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What are the 10T legitimate Anti-Armor options?


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Hi there, 

What are the 10T anti armor options? What I mean by this is legitimate models or combos that can punch through Armor +2 or more.

Just to be clear I'm not asking for a list of models that ignore armor, I'm asking for viable options for consistency in punching through armor.

For example I don't really like having the Lone Swordsman on this list simply because he only ignores models on a trigger which is not built in, so that's pretty inconsistent.


So far the only viable options I've found are:

1) Hitting things really, really hard for 5+ damage so that Armor practically doesn't matter using Recalled Training or free focus

2) Kang with Hard Worker 


Is there something I'm missing? Coming from Ressers where spirits have ignoring armor everywhere, I'm a bit spoiled it seems

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Samurai can cut through Armor with their Katanas and unleash a hail of bullets with their machine guns to slowly chip away at targets.|
McGabe's (Light?)Saber cuts through almost anything.
Guild Pathfinders and The Lone Swordsman can punch through Armor and other stuff, but you said that triggers don't do it for you, so...
Hard Worker, well, works, hard. A very useful upgrade and model. Too bad I don't have them so I can't say how well Kang works.
Jorogumo can ignore Armor with their (0) Bite, but like the Samurai's melee, it's 1".

That's pretty much it, I believe.

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Samurai ignore armor on their melee attacks only, and it's not based on a trigger if I recall correctly.

As stated above, glowing saber ignores armor and several other rules baked into the melee action.

Those are the only two that I can think of that are 100% reliable.

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Samurai tend to be the best bet. The ignoring armor is built in to the sword and they gain an extra focus if they take the focus action. Run through is also great to get them out of harms way after. 

I know you said you dont like it, but the lone swordsman is the best. With a severe damage of 6 and limited use for books in the faction he is really good at taking out armored targets. 

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3 hours ago, ArcticPangolin said:

McCabe's Glowing Sabre is a FANTASTIC swiss-army cutter. Armour, Hard To Wound, Hard To Kill & Incorporeal are all left by the wayside, and you an throw it on anyone. ANYONE.

Left behind by a Jedi from another story universe far, far away.

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I like Ace mining for Jakob Lynch with recalled training on his beaters, the samurai's gun, and models that can make lotsa flips during their activation in general.  Final Debt and Wanna See a Trick? combine to be able to kill anything and often then some.

Misaki and Asami both have different forms of assassinate, which can kill a model when comboed with other things to deplete resources fast, though I don't really play Misaki and couldn't speak to this.

I'm a huge proponent for an enraged Ototo flurrying with recalled training.  At Ml8 and ++ to damage with a built in crit, he can easily take down almost anything.


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