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Troubleshooters 2 - 7th January - Daventry


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The first tournament of the new rankings year will be at Battlefield Hobbies in Daventry. As with last year it will be 45SS fixed Master with a limited pool, and 3 rounds.

We had 24 players last year, so repeating that would be great, but we can go up to 32.

Entry will be £15 including lunch.

Rulespack: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12083335/Rules Pack - Troubleshooters - Jan17.pdf


  1. Matt While
  2. Craig Colley
  3. Gary Webb
  4. Mike Marshall
  5. Lee Battrick
  6. Phillip Powell
  7. Joel Henry
  8. Tom Payne
  9. Ross Baker
  10. Marcus Rose
  11. Tim Britton
  12. Sean Wheeliker
  13. Connor Truby
  14. George Hollingdale
  15. Ben Leslie
  16. Mark Elwood
  17. Matt Lewin
  18. Jamie Varney
  19. Scott Pedan
  20. Tom Martin
  21. Warren Johnson
  22. Tom Thorpe
  23. Keith Robinson
  24. Matthew Slynn
  25. Peter Slynn
  26. Andy Gray
  27. Rich Bream
  28. Jamie Matthews
  29. Owen Pauline
  30. Colin Woodward
  31. Alex Billing
  32. Owen Barnes
  33. Mike Jenkins
  34. Lee Walstow
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23 hours ago, Traxden said:

So let's say I've not played Malifaux since 1.5 was current...how crushed will I get playing this tournament? :D Is it a nice wooden spoon?

There will be a wide range of players from experienced to new. We have a very friendly scene and you'll have a great day, win or lose. Last year's wooden spoon winner was first to sign up for the next event (where he also took the spoon).

The spoon will be well worth it. Here's last year's one;


There will also be a raffle of Mystery Boxes.

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