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  1. Hayleyish

    Troubleshooters 2 - 7th January - Daventry

    Not going to make it sorry, I now have my daughter this weekend and apparently she doesn't want to watch me play a tournament all day. Maybe next time!
  2. Hayleyish

    Troubleshooters 2 - 7th January - Daventry

    I've started gluing things together so I'm in and paid - Hayley Marsden
  3. Hayleyish

    Where to browse for a crew?

    I don't think there is anything really, my friend and I were bemoaning this too last week. I ended up opening all the models I remotely liked the look of in new tabs then closing tabs until I narrowed the selection down. They could really do with a decent gallery on the main site.
  4. Hayleyish

    Troubleshooters 2 - 7th January - Daventry

    So let's say I've not played Malifaux since 1.5 was current...how crushed will I get playing this tournament? Is it a nice wooden spoon?
  5. I seem to remember there was a stripped back rulebook for Malifaux in PDF form, does that exist for the new M2E rules? Rulebooks are still out of stock here.
  6. So the Pull My Finger wiki had this nice list of recommended and not so recommended beginner crews but it refers to the old ones (http://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/Gathering+Supplies). I've heard the M2E Viktorias mentioned as not being as beginner-friendly as their M1 counterparts so: Which Wave 1 M2E Masters do you think are particularly good for beginners? Which do you think are particularly bad for beginners? (Show your workings please!) If a consensus emerges I don't mind updating the wiki.
  7. Hayleyish

    wargaming couples

    My husband and I play. He'd heard about an escalation tournament at a new wargaming shop that had opened so him and a few friends decided they would give it a try. Initially I wasn't very impressed, I thought it was the hobby of teenage boys, but a bit of research showed otherwise so I joined in too. That was Warhammer. We're now getting into Warmachine and, of course, Malifaux. Our good friends live across the road from us and they also play, so that's another couple. I don't think I know any others though.
  8. Hayleyish

    Welcome to Nowhere! - A tale of three gamers

    Thank you! Your coryphee look great.
  9. I love it, especially the commonality of colour. And way to make a change in the death marshals, loving your work.
  10. Hayleyish

    Welcome to Nowhere! - A tale of three gamers

    Really looking forward to brass coryphees! Please will you also explain how you've done your brass...am on attempt number four with my brass recipe and getting nowhere fast. The Freikorps base looks good, and I love the girls earlier in the thread, really good job on them.
  11. Hayleyish

    Best faction box for newbs?

    The Tactica Wiki has some help with this very question at http://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/Gathering+Supplies including a list of easier Masters and common Demo pairings. The demo game I saw was with Lilith and Perdita.
  12. Hayleyish

    Hi, hey, hello there

    I am already enjoying it, thanks for all the welcomes :-) I've got The Viktorias painted to tabletop standard and will be collecting the rest of my Crew tomorrow from Firestorm. Yay! Have also convinced a couple more friends to buy box sets. :-)
  13. Hayleyish

    Guild and some Gremlins

    Nice collection :-)
  14. Hayleyish


    Great job, it looks like you've got some awesome minis to play with there :-)
  15. Hayleyish

    Hi, hey, hello there

    Thanks! Heh, no, not for me I'm afraid. I think it'll be Colette next. :-D