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  1. Same here, have to test it out. For me it's pretty tempting trying the dawn serpent after the errata - nice Black flash target.
  2. Ha! of course, my bad. Well if playing Luna you should take the hounds. They are much faster than the guards. I have to playtest the guards now but I don't think they will get that much table time.
  3. So first of all his Upgrades. His new loot bag gives him the opportunity to switch a 1ss Upgrade for a 2ss Upgrade. So in fact you get one SS for free. The next I usually take is Promises because a + flip on Df and Ml ist nice and you want to have it on him. If you can manage to have some models inside the bubble, even better. The last slot is usually filled with one of his 1ss upgrades. The next model I pretty much always take,, is the emissary. You get another Upgrade on him for free with the conflux (badge of speed preferred). The next thing worth considering is the Totem. You have 2 great totems. Luna is good if you're planning on spamming some guild hounds, the kamaitachi is worth taking to push Mccabe, heal him and get additional card draw. That is my first input
  4. It's a little off topic but does anyone have a suitable Neil proxy? Maybe from the TTB kit?
  5. EDIT: added prices and some more stuff.
  6. Hey everyone! I'm trying to seperate from a few bits. If you're interested in something, don't hesitate to send me a PM I'm EU based and will check shipping to US as well. On sprue: - Shenlong Crew 25€ - Nellie Crew 25€ - Brewmaster Crew 25€ - Reva Crew 25€ - Translucent Lynch Crew 25€ - Translucent Jack Daw Crew 25€ - 2x LE Katanaka Sniper 10€/each - LE Francisco 15€ - a single Will-O-Wisp 7€ - Miss Fire 10€ - Miss Terious 15€ - Amelia Bathory 30€ - Dr.Dufresne (Card missing) - Vintage Sonnia 20€ - a single Steamfitter Prebuilt/Primed/Based: - Collodi Crew (prebuilt and partially painted) 25€ - Pandora Crew (prebuilt with Microarts bases) 25€ - Lilith Crew 25€ - Leveticus Crew 25€ - Von Schill Crew 25€ - Tara Crew (prebuilt) 25€ - Dayglow Dreamer Crew (prebuilt) 25€ - Crossroad 7 (prebuilt - one card is missing - Sloth I guess...have to check) 35€ - Misterious Emissary (prebuilt) 20€ - Lucky Emissary (partially built for painting reasons) 20€ - Pigapult (partially built and painted) 15€ I will send you pictures on request because it's a bit too much of stuff. Thank you in advance and have a nice day P.S.: I'm only interested in selling because I pretty have everything I need, thank you!
  7. Wow you guys are absolutely brilliant. I really really like your work. I hope there is no problem asking you for some additional info to your "skin recipe"...What do you mean by first, second, third shadow/light? Thank you very much
  8. Just curious...do I have some sort of account or is the card purchase linked to the device?
  9. Have you played Huggy more defensive? Or hunting more on the outside?
  10. Interesting. I wasn't aware that this cheat 2nd bubble is so troublesome.
  11. Hello everyone. I would like to share my experience with these two upgrades with you... Due to having a really fragile Henchman, Rising Sun is my prefered upgrade. But in Collect the bounty there is no need giving the enemy the option of easy 3 bounty points. Therefor I took Cheating Bastard yesterday. My opinion on this one is that the Cheating Aura is very situational for Lynch because i usually try to stay 8" away. House Rules is the stunning one. It's pretty easy getting at least 2 every turn. In addition to that, Gwyneth helps you a lot getting a potent hand. Final Debt with 10 dmg is no joke. What is your experience with the new one? Have you considered any other strat or specific scheme pool? Cheers!
  12. It's me again. Do you guys have any suitable proxy's for our new wave 5 stuff? I'm curious what you guys have in mind. Cheers
  13. Hello there! I wanted to start theoryfaux thread to see if anybody has already come up with some nasty new tricks or combos with our new 5th wave? - Gwyneth Maddox outside of Lynch: Don't know how good her "Come Play at my table" really is. But she could be able to pass out Brilliance quiet nicely. Add 2 Illuminated in the mix and you have two really nice damage dealer with you. I could imagine using her in Shen Long or McCabe. - The other thing I was thinking about if the Amanjaku could get more table time. He could increase Asamis Flicker condition if you have the Borrowed Time upgrade - So Amanjaku gives you, more or less, a SS back. But don't know if it is worth the 9.
  14. I forgot that she is a henchman
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