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  1. Just a possibility at this stage, but I may be able to come to this.
  2. Hi trying to pay for my place at masters, but the Paypal me link isn’t working and the alternate email is not recognised.
  3. Nooooooo. Say it ain’t so, mate.
  4. That’s a shame mate, but thanks for letting me know.
  5. Yeah I’m fine with that, mate. If you could message me ASAP on the day with whether you’re attending I’d really appreciate it so I can ensure enough tables etc are set up.
  6. Timings for the day have been added to the first post.
  7. Strategies and schemes have been added to the first post. Additionally, you can now go and register on bag-o-tools.
  8. Not really. I mean if we got up to between 40 and 50 I’d have to source some extra terrain but the venue is big so we can take big numbers.
  9. You can always come to my event in South London the weekend before 😉
  10. Will be great to have you there, mate. I will likely release the strategy and scheme pools for this event a couple of weeks before the event.
  11. Not sure how Jersey got onto Arran’s name, but he’s one of my local players in Kent.
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