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  1. Does Jacob Lynch benefit from his own heal on the inner glow trigger? It states that all friendly models within range heal 1 and gain a brilliance (none for Lynch). However, the range is being determined, I think, from a pulse which ignores the model generating the pulse. Therefor, I don't think Lynch can heal himself. I think I may have been misplaying this; so I am asking to clarify before Adepticon...
  2. Is Toshiro not a Ten Thunder model so that crews besides Yan Lo can't spam Ashigaru? Does the ancient warlord who disgraced the Katanaka name and who Yan Lo (also a disgrace to Katanakas) brought back for a chance to redeem himself in service of the Katanaka clan not have a place with the rest of the Katanakas? Are he and Misaki at odds? If Toshiro not being a Ten Thunder is a balance issue, I guess that is understandable, though I find it slightly off. Does it make sense from a fluff perspective? Did he have a falling out with Misaki after she murdered her father? Has he become more erratic, needing the touch of necromancers to send him in the right direction? Why can't we have Toshiro outside of Yan Lo?
  3. Only McCabe ended up getting hit with Staggered; I either made my flips for my other models or had the cards to throw away on them. McCabe can still make other models Ride with him while he is staggered, allbeit at only a 5" move.
  4. Yvarre


    I just got Lynch on the table twice, and I definitely found Honeypot as a whole to be in a good place. In Turf War, I was able to steadily eliminate models from my opponent's crew while getting Kitty and Huggy around to the back field to clear out stragglers and score for Power Ritual and Breakthrough, as well as take care of Strat points. The amount of movement tricks I was able to get out of this crew was obscene, between Kitty giving 18" of movement for a single action on a mask and Beckoners helping me reposition or pulling my opponent out of position. By putting Brilliance on higher damaging targets, I was able to protect my Beckoners and Lynch with Don't bite the Hand, and I found it pretty easy to get 4-7 Brilliance Tokens on a couple different enemy models in a game, while doling out Brilliance here and there to other models. Hit the Jackpot, Rig the Deck, and Whispering Artifacts (I brought McCabe) to draw cards and stack my hand meant that I always had face cards in my hand to cheat. Honestly, I am having trouble not seeing myself taking Lynch, Huggy, 2 Beckoners, Kitty, Gwynneth, McCabe, and Luna in any scheme or strat pool. The versatility of the crew to scheme, disrupt, reposition, and tie up models while consistently having a better hand than my opponent seems too good. I missed summoning a Depleted and an illuminated off of 2 of Lynch's kills in one game because I rigged the deck wrong, missing the damage from a Friendly Handshake, but now that I am a little more familiar, Iluminated are going to be popping out alot more. McCabe was also taken off of his horse in one game because my opponent threw almost everything at him, and Lynch's healing as well as always having face cards in my hand meant that McCabe just wouldn't die. While he doesn't have quite the damage output he did in M2E, Lynch plays for me the same way that he did- he hides from everything and kills targets of opportunity that his crew brings to him; I like him this way. He was able to do this with ease, as my deck was rigged and my hand stacked. As I said, I also found his healing to be extremely effective, as he would stay out of the main skirmishes and pepper in focused shots or succumbs, especially in tandem with Gwynneth. The Hungering Darkness and Kitty as a Scheme Running/Hunting Duo is also terrifying. She Blasts Huggy across the board, going with him, walks, and then uses a Brilliance to drop a Scheme. Huggy can then shred any weaker models in the backfield or scheme with impunity. He is also great tied up in big melees now with a higher defense. With a couple other friendly models around with Brilliance and a balanced distribution of brilliance on enemy models, he heals back up easily and can hand out massive slows. As a whole, I am extremely excited about the new Honeypot.
  5. The 30mm ice pillars were certainly inconvenient. They caged me in, handed out some slow, and cost me actions to remove them or reposition my models. Between Ride with Me, Reaching Tendrils, and Lure, I was able to get my models into better positions, but I can see how it'd be a different story with less movement tricks. In the second round, a Som'er crew went against the Ice Pillar crew, and a higher model count with weaker models meant the player had alot of actions to throw into getting rid of pillars, and they didn't end up covering the board as much. McCabe had the roughest time with the pillars, given his large base size, and found himself unable to move through certain lanes. There was a point too where he was just pinned to a building by pillars near the center of the board, but he got out by cutting one down and riding Gwynneth into a position to start drawing models in. My opponent positioned the pillars really well, but I was still able to do what I needed to do to score VP; so I wouldn't necessarily consider them oppressive. I actually really liked the ice pillar mechanics. It seems appropriate that wherever Raspy shows up, pillars of ice start shooting up out of everywhere to dog her enemies. The debuff is good too, especially as I kept my crew in good position not to get blasted; while I didn't let Raspy kill too many models, she still cost me cards and actions and was more effective as a master influencing the game state than Lynch who simply skulked and waited for his crew to bring him targets of opportunity- what I love best when playing Lynch; he is a coward.
  6. I forgot to mention the importance of card draw and hand manipulation in this crew. Between McCabe looting, the free action on the whispering artifact to draw a card, and Gwynneth's Hit the Jackpot, I was never short on cards except for the occasional ice pillar discard. With Rig the Deck +9 spread between my crew, I also usually had face cards to cheat. Hit the Jackpot was also a great way to pitch cards that I didn't want. All this utility generally meant that I could pass the duels that mattered most through the course of the game. I found myself activating models with Rig the Deck when my hand was looking rough and threats were getting more dire, and the slight edge allowed for protecting my models from dying and killing things with more ease.
  7. Turf War Corner Deployment Power Ritual, Breakthrough, Vendetta, Hold Up Their Forces, Plant Explosives Game Time 3.5 hours, 5 turns Myself Lynch, Hungering Darkness, 2 Beckoners, Kitty Dumont, Gwynneth Maddox, Lucas McCabe, Luna I took 5 SS, forgetting to pay the tax for Luna and not realizing McCabe had to pay it too. I should have been at 3 soulstones and ended up using 3 during the game Power Ritual, Breakthrough Ynysley Rasputina, Wendigo, Snow Storm, 2 Silent Ones, Blessed of December, December Acolyte, Ice Dancer, Hoarcat (there were 2 Magical Training upgrades on the Silent Ones, I think) No Soulstones, I think Power Ritual, Hold Up Their Forces The setting was a rustic town with clusters of buildings roughly 3-5 inches apart, some fences and small copses, and a small cemetary in Ynysleys deployment zone My activation order may be a bit off, but I'll get the jist: Turn 1- Brilliance on Raspy and Snowstorm from Remember Last Night. December Accolyte appears in the unoccupied quarter of Ynsley's table side with a bead on a Beckoner We spent most of the turn positioning. Snowstorm gusted Raspy and 2 Silent Ones up. Kitty moved Gwynneth up then took Huggy for a ride up the Acolyte's flank. Raspy, some Silent Ones, and Wendigo all positioned more and layed down some ice pillars, blocking key lanes through the buildings out of my deployment zone. Luna dug up some treasure which McCabe grabbed and threw to the Beckoner nearest him, granting her fast and a haunted artifact; McCabe then realized that he had forgotten something important, running back to drop a scheme marker next to my table corner, telegraphing Power Rit hard. The Beckoner in turn tried to Lure Rasputina closer and succeeded . Lynch skulked (one of his most strategic actions), positioning himself way out of sight of cannibals or ice pillars. The Blessed had also dropped a scheme in her corner, and the Ice Dancer was running up the empty flank towards the unoccupied corner. Ice Pillar Count: 5 Turn 2 Alot more ice pillars happened cause I didn't leave my models in a position for too much blasting, caging me in and doling out a slow or two. Our crews scuttled around each other, employing our respective movement tricks. The Beckoners helped to pull my models away from pillars, and McCabe, while hacking through some ice pillars, was able to give the second Beckoner a Whispering Artifact (a far superior choice for this crew) so that she could have an extra action for positioning. Gwynneth was able to draw the Blessed in and kill it with with Card Shark. Lynch mosied up the flank where Huggy and Gwynneth were. Huggy and Kitty proceeded up the flank where Huggy took the turf marker in the Acolyte's quarter with Kitty helping to clear the way. The Ice Dancer dropped a scheme in the empty corner. Score: Ynysley 1 strat 1 Power Rit, Me 1 Strat Ice Pillar Count: 16 Turn 3 Huggy kills the Acolyte then beelines towards Ynsley's Deployment zone while Kitty drops a Brilliant Scheme in the corner. McCabe runs to the center to claim the Strat marker. Raspy boxes McCabe in and lays down some damage and slow. Snowstorm continues to moves things around. Wendigo and Silent ones lay down some pot shots and pillars. The Beckoners and Gwynneth fight their way through ice pillar hell for Gwynneth to start dealing some cards. A sneaky little Hoarcat took down the strat marker in Huggy's corner, and Lynch couldn't kill it. Score: Ynysley 2 strat 1 Power Rit, Me 2 Strat 1 Power Rit Ice Pillar Count: 21 Turn 4 Kitty introduces Lynch to the Hoarcat and runs off to scheme. Lynch kills the Hoarcat. Gwynneth kills a Wendigo. Mccabe tries to slog his way out of ice pillar jail as Raspy kills Luna and throws ice in his eye. Ice Dancer tries to move in to the table quarter of my deployment zone, but a Beckoner keeps her off track and addicted to crack. Huggy schemes for a breakthrough point. Snowstorm puts out some AoE Damage. A Beckoner dies. Score: Ynysley 2 Strat 1 Power Rit, Me 2 Strat 1 Power Rit 1 Breakthrough Turn 5 Huggy Drops the final Power Rit Scheme. Kitty Grabs a Strat The Beckoner thwarts the Ice Dancer some more, drawing her far away from my deployment and near Lynch. Lynch takes the table quarter back and stacks the deck wrong to leave Ice Dancer at 1. Gwynneth kills a Silent one. Raspy lets loose some damage on McCabe. Final score: Lynch over Raspy 6-3 Final Ice Pillar count: 22 If I were to play this over, I would stack my deck better with Lynch. I missed an opportunity to summon a depleted off of the Hoarcat pride and an illuminated off of the Ice Dancer because I stacked my deck incorrectly. My MVP model would have to be Kitty. OMG the movement! Is she really meant to give 18 inches of movement off of a single action? Why can she target a model in my crew more than once a turn? I haven't looked extensively through every model, but is this normal? I certainly love it, especially in Lynch's crew, but it seems extremely abusable- like dragging McCabe up the board to lay down bursts of Staggered and slow with his net gun top of turn 1 good or just ridiculous alpha strikes or scheming. I'm scared of her in combination with the rest of the faction. I crutched really hard on Sensei Yu in 2E because of 8 inches of pushing with a fast thrown in for 2 actions; this is a possible 9 inch push and a place of Kitty, who can drop a free scheme for a Brilliance, on only a single action. At any rate, the mobility of this crew is obscenely good, and they can lay down consistent damage, all while pulling things out of position. I worry a little about the mechanic of tokens and tracking all of the Brilliance this crew puts out. Once we have cards, it's a bit different, but having my opponent push extra dice or little pieces around with their model for handy visual reference seems like a bit much to ask sometimes, especially if they track wounds/tokens/conditions with dice. Though we talked a bit about the game, I won't speak for my opponent beyond that we are really excited for this new edition. Raspy's crew's ability to tie up the board with ice seems amazing, and it will be an extremely good tactic against elite crews, especially. Snowstorm carrying everyone around on ice tornadoes is not only amazing to visualize but a really cool way for December cultists to travel. I definitely played extremely cagey with my positioning so as to deny Raspy great targets, but she was scary when she let loose with some onslaught triggers. The resource denial of either a card or an action is also awesome, and I spent alot of energy repositioning models if I didn't want to discard or eat the slow. And it makes sense! She is a cold-hearted cannibal who freezes things- slow. Arcanists are looking so fun in this edition... That's a wrap.
  8. It appears, looking through the new rule book and stat cards, that Brilliance is no longer defined as a condition in M3E as it was in second edition. The list of conditions can be found on page 32; conditions are defined as having an effect on how a model functions. Brilliance, which has no actual effect on a model outside of Honeypot abilities, is simply measured in tokens that the Honeypot crew hands out. The rules on tokens can be found on page 30; key for our distinction between conditions is this statement: tokens have no effect on their own but are often referenced by the Actions and Abilities of models.. It would seem that condition removal cannot actually remove Brilliance Tokens. I wonder, given this fact, how the game would have been different with the continuous build of Brilliance tokens, especially as Lynch needs 4, 5, or 7 tokens on a single model to be able to summon. In addition to the possible 5 damage, his ability to summon, though requiring quite a bit of setup, seems like his greatest utility in M3E (maybe along with being able to shoot Huggy anywhere within 8").
  9. Here are some misprints I've noticed so far: Dawn Serpent typo on Rising Dawn: This model Heals 1 for each enemy model within rangel. Mei Feng's Freight Train, Interrupted is misspelled, and pass on a TN 14 should possibly not have an on: If this Push is interupted by an enemy model, the enemy model must pass on a TN 14 Mv duel Yasunori's Revel in Chaos would be fine without the first damage: This model may suffer damage any amount of damage. Katanaka Crime Boss should be may or draws: Protection Money: After an enemy Scheme Marker is placed within a6, this model draw a card. Lotus Eater double suffers: Df/Wp (c) Soul Ward: If this Action is a # Action, the Attacking model suffers suffers 2/3/3 damage, which cannot be Cheated. Bill Algren's Naginata may be missing push?: Target suffers 3/4/4 damage and this model may it up to 2" away from this model.
  10. Yvarre

    Guild vs Lynch?

    One key swing factor in matchups of Lynch versus either Criid or Perdita is the density of the terrain. If there are enough staggered places to hide completely out of LoS (as Criid gets + against high WP to negate cover and Perdita often brings the upgrade to ignore cover) Lynch's crew has a much better shot of surviving, and Lynch himself has a better chance to do what he does best, skulk in the shadows like a coward waiting to unleash holy hell on targets of opportunity. The Guild's Badge of Office upgrade can put a serious kink in this plan for him of offing masters, as it can nullify his highest damage attack, Final Debt, allowing the master to survive and retaliate. Lynch dies easily. If he can get his summoning engine rolling, throwing Depleted models in the way can also take the brunt off of ranged crews, though it requires him to get fairly close to kill things. So, my advice would be: try not to have too many wide open kill zones on your board by really evenly spacing the full 1/3 of terrain pieces, and, if you want to be really sporting, leave the Badge at home. For Lynch, The Rising Sun can be great in these matchups, as the Hungering Darkness falls really easily to both Sonnia and Perdita; though Cheating Bastard can really help with his Brilliance output, giving him extra damage potential, and always cheating last is really strong. I avoid taking Endless Darkness against the Guild specifically because of Sonnia and Perdita, and I try to kill Francisco quickly (he is found in many competitive Guild lists).
  11. Thinking about it all some more, I'm pretty excited for some new sculpts. Malifaux is my first and only minis game, and I was learning to paint on some of my favorite masters' boxes. Also, many of my models were painted in huge waves in preparation for events such as Captaincon, The Nova Open, and Bragging Rights (131, baby). Naturally, while functional on the table, I'm not winning any painting contests. In fact, even though I kept us in the win column for games, my team took 3rd at Bragging Rights 2016 by only 3/4 of a point below 2nd because of some of my rushed models not looking so hot and getting me the bare minimum for painting score. Like my second strongest 2E master, McCabe, I want redemption. Enter the opportunity to start again on new sculpts! I also have a sneaking suspicion that we are going to get the McCabe, Lynch, and Yan Lo sculpts from Broken Promises, and I find Lynch and Yan Lo's new art to be more dynamic than the old sculpts and the new McCabe art is super fun and fits his character a bit more for what I want that the Indiana Jones version, though I got a really nice effect of being a little bloodied and scuffed up from falling off of his horse. So now, after painting over 100 models, I feel like I might just start being able to do this wonderful art some justice, and I really want a nicer looking Lynch. As my resources of money and time are also tight at the moment, I still have an entirely functional collection to play the game with, and I can take my time painting any new models that strike my fancy. Whereas before most of my efforts of building and painting were geared towards having crews ready for competitive play; now I can take my time and focus on the hobby aspect of the game. That's cool.
  12. Can McCabe still hire his doggies!? They like him better than the stupid, stuffy Guild anyways. I've had a dream of starting to dip into Neverborn cause I love Lynch so much; I guess that's one of the things that drew me into the Thunders in the first place- having a toe in to all the other factions already, so branching out was an open option. It turns out that I haven't really ended up having the extra time or money; so maybe it's a small mercy that that's being scaled back some as one of the defining aspects of the Thunders. I do really appreciate doubling down on thematic crews, though- having to sacrifice for faction allstars outside of a crew's theme makes sense. I was getting kind of annoyed with seeing the same faction auto-includes in every crew. Why is Francisco away from Latigo again? Why is he helping this cooky reporter who just wrote a really scathing story about him? I'm apprehensive about change, but I trust the design experience of Wyrd as well as Wyrd's continued respect for its community.
  13. Ototo's main function is to tarpit like a champ and hit back super hard. I hire him in pools where I want to tie up lots of models in a certain area. If my opponent wastes the resources trying to take Ototo out and fails, which frequently happens, he can hit back at Ml 8 with a built in crit. At half wounds with a recalled training popped, a flurry from Ototo can often kill almost anything, and then he can heal himself back up. He is much less effective if my opponent ignores him, but I try to make that difficult. I also don't generally take him when I think I might be going up against a crew that attacks willpower alot, like Pandora, who can easily nullify Ototo. I am buying his new sculpt because I feel it is more flavorful in regards to his playstyle, and I look forward to pounding many more masters into the ground with a model that people often underestimate. As a devout Lynch player, I'm keeping Tannen and Graves in their human forms so they can stay in their rightful place on the floor of The Honeypot.
  14. Strat: Supply Wagons Schemes: Setup, Inescapable trap, Undercover Entourage, Guarded Treasure, Take One for the Team Round 1: Asami (Inescapable trap, UE: Yamaziko) vs. Pandora (Guarded Treasure, Take One for the Team: Baby Kade "I've got this," Yamaziko called to Asami as she eyed the Monk of Low River and Ten Thunders Brother with the barest hint of approval in her eyes, "These strapping young men surely won't let an old woman do all of the work. heh." With that, she set off to push the wagon, eyeing Coppelius, Lilitu, and Baby Kade in the distance, and brandishing her glaive. Asami set off to hunt down Pandora and the Mysterious Effigy and Emissary as well as a Doppelganger with Yasunori and her own Emissary in reserve. The words the old woman had said to her were ringing in her ears, "Cool, calm, collected- we move as lightning; we strike from the shadows like a thunderclap." "Push that cart, ya dumb tree; I wanna play with that girl with the bad hair!" Pandora squealed eyeing up this new human whose brain would be so fun to pick apart; "like a gramlin eatin' froglegs," she muttered to herself, as she let the energies from the box begin to wrap around her, reaching out into Asami's mind and the mind of the monk lagging behind Yamaziko. "Fun, Fun, FFFFUUUUUNNNNN, but what's a T-bird anyways?" That was when Pandora heard the whisper of soft scratching of strange pointed feet skittering towards her at unholy speed, as a large Spider Demon brought an equally ginormous Glaive slashing down across her face, and was that... blood? "NO! That is not how you play with me!" she screamed, reflexively crushing soulstones and floating away on the box's aetheric currents as the cretin took another swing. A green monkey demon wearing some kind of crude armor brought 2 sickles down at her, and she gasped reeling backwards. Then a man in a Kabuki mask wielding two katanas atop a beast that looked half dragon and half horse bore down on her in a flurry of swinging swords, and she floated away. "I don't think I can take much more of this," Pandora thought as she tugged on the aetheric thread she had on Asami and noticed that the demons were actually spewing out of the girl's head and coming towards her, two spiders boxing her in. She stumbled, and the man with the Kabuki mask was there, she reached into the soulstone pouch Zoraida had given her. "Oh crap," she thought, and things became a frantic blur as pain siezed her body and she noticed her left arm wasn't quite working right, and her dress was most decidely not green anymore; it was- red. Yamaziko heard Pandora's final wail from over the abandoned house she was pushing the cart past. "The girl has promise," she thought to herself, "Young Misaki did well in finding that one. Ha, even the oni must serve the thunder," so distracted in her thoughts, she did not see the first pass of the bladed whip as it began to curve around her neck, but in one fluid motion, she dropped straight down, crushing a soulstone to fortify the skin on her face from getting cut, and, slipping below the whip as it snaked in space where it might otherwise have cut her head off, she thrust her Glaive right through Litlitu's chest. Somewhere in the bushes there was screaming as Baby Kade savaged the monk, and in the distance the sound of steel hacking into wood. "Stall Coppelius," Yamaziko ordered the Brother, motioning to the far corner of the building. She lit the charges in the wagon and ran. Score: Asami 7 (4 Strat, 3 UE) Pandora 4 (3 Strat, 1 Guarded Treasure) Round 2: Lynch (Setup: Howard Langston, UE:Yamaziko) vs. Marcus (Take One for the Team: Hoarcat Pride 1, UE:Marcus) C'mon, you lot, get that cart movin'. We got a deadline to keep with that Brillianced shine," Lynch drawled, not quite looking Yamaziko in the eyes; the woman unnerved him somehow. "I'll take the girl who spits demons out of her head over this guy any day," Yamaziko muttered to her comrades, a Monk of Low River and a Ten Thunders Brother, breaking her usual composure to give a nasty glare at the Beckoner standing nearby in the woods. Suddenly, Hoarcat Prides burst out of the surrounding ruins as a feral roar emanated from behind a cart that was barreling towards the cart of brillianced liquor. "The hell," Lynch muttered as a heavily muscled man with very dark skin and a large shillelagh appeared from behind the cart with an equally massive three-headed sabertooth tiger. "Marcus, what are you doing here!? "You will take your abominable taint from my lands this instant or face my wrath!" Marcus roared. "Suit y'self," Lynch said. "Gun 'em down." With that a burst of fire spat from an oversized gattling gun atop the shoulders of a man dressed in full samurai regalia. Through all the bullets, however, Marcus kept his resolve, seeming to amp up more and more with each shot, many swinging wide and hitting a hoarcat pride." Then Lynch's eyes rolled to the back of his head as he felt Sensei Yu push him forward towards the carts and the Hungering Darkness burst forth, willing the sabertooth to take a swing on Marcus. "Huh, can't control your own pets, beastmaster?" Lynch said, watching Miranda sneak up to the mess of carts through the Hungering Darkness's sight. "Oh, no you don't touch my merchandise, Honey." Lynch said to himself, reaching into Miranda's soul with his darkness while simultaneously lining up shots on a hoarcat pride with his Derringers, felling the beasts. Then three aces shot from his sleeves, disappearing through the cart and puncturing through Miranda's lungs. "Dang, missed the heart," Lynch spat right as Miranda's dying body shifted into a second Sabertooth Cerberus. As Lynch and company made short work of the second Cerberus, a giant man on mechanical spider legs burst forth, cutting the Hungering Darkness, who Marcus quickly finished off, then Yamaziko and the Ten Thunders Brother in half. "That's gonna cost you, Professor," Lynch said to Marcus, as he gathered the darkness back in and let it spill into Howard Langston. "Millie, finish this one off, Lynch called to the Beckoner, as he started to stroll in the direction Marcus was running. "I am going to have some words with the professor over there." With Sensei Yu's help, Lynch caught up to Marcus, cornering him behind a rundown, abandoned shack. "I'll have you know," Lynch began, "that-" "You will not corrupt this land," Marcus interrupted, growling through clenched teeth as blood loss began to cloud his vision. "On Contrare," Lynch retorted. "You've no say in this matter. Now, as I was trying to say, you just killed the new Oyabun's master. She ain't gonna like that. In fact, she might get very cross with me. Now I'm tellin' you this cause I'm gonna bring your head to try and appease her, and you ain't gonna tell another soul." And with that, darkness swallowed Marcus. Lynch 6 (4 Strat, 2 Setup) Marcus 5(3 Strat, 2 Take One for the Team)
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