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  1. @Caedrus hey, sorry, yeah March and Feb are mulligans. Had a lot going on, house rewiring this month, i think I'm going to have to bail on the challenge this year. Thank you for organising though. I love seeing everyone work though, keep it going everyone
  2. Thanks @Caedrus I probably pledged in wrong chat. Went for Minion so happy with where I am
  3. Pledge done! Waiting on M3E before basing as probably going to base depending on how the models are all keyworded, maybe. Hope the link below works.
  4. My pledge for January: executioner (9ss). Started a month ago with base colours on skin and weapons. https://ibb.co/brVWVhq
  5. Hiya, Please sign me up as a Minion. Rikk told me to Had a look through some of this year's, I think this is a great idea.
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