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  1. Hi all! Last month I couldn't finish any mini and I had to use one of my muligans. As a way to compensate myself for that, this month I finished 6 minis. Any advice is welcome!
  2. Hello everybody! These are my minis for this month, the Star Theater is complete!: During July I also manage to complete my firsts minis for 40k: @Caedrus last month I finished Cassandra (8ss) and Angelica (6ss), in the painter spreadsheet it shows as 11ss...
  3. I think solkan is right, the created markers are terrain. All of the other sections of the rulebook seem to imply that the created markers (both Web Markers and Ice Pillar Markers) are considered terrain markers. Also, if we decide to use the ruling that they are valid targets, the Strategy markers for Turf War (m3e version) which are Impassable should also be considered valid target for Search the Ruins.
  4. Hi all! Yesterday, during a m3e match a question arise regarding what are considered terrain pieces. We were playing Dreamer (including Widow Weaver & the Bandersnatch in his crew) vs Rasputina (with a Silent one on hers). The strategy was Turf war and one of the schemes was Search the ruins. Both crew can create markers with terrain traits, are they considered terrain pieces for the purpose of Search the ruins? This is from the markers section of the manual: Because of the strategy there are 5 Strategy Markers in the table each with the Impassable trait. Are they considered terrain pieces for the purpose of Search the ruins? We have a very lengthy discussion about these in our meta Whatsapp group with no consensus. We decided to play that they were not valid targets, but the question remains unanswered... Thank you all!
  5. Almost midnight!!! Here are my minis! Cassandra & Angélica!!! Performers almost done...
  6. My May submission! 2 Coryphees!!! I also made a 50mm base so they can dance together!!!
  7. My minis for this month, starting with the Star Teather. I built these minis more than a year ago, I was not that good... I really need to get better at painting faces... Next month I will continue with the stars, the second mannequin & the coryphees!
  8. @Caedrus the tanks have coat of Vallejo Brassy Brass and a wash with Army Painter Dark Tone
  9. In the last day of the month, 4 hours to midnight (in Argentina!)... Here are my recently finished miniaturas:
  10. @Nikodemus great tips! I will try those. Thanks!
  11. Hello!!! Here is my entry for February: Kaeris! My first master ever! I almost miss the deadline... But she is finished in time! c&c always welcome!!! Thanks!!!
  12. Hi! This are my minis for January! 6 minis 2ss each (the 5th mindless zombie, the half zombie, was painted las year!) Mindless Zombies + Corpse Candles
  13. Hi! Last year I had a couple local painting challenges and they help me a lot to start painting. Please sing me up for Henchman!!! Thank you!
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