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  1. Hi! This are my minis for January! 6 minis 2ss each (the 5th mindless zombie, the half zombie, was painted las year!) Mindless Zombies + Corpse Candles
  2. Hi! I have a question regarding the interaction between this two abilities, here are the text for both: Flight: When this model declares the Walk or Charge Action, instead of moving normally, this model may Place itself within X", where X is equal to this model's Mv. This model does not suffer Falling damage. Gravity Well: Enemy models may not be Placed within 6 unless they are Placed by an effect generated by a friendly model. For what I can understand, a model with Flight would not be able to use it's ability to walk near or charge against a model with Gravity Well. It would need to move in the normal way. Am I correct? Is these the way it was intended to work? Thank you!
  3. Hi! Last year I had a couple local painting challenges and they help me a lot to start painting. Please sing me up for Henchman!!! Thank you!
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