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  1. I might give them another shot, yea! And as a heads up, I believe I'll be releasing Syndicate in July when the Outcast model cards are finalized
  2. Hey extremor! Thanks for watching! Here are some additional thoughts: On Moorwraiths, they just compete way too much with other options. Moorwraiths are slow to move unless you manage to chain heals, they rely on Jedza to not get killed easily (being Df/Wp4 and only requiring 5-6 damage to one-shot), they don't have a good bonus action which accounts for 1/3 of the actions they will be taking during the game, and they're only Ht2 with a 30mm base, making them among the easiest Seeker to block LoS from Jedza (alongside Mikhail, but he has Hard2Kill, stones, and can teleport out of activation). I see them as not providing enough vs the support they require, and too easily killed. Furthermore, each additional model in the Crew which requires Jedza's support (as opposed to being mostly self-sufficient with the _option_ of returning to Jedza's bubble when needed) severely restricts Jedza's mobility and flexibility. With a pair of Moorwraiths who can easily be picked off if ever caught away from Jedza, this causes a lot of trouble when it comes to activation order and moving pieces where they want to go - something Seeker already struggles with when trying to maximize their Chronicle bubble overlap. What they do provide is being a terrain piece for Jedza, throwing out attacks that Slow with a small Heal, potentially being cheap Life Tokens for Jedza later, and activating Chronicles - which is potentially decent, but terrible compared to Seeker's other options. GraveGoo can do a similar "charge up Shielded and fling into the enemy" thing and has more directly useful effects than 2 Moors (borderline DontMindMe, enemy model removal (think denying scoring end of turn), Regeneration to trigger Chronicles, making terrain pieces Hazardous). Surveyors, which are my preferred LifeOfTheEarth terrain creators, are infinitely more flexible than Moors - with two absurdly strong bonus actions, many different push effects, a 2" melee, OnYourHeels to quickly position, the flexibility of creating impassible terrain on the fly, and being non-oneshot-able alongside Hazardous to survive without Jedza (or at least punish the enemy for attacking). Surveyors are also resilient enough in the bubble to be perfect carriers of FlushWithCash, which then gives them an emergency option to stay alive if caught outside of it - they're also valuable enough to be worth using that Bribery (hopefully to buy enough time to get back into Jedza's bubble) - Moors are probably not. Finally, Geodes can be used for Schemes like research mission, or be used to bluff those schemes at very little cost to the Seeker crew. Lastly, Moorwraiths compete with Hopeful Prospects for the role of "cheap future Life Token which activates chronicles along the way". Hopeful Prospects have 4 Health and H2K, meaning (if played correctly) they can sit at 2-3 health safely and heal to trigger chronicles just by activating in the Bubble. From most sources they'll require 2 attacks to kill too, meaning if they are attacked and survive they can activate and heal back above H2K. Their 14" gun for 1/3/5 is nothing to scoff at with Focused and will place pressure on the opponent to come to Jedza, rather than Moorwraiths trudging out there slowly. If they do manage to score a kill, they can replace into a Surveyor with Focused+1 and heal to full, which is a powerful effect - it won't happen often but the threat of it is something the opponent must watch out for. And finally, they can heal 2 if given Rams and remove conditions, which cuts down on Jedza needing to do that. Granted, the Hopefuls are fairly static, insignificant, and overlap Sophie in the "card cycling" department - so this will only work in pools where Jedza can play defensively and your other models can handle the interacting. On Lamplighters, I felt they have potential but just... didn't do much for a 7 cost model. Seeker (and Explorers in general) already have incredible 6-8 cost options (GGoo, Austera, Damned, Surveyor, Botanist, V&W, Eva, etc) AND good movement effects (Intrepid, Tidecaller, Mr Ngaatoro) - the Lamplighter doesn't excite due to a few problems. Firstly he's slow (Move 5 and the potential for his Bonus Action to trigger, that's it) which decreases the effectiveness of Don'tMindMe (alongside GraveGoo already being effectively DMM). Secondly his 1/2/3 heal will usually heal 1 because it doesn't ignore Accuracy Fate Modifiers. He also depends on too many suits to be fully effective, both to create new Lamps (5Tome) as well as light them while moving (5Mask) though this may be personal playstyle preference. His saving grace are of course the Lamp Markers - which grant concealment and potentially infinite positive flips, but only one positive per activation and only in a small bubble. Problem is the Lamplighter needs to move to the Lamp before making it Lit and Seeker isn't the best keyword for turtling near a 30mm marker - sure, they will absolutely hold that one area, but most of the crew is melee and have a maximum of 6-8" on their ranged effects - even if the Lamp's position is central to the objective pool, Seeker will still need to move away to fight battles elsewhere on the board. Shimmering Lights is an extremely strong effect with the new Focus/Distracted changes though, so maybe the Lamplighter may see some play - I could see it being effective in some pools to move a Lamplighter into the center of the board and have him be a "coordinator" of sorts, pushing friendly models within the area 6" from the center, helping the others reach targets and be in range of each others' Chronicle effects. If ever engaged, Shimmering Lights can completely neuter enemy threats after a couple pushes (or heals which then cause a couple pushes). I could see this being a decent tactic in Turf War, where the Lamplighter can keep hold of the center marker. ---- Granted I don't feel like I've unlocked the potential of Seeker for myself, so take this advice with a grain of salt. I find that keeping Chronicles & Healers within range of the right targets AND activating them in the correct order is hard to balance among other priorities, and fighting spread-out battles feels incredibly difficult and clunky due to the nature of Seeker's mobility options (requiring other models like Chain Gang or Mikhail's Chronicle, and/or being short like Jedza's Bonus Action) (aside from Damned, who I still consider my first auto-take). I hope this helps anyways! I forget what my exact ratings were at the time of writing, but either way with the new player pack and FAQ/Eratta changes I would consider Lamplighters to easily be 2 Stars In-Keyword due to the Focused/Distracted changes. I think I would keep Moorwraiths at 1 Star - just too many good options.
  3. Something I've realized as I've played with Eva more and more: 1) She's probably my favorite model to play with, and 2) she's not a scheme runner, she's a problem solver, including being an anti-scheme-runner. She can move faster than most models in the game to aid where aid is needed, and she can almost paralyze any enemy model with a passage-schemeDrop-lock. She can even jump in to a cluster of enemies and lock them all if given the chance (although this is usually a sacrificial move, it's often worth it to begin winning on tempo) My Ivan lists always start with Ivan, Mordrake, Gibson, Eva, Intrepid Effigy (if not Emissary) and I rarely hire anything else in keyword. Also more and more I've been finding it hard not to take Archivist, he's just so good and he helps Ivan's card hunger problem.
  4. I'll be sitting this one out to take a break for my birthday month, but good luck to everyone! Looks like a very exciting player pack for sure!
  5. This was my interpretation as well...
  6. Two questions for you all today: 1) Anya makes friendly Scheme Markers count as Hazardous to the enemy. For the opposing crew, would that make these scheme markers now "Terrain Markers" for the purpose of effects that specify targeting or removing Terrain Markers? For example LifeOfTheEarth, the DrawnToTheUnknown trigger, or Cooper's Machete? 2) How does Luck Thief interact with Ungentlemanly Affairs? Does the Distracted condition become a plus flip and then back to a negative flip? The ruling on two Hanged attacking each other seems to imply this - the defender's ability "triggers" second.
  7. For Round 1, could you please clarify the Terrain traits of the center area. (Adding my interpretation in parentheses) Do the Wall-looking things on either side of each staircase have a Height, can they be moved through to get on/off the stairs, or are they just part of the stairs? (It feels to me like the intent is for the "stairs" themselves to only have the +Ht1/2/3 trait, while the walls on either side of the stairs should be a Ht2 or 3 Blocking/Climbable wall - that way you can only walk up/down the stairs but it will block line of sight if LoS is drawn over it) What is the central square considered? This isn't mentioned at all. (It seems to me like a Ht3 flat platform which is Blocking/Climbable so that models can climb up the corners) What is the "border" and/or quarter-circle "pillars" in the corners of the central square counted as? Are they walls/pillars with Blocking/Climbable? Or can models be pushed off the middle platform in any direction? (I can't imagine they would be walls even if they really look like it, since that would make the center marker unreachable - but are the corner bits pillars or just flat ground?)
  8. Hey everybody! I just released my Apex Review - If you're interested, here you are! (Just know it was recorded pre-GG2)
  9. Eva is a model who is very effective but cannot really do more than 1 thing. She's better defensively than offensively unless given Fast, and generally either threatens Passage-Scheme-LockAway to hold up enemy models or Passage-Walk-RemoveMarker with Treasure Map (and then Treasure Map pushes her back towards blocking Terrain, ready to Passage again)
  10. @NickDub Could you update the OP with the new GG2 Round 4 please? Edit: Also on the Round 4 map, how is Terrain on top of the hill handled? Is the Forest effectively Ht5 and the Rocks effectively Ht3? Is the Shadow cast by the Rocks 3" long? Should the Hill have the Dense trait so that a Ht 2 model doesn't see a Ht2 model on the other side of the inner rim? Will the +Ht apply to any Terrain markers placed on top of that hill as well?
  11. Unless I'm mistaken, I believe Station and Cost are solidified very early in the design process and Station especially is non-negotiable, with Minions being the only Station for "unnamed crewmembers and creatures which come in multiples" With the exception of Victorias, there is no non-minion (2) or (3) or greater model in the game, only Minions can be hired more than once at a time
  12. I don't think this is a great idea. It could work to balance Cadmus in Win/Loss ratio, but also makes the crew one-dimensional (not in what it can do, since Cadmus can do many things, but in variety). When the opponent declares Cadmus you'll always know exactly what will be in the list, and it shuts down the fun in decision-making and predicting your opponent's moves during crew creation. --- At this stage we're unlikely to see nerfs since the crew came out just 4 months ago, but if we are to nerf them it would have to be small changes with little-to-no impact on theme, but moderate impact on power. We definitely don't want to change the core mechanics of Malifaux (as above), we don't want to change the themes of Cadmus, and we don't want to over-nerf Cadmus just because we're scared of them ruling everything. Personally I think this is appropriate for initial nerfs: 1) Make Omnipresent Influence a 12" Aura 2) Make We Are Legion a 4" Aura 3) Remove the built-in Ram from Shambling Nest attacks 4) Reduce Shambling Nest Defense to 4 (-OR-) Health to 6 (-OR-) Melee to 1" 5) (Optional) Change Parasite Token damage to 1/2/3 Irreducible which cannot be cheated, (-OR-) make it "Discard a Soulstone or suffer 2 Irreducible Damage" and from there we wait 6-12 months to judge what else may need to be changed. - This introduces the following changes: 1+2) Using LineOfSight as counterplay to Cadmus. Nexus shouldn't be able to stand behind a dense forest and control everything while being nearly untouchable. If Seeker's LifeTokens can be LoS blocked, then Legion should too. Cadmus' many 30mm Sz2 models will have to position much more carefully and enemy models with Parasite Tokens will have at least some level of counterplay to incoming ping damage. 3+4) The two Shambling Nests are too tanky for the amount of threat and board control they put out, and WAY too good at utilizing general upgrades. Making them into Enforcers to break the upgrade abuse is off the table, and I'd imagine removing FromTheShadows would also go against Wyrd's intended mechanics (although that change is actually my favorite - it makes Cadmus have to push them up and adds to the theme of "approaching growing force which will soon be overwhelming" rather than making them immediately impactful all over the board from Turn 1). Therefore they'll just have to be made less tanky, or less impactful. There's no need to heal on every attack in addition to the huge impact of handing out a Parasite Token, and I think they should fit the "Hard2Wound but low stats" archetype like Flesh Constructs or Berserker Husks. If the design intent was to make them decent at defense but low willpower, then instead lets just reduce their health by 2. Alternatively, keep them difficult to remove but remove their ability to engage-but-not-be-engaged 5) Parasite Tokens are currently brutal against Armor and Soulstones, and good enough against everything else. On average 1/2/3 reduces the damage by a very tiny amount (there are more Weak cards than Severe) but makes Hard2Wound a viable counter, reducing the damage to 1 much more often. Alternatively, keep 2 Irreducible the same but allow Soulstone use in a roundabout way to give a little bit of control back to Cadmus' opponent. What do you guys think? Did I hit the correct problem areas?
  13. I'm not arguing that it works that way "because" it's intuitive, just trying to describe what I mean. The argument for it to work that way is that it's the only ability in the game with the text "unblocked sight lines drawn from this model to the dropped marker" as opposed to - for example - Francois' Showdown which specifies "it can draw LoS to the Attacking model and no sight lines are blocked" To me "unblocked sight lines drawn from this model" means any LoS line drawn from the Crypsis towards the marker *up to the point which it's blocked* is still active, so to speak. If it doesn't work that way, then what happens if the model which is blocking the marker is moved away? Does that generate an attack or are unblocked sight lines only measured at the start of movement, and because that model didn't enter any new unblocked sight lines no attack is generated?
  14. Runaways' OnTheRun ability Can Lord Cooper be considered engaging a Runaway for the purposes of giving an enemy FriendlyFire penalties? I think possibly. It's not fully clear if the rules governing "Engaging" label "enemy" from the attacking model's perspective or from an omnipotent perspective. Crypsis & Hazardous Terrain If a Crypsis Corps is within (A)3 of a Pit Trap, is the Hazardous from BeneathTheLeaves also (Damage 1 & Injured+1)? If a Crypsis Corps is within (A)3 of a Pit Trap AND a different source of Hazardous(Damage 1), is the terrain from BeneathTheLeaves now both (Damage 1 & Injured+1) and (Damage 1) and both will trigger for a total of 2 Damage? See "Hazardous Markers" on Page 36. If a Crypsis Corps is within (A)3 of a Pit Trap AND a different non-PitTrap source of Hazardous(Damage 1 & Injured+1), is the terrain from BeneathTheLeaves now in effect "Hazardous (Damage 2 & Injured+2)" (except each 1 damage and 1 injured is applied separately, could matter for timing/oncePer with some abilities)? This is relevant for boards with Barbed Wire which are often (Damage 1 & Injured+1) but NOT literally pit traps Crypsis & Unblocked Sight Lines to Strike Markers How is "moved through any unblocked sight lines drawn from this model to the Dropped Marker" measured? Does it mean if LoS is blocked to the Strike Marker, the Crypsis doesn't get to attack, even if an enemy moves in front of what is blocking the marker? Or does it work in the intuitive way - enemies can block the shots for models behind them but not in front?
  15. Can you post the Strat/Schemes please? I'm wondering why there are 2 Treasure Maps
  16. Hey all, Posted my Wastrel Review - It's a mini this time since Wastrel has already been out. Check it out if you're interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCQosixrCBI
  17. By the topic title mentioning "Explorers" I thought this thread was a hint about the new Syndicate Outcasts being revealed in March, am I wrong on that? I wanted to find when to expect the reveal to plan my Syndicate review, so asking here before I start a new thread
  18. Hey all, My Seeker Review is up! Check it out if you'd like and leave me some feedback https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owPiby6CqDs
  19. Yea, I've noticed that others value spare soulstones much more than I do on average. I go into hiring thinking "what's the minimum amount of SS I can leave myself so I can use as much as possible to hire a better crew." That's more of a general discussion though rather than Apex specific
  20. I can see all that, it's just way too rich for my blood at 11-12 stones. I generally hate models which require suits for what makes them good to begin with though The other comparison I'd make is Beebe&Calypso Beebe&Calypso are 12 Stones, have more Health than Model 9 (6@Arm+2 + 6 is at least 8@Arm+2 in my mind) and WAY more if Calypso gets re-summoned (which isn't hard to do), plus built-in healing for the Arm+2 Health. They're much more reliably mobile before hitting combat, they have better disruption, they are arguably better at dealing 1 dmg with no resist, Beebe draws 2x 9Tomes (effectively) every turn instead of only drawing a card when something is killed. Model9 wins on agility in combat by charging in/out and knife throwing to teleport, he lets models ignore friendly fire, and he has execute. But I see B&C's kit as more tanky, more offensive, and more useful for disrupting enemies for your gunline-ish crew. They can even scheme better simply because they have double the AP to move around, ignore all sorts of Terrain, and can always exit combat with MassOfTentacles.
  21. The opposite is also true. My beater succeeded in you using 3 Stones for the benefit of "on average 2 Health per stone" rather than "on average 1 health + better abilities/actions" I can see your point though, it's just not my playstyle at all. Edit: Although 2x Armor+2 Health is pretty valuable, I admit. I'll think about this more
  22. Yea this is what I don't like about Model 9. Sure he can do that, but he was also effectively an 11-13 Cost model (idk if the 2 damage preventions were on him). Like... Riders are 11 Cost and Model 9 won't ever be as effective as they are - though granted that may be an unfair comparison across factions, Model 9 serves more of a Tank role, and Riders are some of the best models in the game.
  23. I love this input, some great points here and I would have never thought of Hamelin. No FWC probably made a big difference. Declaring Hamelin into a possible Jedza I would assume is extremely dangerous though since every Rat is a Life Token?
  24. This makes a massive difference. I would recommend playing at 50 stones as soon as time/resources allow, since that's the level the game is balanced at
  25. Wow... I didn't think of this. That sucks. Crypsis Corps are easily in the Top 3 best minions in Explorers. You mentioned you're a new player, so I don't know if you gathered these interactions on your own - read through this and see if it makes you want to give them another try (I hope this doesn't come off as insulting, just trying to help out a newbie): They have effective min-3 damage against enemies with conditions (Probably Adversary), ignore cover/friendlyfire, and can use Predatory Instinct when attacking OutOfActivation with Patient Strike. They also get a 24" Patient strike by consuming a Focused because it's a gun action. 24" Patient Strike + Pushing an Adversary(Apex) enemy into sight lines gives: double plus to duel / minus to damage with min-3, or straight duel / plus to damage 3/4/5 (and can still ram for another +1) A model with ANY condition (Injured from Cooper's bomb, Shielded/Focused that they generate themselves, etc) still gives you #1 with a single plus to the duel rather than double plus. Stat 5 largely doesn't matter, just throw it out and force the opponent to cheat if he's losing (which he will be a majority of the time against a plus flip) They don't have melee but they don't need it since they easily exit engagement with their Bonus action. They also generate a constant 3" aura of Concealment/Severe as long as they stand near a Forest, or Severe/Hazardous near a Pit Trap. Both of these make it harder to get into melee with them, the former also protects nearby friendly models and the latter damages the enemy just for trying to get near. They can't be targeted from over 6" away either, so they shouldn't be dying. What do you use SS for? I genuinely think the correct Cache for Apex is 0-2. I don't see a good use for them other than damage prevention or getting a Ram on Cooper's attack when needed (I don't take Model 9 who is super SS-hungry) I think Harpooners are awful so I'd like to hear more about this. From my perspective: They shoot much worse than Crypsis Corps while being similar in mobility, they easily die to 2-3 attacks with their lack of defensive abilities and don't provide support like BeneathTheLeaves does, reel in is garbage compared to what Tannenbaum does, and the dogs already provide decent push effects for keeping Cooper disengaged, not to mention OOK Explorers have tons of movement effects (MrNgaatoro, Damned, Intrepid, WFinnigan, etc) . With Cooper/Crypsis/Vagati why take another mostly-static shooter model when shooting is so saturated and far better options exist for Harpooner's secondary roles?
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