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  1. Thanks, let me do some fixing on the back end. Sorry for the hiccups!
  2. Heya, are you able to view the galleries? Flowers and Showers Gallery If not let me know and we'll get it fixed! We want everyone to be able to enjoy the pieces!
  3. Update: All webstore codes have been sent out! Please feel free to message me if you have any questions!
  4. Credit codes are going out currently! If you don't receive one within a few hours, please reach out!
  5. Due to a disqualification, please review your choice in this category in case you need to vote again. Thanks!
  6. Each entry can be clicked upon to see the original size!
  7. Heya Wyrdos! After over a hundred entries across five categories, Rotten Harvest 2020 has moved into the voting phase. Thanks to everyone who entered, especially those first timers to Wyrd painting contests! I greatly appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation during submission time. Below you will find the link to each voting poll. Only one vote per user can be made in each category. Please keep in mind the category’s theme in addition to the quality of the submission. Remember, forum accounts have to have 10 posts attributed to them before their vote will count. For those who are new to the forum, check out our various subforums and engage in anything that catches your eye. Our forums have a lot to offer. Don’t forget to comment on every entry in the Rotten Harvest Gallery with your thoughts or encouragement to be entered for the chance of a participant prize! It's Alive! Voting Thread Monsterhunters and Ghostbusters Voting Thread Creep Show Voting Thread Hello, Boils and Ghouls! Voting Thread Unfathomable Horror Voting Thread After you’ve voted, feel free to comment with what Tricks or Treats the hobby has given you lately! For me, a gorgeous bust of Babayagha by Karol Rudyk Art and the Witches and Woes Special Edition box are my spooky hobby treats. What has the season brought to your paint and hobby table this year? Two Important updates! Firstly, due to a violation of the Wyrd Painting contest rules, one entry from the Creep Show category has been removed. Please check your votes in case one of yours was for the disqualified entry. Second, make sure to click on the photos in the poll to see the entry at its original size! This will prevent you from missing the great details!
  8. yes, comment on all of them please! you can begin commenting as soon as all of the galleries are visible.
  9. Heya folks! I've sent out some messages for folks who submitted more than one photo of the same entry. Please check your inboxes! Deadline is tomorrow, so don't hesitate to message me with those last minute questions!
  10. I mean, man-eating horses are pretty frightening! Go for it!
  11. Unfortunately the changeling scene will either need one scenic base, or somehow fit the theme of the dioramas. As long as you can make a spooky scene, the individual models can be from whatever set you want.
  12. Nope, it can be on a plinth, larger scenic base, or its original base.
  13. I'm going to do some backend testing and will let you know as soon as I can see what you're seeing when you try to upload!
  14. Popping in to confirm, the "no showing" is in addition to forum post requirement for voting.
  15. Great catch! We will be adjusting the initial post and rules to correct that oversight!
  16. Whichever you want, to be honest! Personally I'd place her in "Boils and Ghouls" but it's a matter of preference, as Von Schtook's creations blend the undead and the monstrous.
  17. Absolutely! It can even be a completely custom miniature that you've sculpted. Just credit the creator!
  18. Autumn grows closer, the air is beginning to cool and the nights are growing longer. As the leaves change color and fall, we want to celebrate this spookiest of the seasons. Round about the paint pot go; On the palette throw Royal blue and bloody red; Thirty-one Days of Dread; Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and paint pot bubble. That's right, it's Rotten Harvest time! Miniatures can be submitted any time during the contest, though none will be showcased until the day voting begins. Submissions will be accepted from October 1st up till midnight EST (UTC -5) on October 31st, 2020. We encourage you to submit your entries early, no submission will be accepted after the cutoff, no exceptions. If you need to make any changes to your upload prior to October 31st at midnight EST (UTC -5), please contact @Kimberly via PM on the Wyrd forum. Entries are to be submitted here: https://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/gallery/category/131-rotten-harvest-2020/ We have five (5) categories this year for this year's Rotten Harvest. Participants may submit one (1) entry per category. Please take a moment to peruse the rules outlined here for all single and diorama entries. "It's Alive!" (Individual model, Kit-Bashed) - A Kit-Bash contest. Show us your spookiest kit-bashed miniature! Entries will need to include their "recipe list", aka what companies/components make up your stitched-together creation. Entries made of over 50% Wyrd miniature parts will be eligible for the “Best Wyrd Miniature” Prize Monster Hunters and Ghost Busters (Diorama Event, multiple models in a scene) - Celebrating those who fight all the things that go Bump in the Night! Creep Show (Individual model, large and/or monster) - A menagerie of monsters, creatures and creepy critters! This is not for your undead things, that’s the category below. Hello, Boils and Ghouls (Individual model, undead themed) - Bring out your (un)dead! Vampires, Ghosts, Liches, wailing spirits or anything humanoid that has shuffled off this mortal coil. Unfathomable Horror (Individual model, catch-all) - Got a terrifying or spooky entry that doesn't fall into one of the above categories? This catch-all category is for you then! Miniatures that don't quite fit in any of the others but are otherwise horror/Halloween themed go here. The voting polls will open on November 4th and remain open until midnight EST (MGT -5) on November 10th. The winner in each category will be awarded to the entry that receives the most confirmed votes. Every forum member has one (1) vote per category. In the case of a tie, Wyrd will have an internal vote to decide the winner. Again, for complete Wyrd painting competition rules, please go here! Prizes - Each category will have the following prizes 1st Place: $75 in Wyrd webstore credit 2nd Place: $50 in Wyrd webstore credit 3rd Place: $25 in Wyrd webstore credit Best of Awards - The Wyrd Staff will take a look at all the categories and vote to determine the winner for each of the following. Best of Rotten Harvest: $100 USD cash prize (via PayPal) - Voted on by Wyrd Staff Best of Wyrd Miniature Entry: One (1) Nightmare Box of winner's choice (from a list of available Nightmare sets) - Voted on by Wyrd Staff Show your support! Lastly, show your fellow hobbyist's some support! Comment on every entry in the Gallery with encouragement or thoughts and be entered for a drawing! Ten (10) 10$ USD digital gift cards will be given to commenters drawn at random. Voting Due to unsportsmanlike behavior in the past, I need to reiterate that the votes need to come from active forum members. We will be post restricting the polls, so only active accounts with a minimum of 10 posts (not all in the same day) will be able to vote.
  19. 'Fauxtastic Friday Breachers! GenCon is nearly upon us. With that, it makes for an extremely busy time and I'll be taking a break from Fatemaster Friday to focus on some other projects that need my attention! Fatemaster Friday has been a great way to see glimpses of the wonderful and creative stories you're telling with your players! It's inspired me greatly in my own games, and I hope it's inspired some of you as well. I promise this isn't the end of Fatemaster Friday, and you're not rid of me just yet. TTB is one of my favorite games, so I'll still be around here sharing my thoughts and own game stories. If you haven't considered considered checking out the TTB Live play Saturday August 1st, please check out the Waldo's Weekly about this and other Wyrd events for GenCon. Thanks so much Breachers for a year of wonderful exploration of the 'Fauxverse. One last question until I return: What is a TTB moment for your players that exemplifies what TTB means to you as a Fatemaster?
  20. Fantastic Friday Breachers! Last week we talked about real world inspiration in TTB. Here’s what @Vorzakk 2.0 shared with us! So, I’ve had a craving for a good old fashioned heist game for a while, which means I think I’m going to run Honor Among Thieves with my household this weekend. I count this Penny Dreadful as one of the best adventures I know! This ‘Fauxvese take on an upscale heist adventure is loads of fun and comes with pre-made Fated, so it’s a perfect game to introduce TTB to some friends! Honor Among Thieves has the fated working for a Ten Thunders member, and the contract is a tricky one. Retrieve a statue stolen and replace it with a sign from the Ten Thunders. Oh, and the object is possibly cursed so your Fated better be careful. Let’s take a deeper look in the ways Honor Among Thieves empowers the Fatemaster and Fated to make this story their own through choices made in the course of the game. One of the first things that struck me about this adventure is how many choices it accounts for in the writing of the narrative. All roads lead to the Fated being in Miss Appleton’s vault during the party, but how the Fated arrive there is wonderfully varied. Fatemasters can use any combination of the 6 separate scenes that give insight into the situation, which is an interesting and fun way to gather resources and information before the culmination of these efforts in the final scene. The “All Hours” party that makes up the conclusion of this adventure is a great way for Fatemasters to introduce NPCs that may appear later in the game, or even give the more socially inclined Fated a chance to shine. The party writeup has some guidance as to the general timeline of the evening, but allows enough room for the Fatemaster to make it as exciting as they want. Having curious guests or those interested in what the Fated do could be used to increase tension in the game, especially if your Fated are doing any drinking at the party. The pre-generated Fated are each uniquely indebted to the Ten Thunders and therefore a reason to take this job. Each one is a different and unique personality with ambitions that your players could easily take over. Players are encouraged to make changes to make the characters their own, which is always helpful in getting a new player into a game for the first time. Honor Among Thieves is a nice introduction adventure for new players that also has enough action to keep veteran players invested as well! It is currently available on drivethrurpg.com for $5 USD.. This week, I want to hear about heists your own games have done. How did the Fated fair, and what were your personal moments of fun?
  21. I love this! Pull from what's impactful and meaningful to you and your players! A+
  22. Heya Breachers! The discussion topic for last week’s article was surprising moments in play for your players. Here’s what @stump_chunkman shared with us! Sometimes, inspiration for a session or campaign just hits you, but what to do when you’re struggling for inspiration? Say you’ve got the itch to start on your game’s next session, but you’ve just finished an storyarc and you don’t know where they should go next. Perhaps you want to add some Fatemaster Characters that are inspired by history, or want to add some new threats or locations to your games. Well, let’s talk about some of my favorite ways to generate inspiration for TTB. One of the most fascinating parts of the ‘Fauxverse is the references to real world historical facts, literature, music, and more. For example, many in our community have made the correlation between Malifaux’s Phiona Gage and the very real Phineas Gage. Why not take this same approach to your games, and interject some of the stranger parts of history or other real world inspiration into your TTB games! Looking to history, music, movies/television and other media for inspiration can give you that little extra push you need when facing Fatemaster’s Block. Did you know that the US Army had a Camel Calvary for a short time? Could you imagine what a trip through the breach might do to those animals? And what would happen if some unwary Fated encountered some creatures that used to be camels in The Badlands of Malifaux? Or maybe you want to make Fatemaster Character based on Charles Edward Boles (aka Black Bart), who leaves poetic messages at the scene of each heist for the Fated to find. Or maybe you borrow elements from your favorite spaghetti western, or Victorian drama for descriptions of places. The ‘Fauxverse is a strange place that can have some interesting parallels to the real world history. When I’m searching for inspiration, I tend to search out strange and interesting facts about history and use that as a jumping point for my own ideas. If I wanted to bring the “First Emperor of America” Norton I into my TTB game, I’d likely make him an Outcast or an Arcanist. Perhaps instead of Emperor of America, he’s declared himself Emperor of Malifaux. The ramifications of such a statement could lead to a really fun adventure for your players. Perhaps he hires the Fated for a job, and they have to deal with this eccentric man as they try to complete the assignment! History and media are filled with unique and fun elements to throw into your TTB games, and with a bit of research and planning you can interject some excellent weirdness into your homebrew games. This week, I want to know what real world inspiration you’ve drawn from for your games? Are there any weird history facts you’re itching to add to your games?
  23. Heya Breachers! Last week I asked about Chronicles One Shots, here’s what @Vorzakk 2.0 had to say: This week we’ve seen a fun new Augment courtesy of @MattM and Waldo’s Weekly. Klaus Norwood- mimic and investigator extraordinaire- is a great way to interject some surprise and mystery into your game! I think there’s no greater joy a Fatemaster can have when the players react to something that’s unexpected and catches them completely by surprise. As Matt’s post suggests, Klaus can be used in several different ways. Personally, I’d have him be behind a series of seemingly unrelated jobs, posing as a different contact each time before. As the Fated begin to piece things together about their “series of mysterious benefactors” they’d learn some dark secret that Klaus is willing to go to extreme measures to keep. Speaking of dark secrets, Days Without Accident offers a whole mess of surprises with twists and turns as the players progress further into the plot. In Defense of Innocence has its own hefty amount of surprises and mystery to unravel as the town and its people are full of secrets. Obsidian Gate takes the players to a most unexpected place and sets up one of the most titanic battles Through the Breach has ever offered. Through the Breach Penny Dreadfuls work to balance player choice with an outlined plan to follow, but any Fatemaster knows that players surprise you, so Wyrd Augments are a great way for you to surprise your players! One of my most surprising moments was when I was running Fire in the Sky. The Fated were face to face with the Burning Man. In the middle of the chaos caused by his appearance one, of the group decides to try to intimidate him. Nothing else they tried succeeded, and unbeknownst to the players, this was the last action the Fated got before the legendary figure shot up into the sky. The Fated in question flipped a 13, but it wasn’t quite high enough to work. Regardless, the Burning Man took off and everyone looked at that Fated like he was a rockstar. The shock from them not knowing that they only had 3 rounds of Dramatic Time before the Burning Man left led to this great scene for the Fated that my players talked about for a while afterwards. TTB Penny Dreadfuls are often designed with those surprise moments of twists in mind, but I want to hear about your own surprising moments! What were the moments where you completely caught your players off guard. What do you interject into your games to keep the players on their toes? Or perhaps you plan on surprising your players this weekend with Klaus and his toothy grin? We'd love to hear what happens!
  24. Heya Breachers! Last week I asked about Bayou adventures and this is what @Pikciwok had to say: Okay, so maybe it’s time for your weekly game but work’s been hell. You take a look at your notes and realize you haven’t prepared for the session at all! Well instead of throwing something together last minute, why not look to the many One Shots that are found in the Wyrd Chronicles . Wyrd Chronicles ran for years, providing tidbits and information about all things Wyrd. One of the great things about Chronicles is the TTB One Shots that began appearing in Wyrd Chronicles #15 with “Train of Thoughts,” an interesting adventure about a rather unique train heist. You can find that one here. I’m going to go over some of our Chronicles Adventures and the unique opportunities these One Shots can provide for Fatemasters and their players. There is an undead theme tying the three adventures together, so Ressers fans, this one's for you! “The Whispering Affair” appears in Chronicles #19, and offers the Fated a kidnapping to solve. The plot is paced perfectly for one game session, with enough action and drama to keep the players talking and exploring the mystery. For Fatemasters, there are some great parts of this One Shot that can be used in future games. The Dismembered is a great minion for adventures with Resurrectionist themes, or to offer to a Resser Fated who is looking to expand their necromancy skills. This One Shot also explores more about what The Whisper does to its victims, allowing Fatemasters to add those same elements to any future Fatemaster Character (or Fated) who starts to hear The Whisper. Finally, maybe you want the Green Sleeves gang to appear in future sessions as minor antagonists “Owner of a Lonely Heart” from Wyrd Chronicles #22 is centered around a very unorthodox courtship, between delusional Resser and the object of his affection, Bête Noire. Again the pacing is set for one session of play and the plot involves rivals, murder, street gangs and, of course, blood. Fatemasters may find inspiration from the Grimoire listed in the adventure, or perhaps you want Radu to escape and come back as a recurring villain! The Fated will undoubtedly have their own theories on how someone could come to love something so murderous, but that’s part of the fun. Finally, “Worked to Death” from Chronicles #33 takes place in a contract town way up in the Northern Hills. The Fated encounter the brand new ghost town of Colmstock, where the remaining residents are living in fear. You see, the miners rescued from the recent mine collapse can back wrong. It’s up to the Fated to find out what happened and to fix the problem before the remaining residents are killed. Fatemasters can play with the information found for the Exo-Miner and The Foreman as higher level undead encounters or altered to becoming Subordinate Characters for suited Fated. Perhaps the Fated discover an old book or Grimoire that leads to the next adventure of campaign arc! The One Shots from Wyrd Chronicles are fun, short adventures that you can easily loop together, or pick pieces from as you build your own ‘Fauxverse for a homebrew game. Have you run or played in any of the Chronicles One Shots? If so, which one did you experience? Have you utilized anything from other One Shots in your own campaigns?
  25. Heya Breachers! Last week I asked about Bayou adventures and this is what @Vorzakk 2.0 had to say: Now I’ve covered a fair number of Penny Dreadfuls, both One Shots and Campaigns, and have written thousands of words about what they offer and high points for both players and Fatemasters. But I haven’t devoted as much time to homebrew games. So this week I rectify that with a more indepth look at setting up your own homebrew adventures and campaigns! Let’s take a look at what resources Wyrd has to offer a Fatemaster wanting to work up a homebrew game. Creating a homebrew campaign can be hard but rewarding, and it all starts with some good inspiration. You need to determine the goal and theme of your campaign. Do you want your players to experience a chase that leads them to explore the dangerous sewers of Malifaux? Do you want to have a group of resurrectionists trying to outsmart the Death Marshals? Once you have your inspiration, you can build towards the story by checking out our fiction. The Breachside Broadcast is a great resource to draw inspiration from. Listening to the stories of Malifaux can be a great thing to do while planning your campaign in general. The Wyrd Chronicles can also lend a hand in mining for inspiration with their short adventures. Don’t be afraid to take bits you like from them for your own games. The whole of Through the Breach and Malifaux lore is at your disposal! There is so much that you can mine from the fiction, Chronicles, or even the Malifaux Schemes and Strategies to build your game around. Once you have the inspiration you want, why not comb through some of our lore and expansions to look at extra touches you can add to make the world more full. You can decide what Magia is rarer to encounter, what grimoires or equipment you want the Fated to have access to, and what Tarot Spreads you want to allow. With Into the Bayou, Into the Steam, Under Quarantine, Above the Law available, and From Nightmares on the way, you can cherry pick the elements you want to craft a campaign or session that your players will love. At this point, have the players flip their tarot and record their Destiny Steps so that as Fatemaster you can be sure to use those Destiny Steps as a method of further crafting your story. While those steps are the Fated’s destiny, as Fatemaster you get to determine how they appear and you can easily make each one a memorable part of your campaign. Designing them to be spotlight points is easy given the vague nature of the Destiny Steps. For example, if a Fated has “...she is unknown to your memories” and you’re running a heist game, maybe they encounter a hidden puppeteer behind the job that leads into the next act of your campaign and completes that Destiny Step! Now that you have a strong idea of your game, it should be an easy task helping your players design Fated. Just make certain that they know about any changes to the setting if they’re familiar with it. Is your campaign set during the Piper’s Plague and the Martial Law of Malifaux? What changes should they be aware of due to the earlier setting? Are the Arcanists in power for your Campaign? That will definitely change some things for Fated who were eyeing Guild related Fated. Getting your players caught up and with Fated written up can be done as a fun social activity through a character creation session of some sort. How do you plan your Homebrew games? What is your favorite part of the process?
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