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  1. I use Sonia's old avatar (without Sonia) for a proxy. I would have to agree that it seems like an auto-take for many lists, I've not played with Misaki or Brewmaster but all the other masters its a go to model. It's rare I build a crew without it.
  2. Got this blocked out - should make this
  3. Necropunks all the way great survivability and in GG17 they can score you 3 points without very much of a challenge.
  4. I like him, as a model it took a few outings on the table to get the best from him but Vincent acts as a great finesse model if you have the time for him. Not an auto take or even the best model for his stones in the faction but a lot of fun in the right crew.
  5. Yea - I just wanted to check I can get the side board assembled and badly painted in time. Should be fun. Maybe I should run Yan Lo again...
  6. A box would be awesome, especially if they could proxy for faux...
  7. If I had to guess I would hope more cards for all the decks. DCR reminds me a lot of Eldritch Horror which had a bit of day 1 DLC problem in that I felt that you really need Forbidden Lore to make the game pop. Otherwise, the replay value was too low. Maybe some more warriors (say 3)?
  8. At this SS - Goryo or Rail Workers if I can take them. Otherwise, I look to something that's a little bigger to handle the armor and let the minions focus on other roles.
  9. Panzer, with your fluff board madness - will it be possible to get a list before the event so that I can bring the models with me?
  10. Wow, necro thread, Yan Lo has been busy! I like what InvokeChaos has suggested for a trigger but a single feels like it would be enough. Burning still feels like the weakest of the generic upgrades and requiring a further would still be too difficult to line up. However, even with this, I don't think that you would see the model on the table. I ran a Shen Long crew for a while and I was finding I was getting much more reliable damage out of the Fermented Monks thank the high river style. As others have pointed out, why they are not taken is due to who they compete with, looking at them as beaters there are so many other stronger options in the faction, for a stone more you get an Illuminated. So I have a larger step to suggest. One of the main "comments" on the TT within the UK at the moment is that they lack the activations to be competitive. With the High River supposed to be fast and hard hitting, what about dropping the card requirement for the 3rd attack and adding in a zero which allows them to discard a card for reactivate.
  11. This is the best and most accurate response to all new Wyrd book publications and should be used for all future publications.
  12. Please can I go on the reserve list - Matt Ledgerwood ;-)
  13. Very cool, I'm keeping it small so that I can get the rest through the FLGS when it comes out. Also because this close to Kingdom Death, Christmas and Black Friday hurts my wallet!
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