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  1. I'm on Chrome and switching from Classic to New Taste fixed it.
  2. I have never heard of this interpretation before. Play it how you want to, but most people you play against will assume you are cheating if you try to play it like this.
  3. No. 1 damage to her allows you to charge immediately.
  4. I disagree with the idea that this shows what you want it to show. The Komainu will live longer, which means it gets to hit more often. The Komainu's 0ap action is, in the abstract, going to provide a LOT more movement that just a 2" push, which can help hit more often. The burning on the Monk doesn't apply until the end of the turn, so even if you stack up 4 or more burning on a single model, that model will still get to activate; the Komainu is far more likely to just kill a model and prevent it doing anything at all. You are also neglecting that half the time (even without considering cheating) will hit it's triggers to either apply the same burning as the Monk, or to apply Slow which imo imo imo is WAAAYYY better than just a couple extra points of damage. Unfortunately, the stink of having been bad for years will continue following the Monk because, frankly, it still isn't any good.
  5. Tannen w/ Asami: Not bad, but also maybe not worth it. Again, Tannen REALLY only pays off when his Cooler aura is doing work. If you can use it to force your opponent to discard a bunch so they cannot defend themselves from Asami's Devoured Whole trigger, then he's good. If you're using him to get that +2 on for your summoning...well, just recall that there are as many in the deck that will get a -2, so you lose a lot of his value right off the bat. Games where you can get the action bunched up and you keep enough pressure on enemy hitters that they can't take time to kill Tannen, he is awesome. Other games he'll just be 6ss that would have been better off on another 10T Brother or Terracotta Warrior.
  6. Because there is a standard, without which it would be impossible to show up at your lgs and just play a game with any other Malifaux player you might run into. Also, I do play primarily in tournaments, and I think the errata has negatively affected my enjoyment of the game, so I don't know what to do about a suggestion like this one.
  7. So, you agree that the game is already maybe a little too confusing ("after playing for years I STILL have to check the stats of models every time I play") and you think the best action for Wyrd to take to fix lingering issues is to increase the complexity?
  8. Just buy 10 Thunders Brothers. You'll be fine.
  9. For tengu v wandering rivers, I think you have to choose between them. You can take 1-2 tengu or 1 wandering river, but i think that's it. Especially since Shenlong+Yu are already quite good at putting markers down, you should have another use for them in mind if you take one, in my opinion. I often put a tengu in my Shenlong crews because they can use morning star to get around the field very very quickly and can threaten enemy scheme markers quite effectively. I don't post on here that much these days, but I have written more than one essay about how much I love the 10T Brothers, so take this as a vote for adding them above anything else. I wouldn't worry much about taking models that already have good 0 actions 'wasting' the 0ap focus Shenlong can give you. That's a nice option, but it's just not that big a deal in my experience.
  10. The reasons errata are bad should be self evident. It makes the models not do what the book says; it creates extra paper work you must do to play; it leads to something like last year where it took multiple printings and 3-6 months for people to get the correct updated cards; it leads to players not trusting that a model they like will be the same this month as it is next month; it leads to confusion. There is a reason that most successful games view errata as a last resort, and I am hopeful that Wyrd will return to this philosophy before it's too late.
  11. I think the real problem here is the idea that every model should be equivalently playable. I assure you, there are people out there happily putting High River Monks and Archers on the table in their kitchens and LGSs. Not everything is, or can be, or should be, viable for top level tournament play. Issuing errata for these models will not ever make it so that this "perfect balance" is reached, it will only create a new worst thing to complain about.
  12. Given that I more or less stopped playing Malifaux once they started instituting huge sweeping power-level errata I just want to help turn this into a thread of people agreeing with @Tokapondora about how it would be good to keep things to a bare minimum going forward.
  13. $10 to buy the stat cards is an awesome feature! Out of curiosity, does that purchase include all current plus future stat cards, or will future books need to be purchased separately?
  14. I think a big problem we (or, at least this is true for me) are having with understanding the full implications of the Arcanist story is that we have an incomplete understanding of where and how history has differed in Malifaux's Earth from our Earth. Did it take a civil war to end chattel slavery in the United States? Is there an Earthside civil/women's rights movement? Is the specter of communism hanging over Europe? Is the Guild the only Western power exerting control of the 3 Kingdoms? For that matter, how and why are there a "3 Kingdoms" to begin with, rather than separate Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean and etc states? Is the political map of North America the way we all know it to be? Is anybody from South America? So, not knowing the answer to so many questions does, I guess, leave open the possibility that Toni did the right thing and I am wrong. Who knows.
  15. Tbh, my favorite alts are the tortoise and the hare; just complete reimaginings of a character. The Miss models generally fall in this camp for me as well. Like, an all viking version of Asami's crew or some silly thing like that.
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