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  1. Hello! Thank you for the kind words. Unfortunately, I'm absolutely snowed under supporting the launch of my new car combat game Gaslands, which you should go and purchase immediately from Osprey Games. However, the PDF for the cards was created in Adobe Illustrator and I'd be more than happy to share the editable file with anyone who would like to take the time to update the text. Cheers! Mike
  2. I completely missed the fact that GG17 uses ten schemes! #reading I've added them now, please re-download on the same link: http://crikeymiles.com/public/malifaux/Malifaux_GG_2017_Cards.pdf
  3. Okay! Gaining Grounds 2017 scheme and strat cards now available: http://crikeymiles.com/public/malifaux/Malifaux_GG_2017_Cards.pdf Enjoy! In 2016, I learnt a lot about how to properly make PDFs using Illustrator, so the file size is teeny-tiny now. \o/
  4. Thanks for the prompt. Better late than never, I've added all the GG 2016 to a new set of strategy cards, here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/218830/malifaux/Malifaux_GG_2016_Cards.pdf Includes the Extraction fix.
  5. Thanks! _goes off to edit signature for more free promotion..._
  6. Thanks Docent! Sorry I wasn't able to make the tweaks for you, I've been flat out on my own game, which is going into another big round of playtesting - starting tomorrow! If you're at all interested in CARS with GUNS, check out: http://gaslands.com
  7. Thanks Bloodbeard! Yeah, I can imagine the contrast is a bit low for clear text in B&W. Cheers for persevering though!
  8. Yeah, I had a bit of trouble getting the file small enough, and OSX Preview seems to have a bad time with it... Not sure why, it's "only" 35Mb.
  9. After a (1) Prompt action from @Asrian, I have updated the cards with the five new gaining grounds 2015 strats. You can download them on the same link, which is: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/218830/malifaux/CrikeymilesSchemeCards.pdf Cheers! Mike
  10. You might also consider removing the pages from the sidebar altogether, and instead simply offering a single page index of all of the M1.5 pages. That way the archive is still navigable, but tidied out of the way. I found PullMyFinger to be a fantastic resource when i first started the game, and really helped me see past my initial card readings to the richness within the game.
  11. Thanks! Fixed now and new version uploaded on the same link. I think it's looking pretty error free now (famous last words), thanks for everyone's help! #crowdSourcedCopywriting
  12. What a good idea! I've updated the cards, available on the link above. *grin*
  13. Hi Ikvar, thanks for the feedback. I've combed through the text and corrected everything I could find. Most of the errors were failures to update from the final M2E Beta rules to the final printed rulebook, and a big apology for your wasted time. Cards updated, and available on the same link, above. ---------- Post added at 06:18 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:08 PM ---------- I'm probably being forgetful, but I don't remember posting these cards on another forum. :S Could you link to the other forum you are referring to, so I can update that thread too? Thanks!
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