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  1. Ah - had missed that. However being a clumsy fool, I have now broken the legs of one...
  2. While I hope we might get some new sculpts for the finest upstanding establishment this side of the breach, The Honeypot, I was looking to add some more Depleted to my crew to try out a few builds. Can anyone suggest some alt sculpts that could be used for these repeat customers of Mr Lynch?
  3. Thanks for a great event Dave - as always a top day of flipping cards.
  4. Thanks for sharing, I've been struggling with the colour scheme but this really helped.
  5. A little late to the forum but thanks for running a great event David - now looking forward to this weekend (despite not getting any more practice in!)
  6. I see I'm down already 🙂 Payment sent
  7. I use Sonia's old avatar (without Sonia) for a proxy. I would have to agree that it seems like an auto-take for many lists, I've not played with Misaki or Brewmaster but all the other masters its a go to model. It's rare I build a crew without it.
  8. Got this blocked out - should make this
  9. Necropunks all the way great survivability and in GG17 they can score you 3 points without very much of a challenge.
  10. I like him, as a model it took a few outings on the table to get the best from him but Vincent acts as a great finesse model if you have the time for him. Not an auto take or even the best model for his stones in the faction but a lot of fun in the right crew.
  11. Yea - I just wanted to check I can get the side board assembled and badly painted in time. Should be fun. Maybe I should run Yan Lo again...
  12. A box would be awesome, especially if they could proxy for faux...
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