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English GT 4th and 5th June 2016 - Wayland games


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Welcome one and all

With the help of Stuart ‘Snezzly’ Snares a two day event is to be run in the great* South East of England

(*I say great, it’s in Essex but you work with what you can got.)

What is this event?

Well it’s none other than the English Grand Tournament

When and where?

To be held at Wayland games 4th and 5th June.

This event is of course open to everyone and just a great excuse for 2 days of Malifaux goodness

Nitty gritty

Gaining Grounds 2016 will be adhered to (with some jiggery pokery for proxies etc)

FIXED FACTION or DUAL MASTER (choose one master, announce before each game which faction he’s being played as)


5 games

Rough time schedule

10:30 till 17:30 day one

11:00 till 16:30 day two (I envision an earlier finish than this however)

There is plans for some sort of evening shindig but this is in Snezzlys hands (being the local TOWIE)

Food won’t be included either day, feedback from Wayland (so I have been told) is people prefer not to have it included so we have removed it.

Ticket price - £20

We have tried to keep it down as two day weekends can spiral with travel and accommodation arrangements.

Aim will be for

Podium (1, 2 & 3), painted, best sports and best in faction trophies.

Tickets are live


Any questions please ask …






Someone else ;)

Cheers, KotS

Entrants (this is not complete as not had updated list from Wayland)

Mike Marshall

Maria Wieland

James Reeves

Mark Elwood

Marcus Rose

Michael B Hutchinson

Klas Swanljung

Philip Hawtin

Ross Baker

Ashley Cleaver                                                                                                                                                  

Nick Featherstone

Dave Laing

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Woo hoo, finally managed to get on here. Tickets are very close to being on sale, should be next day or 2. I live really close to the venue so if anyone needs help with hotels, camp sits, restaurants anything like that please feel free to pick my brain. My details will be on the Wayland site where u buy the tickets from. Ta

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