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  1. I think I'm missing something here. Grimwell walks with nimble AP, drops a marker for the Investigator push for 1 AP, and then discards a card for his 1 AP action. Where is the other AP coming from? Fast?
  2. Mages only give out slow on an after damaging trigger. Henchman and Masters can stone to prevent gaining slow. Acolytes give out slow more consistently as the slow effect is built into the attack. Acolytes can also deploy just about anywhere on the table and they're immune to horror duels and paralyze which is good against ressurs and neverborn. I think they both have their uses, so I wouldn't say one is inherently better than the other. Outside of Sandeep or Ironsides crews, I lean towards December Acolytes more than Oxfordian Mages though.
  3. And nowhere does it say you don't get to count his cost twice. Regardless of anyone's ruling, it's definitely ambiguous enough where I'm hopeful for an FAQ on it soon. Until then, most events I've participated in rule Big Jake and Tanuki as counting their cost twice. So Nellie is my go-to when Ours comes up. Models I like to take with Nellie in Ours: Phiona because of her 1 AP action to place in base contact with an enemy engaged with a friendly model. That can be useful if you need to get her to a different table quarter. I always take Phiona with Nellie though. Peacekeeper because its sturdy and can run pretty independently and has a high SS cost. Big Jake for counting twice. And Anna if I'm going up against Ten Thunders, Ressers, or Arcanists.
  4. What models do you have so far? Or are you planning on buying models prior to the event based on recommendations?
  5. Any chance the erratad cards for Wind Gamin B and C could be added to Wargame Vault?
  6. Sorry! I must not have clicked send before closing out of my browser. I just sent it.
  7. Agreed. I know I shouldn't be surprised, but it just amazes me how consistently strong Jakob Lynch has been through all of the GG versions. At least as TT. My Lynch crews start off with Lynch, Hungering Darkness, and Sensei Yu. Everything else is just gravy. I can take anything I want after that and Lynch is still very strong regardless of what I choose. Lynch is much more flexible than I first thought when I started playing Malifaux. It makes me wonder why I don't see him across the table as much.
  8. A single model changes the way people play in every single game. I'm playing against Arcanists, so I choose my crew accordingly. Then my opponent reveals Rasputina. Well that means I'm probably going to spread out more. But what if my opponent had revealed a different master? My crew is still the same, but the way I play against that master is going to be different than the way I play against Rasputina. One model changing the way you play isn't unbalanced. Especially because your opponent is also changing the way they play because of the models you chose. It's not just one single model in the entire game. Lots of models change the way people play across all crews/factions. Your opponent has access to strong combos, but so do you. That's why I feel like it's balanced. Meta is impossible to avoid. Every competitive game has a meta. Hell, even chess has a meta of sorts. But I don't see how Malifaux having a meta makes the game inherently unbalanced.
  9. Are you expecting to not have to change the way you play in order to counter strong combos/synergies in your opponent's crew? And that's an honest question. I'm not trying to be sarcastic or anything like that. I'm just confused at what you're discussing at this point. If Myranda + IE is not unbeatable, but it requires you to adapt, is that a bad thing? Isn't the ability to adapt and counter your opponent's plans a show of skill in Malifaux? I definitely recognize that there have been combos/interactions in Malifaux that are just too strong or just terrible to play against. generally, they get fixed with the erratas/FAQs. Myranda + IE has been around so long (for over 4 years) and I wouldn't classify it as too strong or terrible to play against.
  10. I don't feel like Phiona benefits that much from cheating damage. She has a consistent spread of 3/4/5 so cheating the damage increases her output by 2 at most. It's just not worth an upgrade slot and a severe to get that additional 2 damage. She puts out a lot of damage as is in a Nellie crew. I'd much rather put A Debt to the Guild and Numb to the World on Phiona (or replace A Debt to the Guild with Journalism when Dig Their Graves is in the pool). Other than that, I definitely agree with the above. The absolute must takes with Nellie are Phiona and the Printing Press. Frank is next on the list as well.
  11. That's a fair point. I guess I should try Hoffman in Ours more. It sounds like I've been underestimating him for this strategy.
  12. Hoffman can easily hold two table quarters. It's harder to contest that third quarter though because you don't spread out as much with Hoffman. You certainly can, and with his new upgrade, Hoffman can place up to 6", so that helps. Still, he wouldn't be my first pick for Ours. Although I haven't played Ours much so that could be why I think that he isn't the greatest pick for the strategy.
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