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2019 Monthly Painting Challenge - March

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4 hours ago, Purple Mist said:

We can ask @Kimberly for details about primer she used as a base for GSW Colourshift paints.

Anyway, it's true here we can see just photos and things are very differnt live where,moving the object or the osserver POV you can apreciate the full colourshift.

I approached GSW Colourshift paints when I bought some ships from TTCombat Dropfleet Commander and I was looking for a quick and effective way to paint them. Some other guys at the local shops bough their fleet too and a couple of them bought GSW Colourshift paints too. Unfortunately no one of them painted the minis so far. I have not a live comparison of GSW Colourshift Painted models from different hands and using different trick and base coats.

I used Badger Stynylrez Black. My fiance and I are part of the cult of Stynylrez :P

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17 hours ago, misterfinn said:

......Wish I could watch you paint. ;) ....

Thankyou for your very kind words....but.....watch me paint ?...😱😱😱.....unlike you I can offer no helpful pictures...only a 1000 words😉

If I made a YouTube video it would last for weeks....and STILL nothing might happen ! My process goes like this:

(1) Put a record on and make some tea

(2) Stare at primed but unpainted model...for ages...pick up another model and wonder whether I should start that one first instead....wonder if anybody else has painted it and go on the 'net to find out

(3) Stop looking at pictures of  Viking shoes, hot rods or poisonous reptiles or wherever I ended up on Google....

(4) Change the record...drink more tea

Numbers (5) to (53) are numbers (1) - (4) repeated but in a different order....THEN comes the most important part

(54) Look at the clock or calendar and totally freak out going "Is THAT the time ?!?!"

....somewhere between numbers (54) and (55) I actually do some painting 😉

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Well, I'm a bit shamefull this month... I didn't succeeded painting enough Ss. That Diorama I've made have taken much time and motivation and it has been a busy month aside from the miniature painting.

That will be a mulligan for me, I fear.

But now I've just received my ToS pledge (better late than never !!!) and I'll have a bunch of new models to paint ! Yay !!

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@Caedrus hey, sorry, yeah March and Feb are mulligans. Had a lot going on, house rewiring this month, i think I'm going to have to bail on the challenge this year. Thank you for organising though. 


I love seeing everyone work though, keep it going everyone :)

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