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Ophelia and Perdita?


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i play malifaux since 2 weeks an started with the Guild an the Perdita Box, because i like to play a more straight forward Faction. Because in Warmachine/Hordes i played other playstiles with Legion and Cryx.


Now i have noticed the Ophelia Crew and i like that humour that they "copy" the Perdita Crew Members, an i want to buy and play Ophelias Crew too.

Now my Question: Are they verry similar in playstyle?

Its funny to see so different models, but its not funny if they feel like the same Crew when playing them on the table.

Pleace help to make a dessicion, and i hope you understand my "english like" writings ;)

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I would say they can play very differently. Ophelia can bring a lot more models and make them work. Perdita very often goes super elite. That gives a very different playstyle even if they both are good at removing enemy models personally. They also deny schemes in different ways, gremlins have nothing like Nino's spotter ability as far as I know but better models for scheming on their own like fingers or the "sexy" gremlin I forget the name of.

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Young Lacroix giving Ophelia Jug Rocket can be really handy for some surprise attacks.  Plink is great for damage reduction.  Clusters of Bayou Gremlins near Lenny get a ram for dumb luck and can vaporize things.

With tons of Young Lacroix and/or bayou gremlins and/or piggies running around, you can get some serious activation control that can be haphazardly lethal, paving the way for the more elite models to swoop in to tactically advantageous positions.  And with Lenny throwing things and Ophelia jug rocketing, you can get where you need to get, whole sale slaughtering or scheming as necessary.  Lenny can also make piggies for further out activation.

It's a bit different than the Young Nephilim and Hermanos De Armas with an elite, predominantly family crew.

There's some mean gremlin lists that bring almost all peons to deny strat points for Collect the Bounty and Headhunter. 

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To make a horrible comparison, Ophelia in this edition plays like Perdita of the previous edition. 

For a slightly more useful explanation, the models play differently. There are comparisons, but ultimately Ophelia will have more models on the board, and she's got a movement element that really shines (Ophelia is the Turf War/ Reckoning master).

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