c.
  10. Pending to test, but i think a Perdita Crew with Papa Loco, Santiago with No Prisoners and a Monster Hunter with No Prisoners can deliver enough Shockwaves to counter models with stealth. Frank and Perdita can be the melee front line, if necessary.
  11. ... Mmm, that's a remarkable number of shockwaves... If only we had a mediocre player who could assemble a Shockwave thematic crew... 🤔
  12. Actually, "No Prisoners" Upgrade (x2) gives a Bonus Action Shockwave.
  13. Last week i played my first game with M3e Perdita's crew, Plant Explosives vs Zoraida (not the best Strat or opponent for Perdita, but wanted to test her): Perdita + LLC Nephilim Francisco Santiago + No Prisoners Niño Papa Loco Abuela Monster Hunter 4 SS The crew has lost some of its raw firepower from M2e, but the extra actions (Zoraida was replenishing our hands, so in this match i had a lot of cards) give more versatility to the list. Every turn i had a bit of headache thinking about positioning each member and the order of activations to get good use of A por el. The enemy deployed most of his crew together, so on turn 1 I almost got Papa Loco in position (through extra actions + Nephilim push + Abuela obey) to throw 2 dynamites to the group. Nephilim and Abuela were there mainly for their bonus actions. A lot of moderate 4 damage on Ortega's pistols , so if you can manage to get decent damage flips, the health lost on enemy will be remarkable. On the other hand, the crew has no special tricks to survive, so exposing them too much can be punishing. Papa Loco seems more useful in M3e than he was in M2e. Niño shots and Perdita's analyze weakness are the only reliable source of cards for the Family, so managing and timing these were part of the equation. After this match, i think Papa Loco and the clockwork grenades from No Prisoners could be a decent counter for the Stealth from the 10T.
  14. I suppose it implies Seamus getting a RJ on dmg flip against an unactivated T1 Dead Rider without Fate Tokens. You know, that easy counter everyone can use...
  15. This is sad news. Trikk is a veteran and a good player, if this is his M3e Guild Top 1 crew, then i am worried M3e is not as far away from M2e as i thought...
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