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  1. @OldManMyke Despite really want to come and see you all, looks like I won't be coming to nationals. Whoever is next on the reserve list drop me a message. If I don't hear anything by the end of the week I'll guess its fine for me to offer it up to some of my locals??
  2. @OldManMyke What time are we planned to finish each day?
  3. Not tried the blessed yet I'll have to give it a try
  4. I find emissary and snowstorm work as a decent combo so it's not really one of t'other. the place and pushes from snowstorm means that the single turn range of emissary is huge and while he's sitting in the middle of opposing crew you have time to get the rest of your crew in position. but probably more to do with how I play than solid tactics.
  5. His main job is to look scary but I think he's solid with SnowStorm's place he can get off some decent sneaky charges and gives another ice mirror to bounce through. there are probably better models for the job but he's definitely been fun
  6. @Treehouse we've all done it. To be fair I had to double check when you said it.
  7. Push is a "may" so you don't have to do it.
  8. True, shows how little I used it forgot the -2 was just to trigger attacks.
  9. I don't tend to use ice mirror must just due to the drop in Ca value means I need to throw a higher card. 12" range I've found to be enough when snowstorm can carry her around. Ice mirror I do like for throwing out the ice pillars though. Nice to shut off lanes early and the drop in Ca doesn't really matter there.
  10. @Patzer Cheers. I like seize as I often over extend myself. Not tried her with imbued energies yet but I'll give it a try see how it holds up.
  11. I've recently switched from Ressers to Arcanists kicking off my change with 'tina. Thought I plug a post here where I give a quick run down of what I've picked up so far http://abnormalifaux.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/do-you-wanna-build-snow-witch.html There are a few tournament reports and painting post further back on the blog as well covering my Arc'17 progress if people are interested too.
  12. theshepherd

    Showdown 2017

    Tickets booked for all 4.
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