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  1. Yvarre

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Thinking about it all some more, I'm pretty excited for some new sculpts. Malifaux is my first and only minis game, and I was learning to paint on some of my favorite masters' boxes. Also, many of my models were painted in huge waves in preparation for events such as Captaincon, The Nova Open, and Bragging Rights (131, baby). Naturally, while functional on the table, I'm not winning any painting contests. In fact, even though I kept us in the win column for games, my team took 3rd at Bragging Rights 2016 by only 3/4 of a point below 2nd because of some of my rushed models not looking so hot and getting me the bare minimum for painting score. Like my second strongest 2E master, McCabe, I want redemption. Enter the opportunity to start again on new sculpts! I also have a sneaking suspicion that we are going to get the McCabe, Lynch, and Yan Lo sculpts from Broken Promises, and I find Lynch and Yan Lo's new art to be more dynamic than the old sculpts and the new McCabe art is super fun and fits his character a bit more for what I want that the Indiana Jones version, though I got a really nice effect of being a little bloodied and scuffed up from falling off of his horse. So now, after painting over 100 models, I feel like I might just start being able to do this wonderful art some justice, and I really want a nicer looking Lynch. As my resources of money and time are also tight at the moment, I still have an entirely functional collection to play the game with, and I can take my time painting any new models that strike my fancy. Whereas before most of my efforts of building and painting were geared towards having crews ready for competitive play; now I can take my time and focus on the hobby aspect of the game. That's cool.
  2. Yvarre

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Can McCabe still hire his doggies!? They like him better than the stupid, stuffy Guild anyways. I've had a dream of starting to dip into Neverborn cause I love Lynch so much; I guess that's one of the things that drew me into the Thunders in the first place- having a toe in to all the other factions already, so branching out was an open option. It turns out that I haven't really ended up having the extra time or money; so maybe it's a small mercy that that's being scaled back some as one of the defining aspects of the Thunders. I do really appreciate doubling down on thematic crews, though- having to sacrifice for faction allstars outside of a crew's theme makes sense. I was getting kind of annoyed with seeing the same faction auto-includes in every crew. Why is Francisco away from Latigo again? Why is he helping this cooky reporter who just wrote a really scathing story about him? I'm apprehensive about change, but I trust the design experience of Wyrd as well as Wyrd's continued respect for its community.
  3. Yvarre

    Alt models : Ototo / Tannen & Graves

    Ototo's main function is to tarpit like a champ and hit back super hard. I hire him in pools where I want to tie up lots of models in a certain area. If my opponent wastes the resources trying to take Ototo out and fails, which frequently happens, he can hit back at Ml 8 with a built in crit. At half wounds with a recalled training popped, a flurry from Ototo can often kill almost anything, and then he can heal himself back up. He is much less effective if my opponent ignores him, but I try to make that difficult. I also don't generally take him when I think I might be going up against a crew that attacks willpower alot, like Pandora, who can easily nullify Ototo. I am buying his new sculpt because I feel it is more flavorful in regards to his playstyle, and I look forward to pounding many more masters into the ground with a model that people often underestimate. As a devout Lynch player, I'm keeping Tannen and Graves in their human forms so they can stay in their rightful place on the floor of The Honeypot.
  4. Strat: Supply Wagons Schemes: Setup, Inescapable trap, Undercover Entourage, Guarded Treasure, Take One for the Team Round 1: Asami (Inescapable trap, UE: Yamaziko) vs. Pandora (Guarded Treasure, Take One for the Team: Baby Kade "I've got this," Yamaziko called to Asami as she eyed the Monk of Low River and Ten Thunders Brother with the barest hint of approval in her eyes, "These strapping young men surely won't let an old woman do all of the work. heh." With that, she set off to push the wagon, eyeing Coppelius, Lilitu, and Baby Kade in the distance, and brandishing her glaive. Asami set off to hunt down Pandora and the Mysterious Effigy and Emissary as well as a Doppelganger with Yasunori and her own Emissary in reserve. The words the old woman had said to her were ringing in her ears, "Cool, calm, collected- we move as lightning; we strike from the shadows like a thunderclap." "Push that cart, ya dumb tree; I wanna play with that girl with the bad hair!" Pandora squealed eyeing up this new human whose brain would be so fun to pick apart; "like a gramlin eatin' froglegs," she muttered to herself, as she let the energies from the box begin to wrap around her, reaching out into Asami's mind and the mind of the monk lagging behind Yamaziko. "Fun, Fun, FFFFUUUUUNNNNN, but what's a T-bird anyways?" That was when Pandora heard the whisper of soft scratching of strange pointed feet skittering towards her at unholy speed, as a large Spider Demon brought an equally ginormous Glaive slashing down across her face, and was that... blood? "NO! That is not how you play with me!" she screamed, reflexively crushing soulstones and floating away on the box's aetheric currents as the cretin took another swing. A green monkey demon wearing some kind of crude armor brought 2 sickles down at her, and she gasped reeling backwards. Then a man in a Kabuki mask wielding two katanas atop a beast that looked half dragon and half horse bore down on her in a flurry of swinging swords, and she floated away. "I don't think I can take much more of this," Pandora thought as she tugged on the aetheric thread she had on Asami and noticed that the demons were actually spewing out of the girl's head and coming towards her, two spiders boxing her in. She stumbled, and the man with the Kabuki mask was there, she reached into the soulstone pouch Zoraida had given her. "Oh crap," she thought, and things became a frantic blur as pain siezed her body and she noticed her left arm wasn't quite working right, and her dress was most decidely not green anymore; it was- red. Yamaziko heard Pandora's final wail from over the abandoned house she was pushing the cart past. "The girl has promise," she thought to herself, "Young Misaki did well in finding that one. Ha, even the oni must serve the thunder," so distracted in her thoughts, she did not see the first pass of the bladed whip as it began to curve around her neck, but in one fluid motion, she dropped straight down, crushing a soulstone to fortify the skin on her face from getting cut, and, slipping below the whip as it snaked in space where it might otherwise have cut her head off, she thrust her Glaive right through Litlitu's chest. Somewhere in the bushes there was screaming as Baby Kade savaged the monk, and in the distance the sound of steel hacking into wood. "Stall Coppelius," Yamaziko ordered the Brother, motioning to the far corner of the building. She lit the charges in the wagon and ran. Score: Asami 7 (4 Strat, 3 UE) Pandora 4 (3 Strat, 1 Guarded Treasure) Round 2: Lynch (Setup: Howard Langston, UE:Yamaziko) vs. Marcus (Take One for the Team: Hoarcat Pride 1, UE:Marcus) C'mon, you lot, get that cart movin'. We got a deadline to keep with that Brillianced shine," Lynch drawled, not quite looking Yamaziko in the eyes; the woman unnerved him somehow. "I'll take the girl who spits demons out of her head over this guy any day," Yamaziko muttered to her comrades, a Monk of Low River and a Ten Thunders Brother, breaking her usual composure to give a nasty glare at the Beckoner standing nearby in the woods. Suddenly, Hoarcat Prides burst out of the surrounding ruins as a feral roar emanated from behind a cart that was barreling towards the cart of brillianced liquor. "The hell," Lynch muttered as a heavily muscled man with very dark skin and a large shillelagh appeared from behind the cart with an equally massive three-headed sabertooth tiger. "Marcus, what are you doing here!? "You will take your abominable taint from my lands this instant or face my wrath!" Marcus roared. "Suit y'self," Lynch said. "Gun 'em down." With that a burst of fire spat from an oversized gattling gun atop the shoulders of a man dressed in full samurai regalia. Through all the bullets, however, Marcus kept his resolve, seeming to amp up more and more with each shot, many swinging wide and hitting a hoarcat pride." Then Lynch's eyes rolled to the back of his head as he felt Sensei Yu push him forward towards the carts and the Hungering Darkness burst forth, willing the sabertooth to take a swing on Marcus. "Huh, can't control your own pets, beastmaster?" Lynch said, watching Miranda sneak up to the mess of carts through the Hungering Darkness's sight. "Oh, no you don't touch my merchandise, Honey." Lynch said to himself, reaching into Miranda's soul with his darkness while simultaneously lining up shots on a hoarcat pride with his Derringers, felling the beasts. Then three aces shot from his sleeves, disappearing through the cart and puncturing through Miranda's lungs. "Dang, missed the heart," Lynch spat right as Miranda's dying body shifted into a second Sabertooth Cerberus. As Lynch and company made short work of the second Cerberus, a giant man on mechanical spider legs burst forth, cutting the Hungering Darkness, who Marcus quickly finished off, then Yamaziko and the Ten Thunders Brother in half. "That's gonna cost you, Professor," Lynch said to Marcus, as he gathered the darkness back in and let it spill into Howard Langston. "Millie, finish this one off, Lynch called to the Beckoner, as he started to stroll in the direction Marcus was running. "I am going to have some words with the professor over there." With Sensei Yu's help, Lynch caught up to Marcus, cornering him behind a rundown, abandoned shack. "I'll have you know," Lynch began, "that-" "You will not corrupt this land," Marcus interrupted, growling through clenched teeth as blood loss began to cloud his vision. "On Contrare," Lynch retorted. "You've no say in this matter. Now, as I was trying to say, you just killed the new Oyabun's master. She ain't gonna like that. In fact, she might get very cross with me. Now I'm tellin' you this cause I'm gonna bring your head to try and appease her, and you ain't gonna tell another soul." And with that, darkness swallowed Marcus. Lynch 6 (4 Strat, 2 Setup) Marcus 5(3 Strat, 2 Take One for the Team)
  5. I'm gonna try to get coverage at work and make it to this. I need some serious practice before Nova. We just had a Rapid Grow League, which was fun, but does not often encourage strategic play choices, and I want to see some of the newer stuff in action I haven't faced yet. Y'all got some strateegery for me?
  6. Yvarre

    New player, purchase advice needed!

    If focusing on Lynch, I'd recommend also picking up some Depleted, who work as great place holding tarpits for him. Beckoners can also be useful in making things come to Lynch for easier and safer kills, though only in very select strat and scheme mixups. I also find myself rarely playing Lynch without Sensei Yu because fast on either Lynch or the Hungering Darkness easily = death. One last consideration is the favor of Jigoku Samurai for fishing for aces for Lynch's Final Debt attack and Wanna See a Trick. It's annoying, but I've easily gone through most of or the entire deck with one samurai, picking up 4 aces and then obliterating with Lynch. After one activation of the samurai doing that, people also tend to try to overextend to kill it, making for more easy pickings for Lynch. I've killed McMourning and other masters. at the top of turn 2 before because they came gunning for my samurai only to meet Lynch with a full hand.
  7. Yvarre

    Broken Promises teaser

    I love this bad ass new Ototo! Ototo is my favorite murder tarpit as well as one of my favorite models, and this alt art Ototo is just amazing! I'm also super pumped for new master upgrades. Yan Lo is gonna get a super awesome beast mode! I wonder also about emissary upgrades for our new masters. Asami needs cards... num num num I'm also curious about the legality of the new master upgrades, especially for Nova Open. And what new murder toys will my main man Lynch get!?
  8. Yvarre

    Book 5 wishlist!

    I would like to see, at some point, enforcers that are based on the three storms from Big Trouble in Little China, Yan Lo being Lo Pan and all... It would also be really cool to have dudes on motorcycles with guandaos, the Chinese cavalry spears. Tanukis were on my wishlist, and it looks like they are coming! It'd also be really cool to have a shaolin shapeshifter. The trope of a magic sword that grants its user psuedo-flight-like abilities ala Crounching Tiger Hidden Dragon is cool. I also wonder about incorporating more southern Asian myth into the TT. I think that the bulk of the inspiration comes from Japan, Korea, and China, and it also seems that the Arcanists are delving into India with Sandeep and co. That still leaves Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Viet Nam, the Phillipines, and Indonesia as other cultures that could cross pollinate a bit more into the Thunders. Then there is also Siberia that can give us some icy cool stuff too. The fiendish Guild won't stop their cultural genocide, and no doubt our neighbors are feeling the heat.
  9. Misaki's crew box would definitely be a good investment. That plus to the sabre attacks for Torakage can be clutch, and Ototo... Ototo can tarpit and lay down some hurt like a champ. I've taken more models down from full wounds to dead with Ototo than any other model in the game, and I can't stress enough how powerful a piece he can be. Then there is also Dark Debts, my personal favorite crew box with Jakob Lynch. Lynch's box has Illuminated, arguably stone for stone one of the best minions in the game, and Lynch himself is a bit more adept at some of the killier strategies than McCabe. I feel, though, that I do need to make the argument that one of our biggest themes as a faction is that we have agents embedded in influential positions in each other faction. As such, they are able to "infiltrate" the resources of those factions into our hiring pools. McCabe's totem is specifically designed to make Guild Hounds some of the most absurdly good scheme runners in the game, and they are especially great for activation control and dominating at Strategies like Stake a Claim and Squatter's Rights. While not hire-able in any other TT Master's crew, Guild Hounds are completely in theme with McCabe himself, as he has the best control of them out of anyone else in Malifaux due to his bond with Luna, and the faction's tactics as a whole. As an agent of the Ten Thunders, McCabe will use the most effective resources he can to get the job done, less he displease the Oyuban, and if some of the Guild's resources die in this process, especially their rapidly dwindling supply of hunting dogs, well that's two birds with one stone.
  10. Yvarre

    TT Hardcore Henchman

    My preferences have changed slightly since the last time we had a similar topic. My new crew is as follows: Ototo (leader) with 1ss Recalled Training and 1ss Servant of 5 Dragons Kang (9ss) with 1ss Recalled Training and 0ss The Peaceful Waters Tengu (4ss) Monk of Low River (4ss) Kang's aura helps Ototo not just lose to horror duels, and Servant giving him WP 5 makes him a little better too. The Monk can handle conditions and hand out some healing, which is great on two HtK models. The Tengu can also give a little support with Regen, fly somewhere to hide and hold a point, or occasionally finish off models. The main caution is not to over-commit Ototo. He wants to take a beating to maximize his hurt potential, but too much focus fire will drop him.
  11. Yvarre

    Wave 2 Mizaki may be obsolete?

    Ototo is in Misaki's box too. He's my go to Henchman Hardcore leader and one of my personal favorites in close deployment and headhunter or Collect the Bounty. He's an extremely durable tarpit that makes things dead if the opponent puts a little hurt on him. Torakage on pure stat lines alone, besides their Ml 5 and min damage of 1, are still pretty good. Having all sixes means they'll have a defensive edge on most other scheme runners, and walk 6 makes them comparably pretty fast. I think they're exceptionally good for shifting loyalties campaigns, especially in the first couple weeks, because they can just nonchalantly score points and hunt down scheme runners with + flips to attack while the harder hitters cull the opponent's crew. Izamu is one that I typically only take with a reliquary Yan Lo, favoring Ototo, Kang, or the Emissary (popularly voted neck in neck with Carrion as the best emissary) a bit more. I don't have the model yet, but Yasunori is definitely absurd; I can just picture a rite of strength into recalled training not ending well for anything within 22 inches. The Emissary is actually the only wave 3/4 model I have table ready, and I do alright at most competitive events, usually top 3 in local tournaments and in the top 1/4 of the pack at half of my bigger events (well, everything but Nova and the TFL league last year); so I would recommend picking up an emissary. I've heard good things about Lust and have definitely made it a point to take her out quickly when I see her, and the whole Crossroads 7 concept is just really cool. Asami and Wandering River Monks are my next two buys, but Asami requires some other onis like Jorogumo, which I have already but haven't assembled. Depending on what direction you're going, there are still some older staples that I'd recommend. Illuminated are still some of the best minions in the game, and Jakob Lynch posts some great competitive results worldwide, making the Dark Debts box a great buy. Then there's also the ubiquitous Temple of the Dawn with Shen Long, regarded as possibly our best competitive master, and more importantly his sidekick Sensei Yu. While High River Monks just suck, Shen Long is one of the most versatile masters in the game, and Sensei Yu is a great support piece especially for Misaki, copying her stalk as a (0) then pushing her 10" and giving her fast. Silliness ensues... well, corpses.
  12. Yvarre

    Tournament Help

    Yea, Frame for Murder can be a tough one. If you throw something that they absolutely have to take down in their face or lose chunks of their crew, like a Vik of Blood or the much less imposing Izamu, then many opponents will be forced to bite, but I avoid it most of the time because it relies on your opponent spending AP, the only control you really have over it being model positioning and a good poker face. You took the crews as listed? What round 2 schemes did you end up picking?
  13. Yvarre

    Tournament Help

    I'll give some general thoughts/feedback/questions on the lists and your ideas of how to score schemes and strats with some questions I have, and I'll tell you what I would do against your lists in these pools. Round 1- This list is definitely telegraphing Last Stand hard, but I'm curious what other schemes you're considering because I don't see an easy way to score any of the others while also killing models and picking up heads. Mark for Death is too AP intensive for such an elite crew as is Claim Jump here, as well as being easy for larger crews to deny. That pretty much leaves Frame for Murder, for which you'll have to engineer a situation where you're going down to 4 elite models, and Accusation, for which you'll need multiple models within 1" of your opponent's and/or good initiative flips. Five models is pretty low, and it will be easy for your opponent to force you into disadvantageous activations with a higher model count. Movement tricks are great for Headhunter, and even without Wandering River, Sensei Yu excels at pushing models around, getting a focus, walking 7 inches, and using said focus to pick up a head- position accordingly. The Emissary's push and fast can help, and Mei Herself can be pretty mobile too. With such an elite crew, your opponent is probably going to end up focusing on single target elimination, and they're going to play around Sensei Yu's heals, making sure to take down those Hard to Kill models or Yu himself. With Kang's taunt up, that will make him a likely choice for anything around him to attack, which may or may not do anything for Frame for Murder as your opponent may likely use enforcers, minions, or conditions to deal the final blows. Ototo functions best after taking 6 wounds, so a savvy opponent is likely to just tie him up through other means targeting his low willpower; this may be rough in such a small crew without any condition removal. So my main questions are: Least drastically, what is the People's Challenge accomplishing here? With 3 Hench's making a last stand, would you consider just 2 extra soulstones? Why Mei? How are you picking up heads and denying a possibly larger crew from doing so? How do you plan on scoring a second scheme? Is it possible to go to a six model crew (possibly cutting Kang or Ototo for something like Emberling and a smaller Hench or enforcer like Chiaki or Yamaziko or keeping the rest of the crew and taking Lynch/Huggy) and still score Last Stand? The last I realize certainly can make Last Stand a little less likely, especially if you are killing things and making heads, but having 2 incorporeal scheme runners to grab the heads and/or bluff/accomplish Claim Jump could provide some activation cushioning and diversion tactics, and Lynch/Huggy are our go to when things need to die (yea, I don't score on Last Stand). If you were playing this list against me, I'd probably try to take out whatever advanced the most (likely Kang or Ototo so vent some steam) or is on the weakest flank (e.g. no steam) on the first turn with some pushes and fast to Huggy with a popped Recalled Training or Lynch, giving up the possible 3 points for Frame for Murder. Then I'd take out whatever was closest to threatening me turn 2 to clinch activation control and deny Last Stand and the Strat, also taking out Sensei Yu as quickly as possible. Likely, I'd go for Claim Jump turns 3-5 and Mark for Death, as it's easier to accomplish with activation control. Also, this scheme pool is rough. Round 2- Stake a Claim is definitely a strat for scheme runners, and also remember that sacrificing models, like a peasant, doesn't generate corpse markers for Toshiro to summon off of; they would need to be killed which is maybe a bit too AP intensive for making Ashigaru as fodder for a Hunting Party. I'd cut Toshiro, who shines with more minions, for 2 decently mobile models- say Chiaki (helping a little to deny Hunting Party as an enforcer scheme runner who gives the option of Leave Your Mark in weird places and condition removal) and a Monk of Low River (who has other synergies with Shen Long and his pet dragon and condition removal). Your Sniper is probably going to get the most value deployed somewhere where it can Stake a Claim turn 2, running as appropriate turn 1 if anything comes after it. I'd also suggest starting Shen Long with Wandering River Style to get a rapid edge on those claims and possible schemes; It's not unrealistic here to get a couple scheme markers in place for Search the Ruins or Claim Jump on turn 1. You can always cycle into Low River Style later in the game once models start taking damage, but it doesn't do a whole lot on turn 1. All in all, this crew seems pretty flexible and can do anything except Hunting Party. What is Toshiro trying to do? Why Low River Style to start? Who is going to be staking claims, and how early and often do you think this can happen? What schemes are you going to try for, how much AP will they take, and who is going to spend it? This is one I would take McCabe for, and I'd likely have a Claim Marker and 2 Scheme Markers for Claim Jump down at the end of turn 1 with hounds in place and hidden from any earnest sniper shots to drop 2 additional Claim markers at the top of turn 2. I'd also take Leave Your Mark and have my doggies see to that while the rest of the crew tied up your advance, protecting the doggies if you decide not to ignore them (as they'll be scoring all the points). I'd likely try to engage and eliminate the sniper as early as possible to free up my crew's movement, and I'd probably also send something after Sensei Yu or Shen Long with a Glowing Saber, to try to nullify the crew's mobility quickly. Round 3- Squatter's Rights also typically wants a higher model count and scheme runners. I'm curious why Mei in this pool? She has absolutely no support for her Rail Walk in the crew, and she doesn't seem to add a whole lot to the rest of the crew in this case. I'd suggest taking Shen Long over Mei for Squatter's Rights, especially in corner deployment. The rest is a little trickier, depending on what schemes you pick, but it looks like you have an inkling towards Show of Force from your other crew, though this can be hard because the whole centerline is the main conflict zone, and the 6" bubble at the center leaves the flanks free for opposing scheme runners. A sniper is great in corner deployment because you can pick a Squat marker to just park on, which is something like a hair over 2 AP to get to from the corner when playing fair. It's really hard to say what the best schemes would be here because Eliminate the Leadership and Show of Force are both heavily dependent on what you're up against. Search the Ruins, Show of Force, and Hunting Party look like your main options her Why Mei here; is she hunting opposing Scheme Runners? What are you doing about opposing scheme runners? How do you intend to balance Show of Force with achieving and denying Squatter's Rights? I'd have McCabe again here, taking Claim Jump and possibly Show of Force with an Emissary bringing in an upgrade off of Conflux of Exploration and Sensei Yu having possibly something in addition to Wandering River Style. Similarly, I'd have the dogs claim as many squat markers (likely 2-3) on turn 1, maneuvering the rest of the crew to protect scheming dogs or deny squat claims/tie up key models as needed. I'd probably also use activation control and Sensei Yu's pushes to deny and score Show of Force, taking out the opposing Sensei Yu ASAP. There's some thoughts. I've yet to paint and play my Mei Feng that I've had for a year and a half now, so I'm actually really curious about how she is played. I mostly think of her in her Komainu-spamming capacities with Tosh/Pork Chop/Emissary for Interference and Reconnoiter as well as a great counter for Neverborn, Ressurs, and Guild in Turf War and Interference.
  14. In probably 120 or more games, I've never hired a Tengu. They only seem particularly great as a pair because of the scheme marker movement shenanigans, which is 8 stones of models that just crumble when poked. I usually instead opt for a more durable 5-7 stone investment of a Brother, Chiaki, or an Illuminated depending on what I think I'll be facing and what's happening with the rest of the crew. Or another great combination for dedicated scheme markers in a pool with something like Search the Ruins, Set Up, or Hidden Trap is a Shadow Effigy at 4 stones telling itself to remember the mission and dropping 2 markers and possibly remembering the mission again to drop a third on the next turn, then Sensei Yu can move the markers around along with a fast beater or something. Brothers are just great because of how versatile and survivable they can be, though they're not the greatest at killing off opposing scheme runners (min damage 1 and Ml 5 kinda suck), but they can tie them up with potential armor, healing, or a 4" engagement range. I guess I more use Brothers as diversions with the possibility to do schemes anyways, but, in any seriously schemey pool and especially in Squatter's Rights and Stake a Claim, Guild Hounds at 3 stones each and walk 6 (sometimes 7 if they activate near Luna) are the best scheme runners. So I guess, 92% of the time I actually choose neither a Tengu nor a Brother, as I've hired Brothers in around 10 games.
  15. Yvarre

    Help with lilith

    Somehow I most often end up playing Lynch against Lilith, and I typically kill her turn 2 sometimes 3 or even 1 by getting her to overextend too close to my crew. Though her board control is really powerful, I've found that many players I've played have taken the bait of a seemingly errantly advanced model like Huggy or even Ototo pushed up the board and charge in to try to kill them with a good hand. With Rising Sun on Lynch, I've even let Huggy get buried to give LoS to the rest of my crew; I've also killed her off of a Recalled Training activation with Huggy when Lynch has had Endless Darkness. Ototo simply doesn't die and hits back at an Ml 8 with a built in crit and plus to damage. On a Recalled Training flurry, I've killed Lilith a few times on a single activation of Ototo. Once she's up and not shrouded completely by an illusory forest, I can lure her in more with a Beckoner if need be, and Lynch can also kill her in a single activation. Her main defensive strength is concealment and guerrilla tactics, but once isolated she can fold pretty quickly with moderate concentration of force. As her control of the board can be damn good, it's worth the AP to take her down early. In fact, Lilith is my favorite master to take Assassinate/Neutralize the Leader/Eliminate the Leadership against. Nekima, I likewise get to come near my crew sometimes with a good bluff of not realizing she can get to my advanced models, and then she drops pretty easily. The Mature Nephilim and the rest of the crew are a similar deal. Neverborn can hit hard but often fold like paper under pressure, and with our superior movement tricks and healing I feel that they may be the faction that gives Ten Thunders the least trouble.